Mew Hesep

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Mew Hesep
Official Name Mew Hesep
Common Name Dripping Moss, Sinking Growth
Classification Moss
Common Use Utility
Origins Westwynd
Habitat Temperate regions

Underneath the rolling waterfalls in the lush gardens of reclaimed Dewamenet cities, lies the faint green growth of Mew Hesep. The moss has been harvested since its discovery for its cleaning properties, allowing the Asha to consistently keep their Living Metal in pristine condition and appearance. It has also been sought after by metalsmiths and swordsmen alike who seek to remove dirt or rust from their weapons or tools. While its ancient history is unknown, it has become a key part of Asha life in the modern day.


Mew Hesep was first identified to be growing underneath the waterfalls of Dewamenet gardens after the Asha reawakened the ancient Living Metal architecture that swiftly worked to grant the animal Race places to live in as pleasant conditions as possible. The plant was quickly noticed, and experimented with in various ways as the Asha refamilarized themselves with plants long lost to their people during their millennia of bondage. However, unlike other plants, Mew Hesep appeared new, or at least a plant which had escaped the notice of the Asha’s ancestors. Despite this, the Asha soon discovered that the moss gradually held water, and could be used to clean surfaces. Metals, in particular, shined after a treatment from this plant, and ever since the Asha have been using it to polish their Living Metal and other metal creations.


Mew Hesep can grow to around two inches in height, with narrow, bone-white stalks that carry their spores along the water before they collect along the edges of pools of water, where new colonies of the plant will begin to grow. The moss has underlying growth consisting of a faint blue membrane connecting most of the verdant green leaf-like growths. On closer inspection, the moss has an almost rough texture to its leaves and membrane that catches spare debris or outside materials that flow down these waterfalls.

Uses and Abilities

Mew Hesep primarily functions as a cleaning device. Due to the unique growths on the moss itself, as well as its ability to absorb and retain liquids with ease, it has been used rather successfully and extensively in cleaning metals. When submerged in a receptacle of water and then applied to a metal item such as a weapon or necklace, a series of soft gentle scrubs can clean the item of any imperfection within minutes. This same technique can be applied to certain clothing as well, proving exceptionally effective when used with specifically Elastan. It has also proven to be incredibly useful in keeping the running waterfalls clear and clean of any potential debris that would fall through them, allowing the waterfall gardens of the Asha to remain lush and extravagant for centuries.


  • There are rumors of an oasis hidden in the deserts of the Asha Islands that has been completely overgrown by Mew Hesep, to the point that any creature that walks in there is said to be caught and never returned.

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