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Official Name Eluhwa
Common Name Bulgecap, Rainbowcap
Classification Fungi
Common Use Culinary, Artistic
Origins Drowda
Habitat Forests

Eluhwa is an edible mushroom that grows on the tainted land of Drowda. Eaten by the local wildlife and the Sihndar of the continent, it has a slightly bitter, spongey taste. This unique ingredient is able to be used in Praeter Stew, a dish well-known among the Sihndar for its great nutritional value because of its ingredients. On its own, the fungus also serves as a decongestant, and has been used to create the faintly bioluminescent tattoo ink commonly used by the Sihndar for the adornment of their bodies.


Eluhwa has an uncertain providence; while populous today, there are several theories about its origin. Some connect it to small, teal blue-capped mushrooms that were known to grow in Drovv territories, others contend it was the melding of two different fungus species together due to Magic. Regardless of what its origin may be, all these theories have one commonality: the mushroom has certainly been touched by magical essence. While initially viewed with suspicion by the Sihndar, it is believed that the substance changed sometime around 50 AC, losing the worst of its unhealthy splotchy color scheme to instead settle into a more conventional color spectrum and size range. Feeling optimistic about the plant, various Sihndar tried it across the continent and determined that while bitter, it was edible, with further properties as a decongestant uncovered by 120 AC and its usage as tattoo ink-base not long after. As time progressed, Eluhwa revealed its unique trait. Unlike most other Drowda Flora, unable to be grown beyond the Forbidden Continent, Eluhwa could grow elsewhere, and is one of the more common ways outside parties seek to aid the Sihndar people. Today, Eluhwa retains its role within Sihndar cuisine and artistry circles across Aloria and even among some of the more adventurous dishes of other Races.


Eluhwa are medium-sized mushrooms that grow between one and four inches in height, with a medium width white stalk about half an inch wide at its base up reaching to a broad, multi-colored domed fungal cap. This cap can vary between individual specimens but generally glows blue with pale purple splotches beneath this glow. The more mutated varieties, now very rare, have a wholly purple cap yet almost throb with pale blue light while pale white strands crack out of the top-middle of the fungus. The plant is also slightly bioluminescent, its soft glow an easy indicator of its presence.

Uses and Abilities

Eluhwa is a common food source for those living on Drowda. It can be eaten raw or cooked to add to the taste, but its most common use is in Praeter Stew. It has a bitter taste, but this can be easily masked by other ingredients, and the substance is also useful as a natural remedy to decongest the body. Its other use is in faintly bioluminescent tattoo ink, used to inscribe many a Sihndar's body with elaborate body decor.


  • Eluhwa supposedly glows brighter when Magic is used in their presence, but not when Mages are nearby.
  • Eluhwa makes up the so-called “Drowda Trifecta” of mushrooms; sweet Honey Balls, the bitter Eluhwa and the neutral, sometimes described as salty, Praeter Stew Horn.

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