Mew Hesep

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Mew Hesep
Official Name Mew Hesep
Common Name Dripping Moss, Sinking Growth
Classification Moss
Common Use Utility
Origins Ashal Islands
Habitat Temperate regions

In the lush gardens of the reclaimed Dewamenet cities, underneath the rolling white waterfalls lies the faint green growth of Mew Hesep. The moss itself has been harvested rather consistently throughout its existence for its cleansing properties, allowing the Asha to consistently keep their Living Metal in pristine condition and appearance. It has been sought after by many metalsmiths and swordsmen alike seeking to remove the imperfections of their works and weapons.


Mew Hesep is consistently found underneath the waterfalls in the Dewamenet gardens, each one seeming to stand out rather brightly against the water flowing over it. It was first clearly identified after the construction of the Asha Living Metal tubes that allowed the Asha to live in as pleasant conditions as they did. With the clearing of the sand, the waterfalls that came into existence began to foster the growth of this moss. The rough texture and absorptive qualities of the moss allowed it to be initially used as a scrubber, being used to clean stones and any debris that may have become attached to their Elastan before becoming far more encompassing. While the Asha waterfall gardens are thought to be used for purely aesthetic purposes, many also pose some functional benefit, the falls being used as cultivation grounds for the Mew Hesep by some Asha communities. With the reclamation of the Ashal Islands post-Cataclysm, the Asha had to slowly readjust, learning how to properly use such a plant. However, the Asha have always been a race built on innovation and their ability to further themselves through their creations, and the centuries of recovery that they have been allowed has given them plenty of time to properly utilize the Mew Hesep yet again.


Mew Hesep appears rather peculiar at first glance, its underlying growth consisting of a faint blue membrane connecting most of the verdant green leaf growths. The moss on closer inspection has an almost rough texture to its leaves and membrane, that catches spare debris or outside materials that flow down these waterfalls. The moss itself can grow rather densely, to around two inches in height. They are known to possess two-inch tall bone-white stalks that carry their spores along the water before they collect along the edges of pools of water, where new colonies of the plant will begin to grow.

Uses and Abilities

Mew Hesep primarily functions as a cleaning device. Due to the unique growths on the moss itself, as well as its ability to absorb and retain liquids with ease, it has been used rather successfully and extensively in cleaning metals. When submerged in a receptacle of water and then applied to a metal item such as a weapon or necklace, a series of soft gentle scrubs can clean the item of any imperfection within minutes. This same technique can be applied to certain clothing as well, proving exceptionally effective when used with specifically Elastan. It has also proven to be incredibly useful in keeping the running waterfalls clear and clean of any potential debris that would fall through them, allowing the waterfall gardens of the Asha to remain lush and extravagant for centuries.


  • Originally, many individuals thought that the moss itself was created specifically by the Asha to care for their Living Metal, though that theory is rejected by most Asha.
  • There are rumors of an oasis hidden in the deserts of the Asha Islands that has been completely overgrown by Mew Hesep, to the point that any creature that walks in there is said to be caught and never returned.

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