Smecan Tree

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Smecan Tree
Official Name Smecan Tree
Common Name Unmiasma Tree, Smog-Cleansing Tree
Classification Tree
Common Use Utility
Origins Unknown
Habitat Various

Smecan Trees are a species of lumber tree seemingly created to help absorb and filter dangerous chemicals. Whether it was a creation of those Eronidas from Ashaven, or something dating back to their time in Guldar, remains a mystery. However, the Eronidas plant it near their smog vents and other sources of potentially dangerous chemicals to cleanse the earth and the air. Its wood is black with swirls of pale yellow that can be brought out by artisans to create truly unique-looking items.


It is not clear when exactly the Smecan Tree came into being, for it may be a rare example of large Guldar flora making the long trip intact from that distant Westafar landmass. Proponents of this belief state it might have been an attempt by the Eronidas to halt whatever poison spread across their land, only it failed and was simply transported among the other objects of Guldar. What is certain is that it first appears most prominently in Ashaven around 700 BC, when the tree was noted as being able to effectively block the ash from falling over Eronidas public areas. It was also known at this time as a “taker of poison, giver of life,” lending credence to the other belief about the plant, that the Eronidas of Ashaven developed it upon their crash landing, to help keep their people safe. Regardless of origin, in the coming centuries, and largely after the Cataclysm, the Eronidas of wider Aloria came to greatly appreciate the plant. Capable of thriving in toxic soil, and absorbing toxic air to an extent, the Pols of Eronidas society took a liking to the plant. While rarely planted in their great cities, the trees instead came to dot the countryside, where they were arranged around the vents that purged the worst of a Pol’s hostile gasses far away from inhabited areas. These trees thus prospered and served to warn travelers and help indicate to inspectors where to look for these vents. This remains the case today, being a well-known image of industry and progress, despite the air pollution. Their wood is also used in a range of products from the Pols, and is harmless, with the poisoned air or earth not affecting the material.


Smecan Trees are medium-sized trees, capable of reaching fifty feet, and with thick trunks and broad branches. Their bark is thick, but smooth and is colored a brown so dark it is nearly black. The tree’s leaves are dense, and large, with a unique shape, a curl. Every leaf's main stem and structure of support is slightly curling, with the leaf’s pattern an oblong sagittate formation. These leaves are a deep, dark green, while the stems are a pale brown, one of the only examples of a light coloration on the tree. When cut into, Smecan wood is black, but swirled with a faded yellow hue, theorized by most to be a result of the toxins the tree absorbs, and then nullifies.

Uses and Abilities

Smecan Trees are primarily known for their symbolic uses, as well as items of urban planning, positioned to mark or mitigate hazards on purpose by the Eronidas and their allies. However, the tree’s lumber is still valued, and while cutting down old Smecan Trees is frowned upon, farms of younger trees are common in the Pols and elsewhere. Smecan lumber often sees industrial uses, where additional smoke, ash, and the like will likely quickly make this wood indistinguishable from any other, but particular woodworkers have been known to treat the wood so that its yellow element shines through, and use it to create unique small items such as boxes, chests and more. Additionally, several potions and tinctures to combat the effect of miasma are made from the leaves of the Smecan Tree.


  • Smecan Trees may also be from one of the many Drifting Isles the Eronidas stripped during their exodus, but this third theory is less believed.
  • The twisted formation of Smecan Tree leaves is believed by many to be a key factor in their processing of unhealthy air.
  • Smecan Tree Tea is a substance whose shelf life was only about two decades, from between 281 to 300 AC. The substance was deemed inedible by even most Eronidas, and it has become a collector’s curiosity.

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