Ruby Flower

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Ruby Flower
Official Name Ruby Flower
Common Name Rubyflower, Estel/Mana’s Bloom
Classification Flower
Common Use Medical, Alchemical
Origins Altaleï
Habitat Any locations with rich soil

The Ruby Flower is a familiar sight to many due to its vast spread across Aloria in various forms from an origin point in Altaleï. This species of marigold thrives in the wild, and can also be used to decorate a range of spaces due to its brilliant color schemes, but it is probably best known for its medicinal properties. It has a broad range of applications, and is used in many simple remedies, cures and more for simple ailments, or as a first step in treating more serious problems. Thus, it will likely continue to thrive for many centuries to come.


The Ruby Flower is an ancient plant known to have grown across Altaleï for millennia, but may be even older. Exploration of ancient Meraic ruins and their Vaults reveal iconography of a similar flower in carvings and images, though the modern Maraya have not identified with the plant much. In recorded history, however, the plant begins in the murky ancient time of the Elves, before the time of the Allorn Empire. It seems the flower was already fairly spread across the lands of what is now called Altaleï, with each ancient kingdom relating myths of their own god or gods to the flower. However, with the rise of the Allorn Empire and the formation of Estelley, these old myths largely faded from public memory. However, the flower remained significant, filling city gardens, growing in parks, and thriving in the wild. It even sometimes appeared in Allorn fashion, with small, red flower iconography on fields of green meant to represent the plant. Unfortunately, this came to an end in the period of decadence that destroyed the Allorn Empire, with the final blow being struck during the Night of the Weeping Stars. Gardens and growths of nature were burned to cinders across Allorn territory, and the plant went with them.

Yet, it still thrived in the wild, and soon returned to note in the aftermath of the Cataclysm and Wildering. The former slave Races, who had long used Ruby Flowers for their ailments, began to codify their knowledge, and the Elves, who had perhaps forgotten such information if they had ever known it at all, learned it from the Ailor. As time went on, its use was popularized more and more, especially as the Regalian Empire reached the regions that grew the plant as a crop itself, and not just for their beauty. While there has been great conflict in the west in recent years, the Ruby Flower still appears to be growing strong in the wild, and fields of the plant still sprout, offering their blooms for use by many across Aloria.


The Ruby Flower stands anywhere between six to eight inches tall and grows in groups of three or more. The small flowers on top of its stem contain packed, folded petals with colors ranging from blood to golden red with bright crimson trim. The rest of the plant is forest green, with thin almond-shaped lobes forming the leaves close to the base. Its roots are notably small and quite short in appearance, needing little water as a result of the rich soil it grows in.

Uses and Abilities

The Ruby Flower is a medicinal plant, known well for its ability to help the body restore itself. In a pinch, pressing the flower head against an injured area is enough to soothe minor pains such as bee stings or poison ivy, while for more potent effects, the Ruby Flower can be ground into a paste or mixed into a potion. It may not be as strong as other herbs, but the bloom is frequently used as an ingredient in other potions and medicines to boost its effect quite substantially. Every part of the plant can be used in this process.


  • The seeds of the Ruby Flower are bitter with a sweet aftertaste.
  • The plant only has a lifespan of one year but makes up for this due to a quick growth and reproduction cycle.

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