Ceá’llë's Herb

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Ceá’llë's Herb
Official Name Ceá’llë's Herb
Common Name Elf-Ear, Snake-Fern
Classification Herb
Common Use Medical
Origins Daen
Habitat Plains and Jungles

Native to the plains and jungle regions of Daen, Ceá’llë's Herb became a hallmark of Altalar traditional medicine for its immune system enhancing qualities. It’s frequently used by healers and commoners alike to help fend off the illnesses found deep in the jungles and sometimes as a garnish to food.


Ceá’llë's Herb has been known to the Elves for centuries, being discovered sometime during the beginning of the Elven Empire as the Elves began to expand their newly united nation. Shortly after its discovery, it was found the herb could help bolster the body’s immune system in response to minor colds, fevers, and even some minor infections. Ceá’llë's Herb earned its name some years later after saving a major village from spreading disease. Believing it to be a blessing from Cea’lle-maen herself, the plant skyrocketed in profile and popularity and was renamed in honor of her. By the time of the Cataclysm, it was used across the Empire and was able to survive the hellfire that consumed the Elven Empire. In the years since then, Ceá’llë's Herb has spread outward, still growing in traditional growing terrain like in Daendroc and Ithania but also foreign soils like those in Regalia. It is also common to find Ceá’llë's Herb in many families’ windowsills, clinics and as ornamental decoration, as it’s easily grown and cultivated by practically anyone as it requires very little maintenance and little sunlight. As of yet, the recent conflicts against the various Nelfin species has yet to change the public image of the plant but only time will tell if this remains the case.


Ceá’llë's Herb is a large herb, capable of growing up to two feet tall. At the base, Ceá’llë's Herb grows long vine-like tendrils that wrap around the center stalk and into the soil with its roots. The small vines of Ceá’llë's Herb can also assist it in growing upwards along the side of a tree. It can sometimes overwhelm and “devour” a plant pot as well if it’s not frequently trimmed or kept proper. Usually, Yanar or Void Worshipers following The Verdant Ember let it grow freely in their homes. During the spring and summer months Ceá’llë's Herb grows clusters of sky blue flowers along the vines sprawling from the plant to release its spores and begin the cycle anew. The leaves these vines encircle are long and knife-like much like an Altalar’s ear hence its common nickname “Elf-Ear.”

Uses and Abilities

Primarily Ceá’llë's Herb is used as a supplement to help bolster the immune system of those who consume it. It can help stave off minor illnesses, colds and in some cases very minor infection. It’s often used as a means to reduce fever in a patient and help them on the way to recovery and sometimes used in tandem with Ruby Flower for much greater effect. The most conventional method of intake for purely bolstering the immune system is by ingesting the plant as is. Those who consume it purely for the added benefit it has on the immune system or enjoy its flavor often dice it up and use it as a garnish to some dishes as it has a distinct herby flavor. However, they should tread with caution not to overeat as it can prove detrimental and will cause intestinal problems. However, the intestinal problems of overconsumption are easily remedied by ingesting Toutong Cai pills. Those seeking to its use in a clinical setting often dry it and grind it into a powdery substance and add it with ground ruby flower roots to help alleviate disease and speed up the patient’s recovery. It’s also one of the primary ingredients of Ceá’llë's Remedy which has far greater effects than Ceá’llë's Herb alone.


  • One owner of a potted Ceá’llë's Herb left it unattended to for a year as they went overseas to visit family. When they returned, they found their Ceá’llë's Herb had somehow found a way to grow upside down on their ceiling.
  • Some Yanar like sometimes to wear Ceá’llë's Herb on their body as if it were a scarf or a pet.
  • The vines from Ceá’llë's Herb make good twine and bindings in a pinch-- However they’re not particularly sturdy enough to bind a person. Some Cielothar make bracelets from the vines.

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