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Official Name Ogrebait
Common Name Sleepy Plant
Classification Shrub
Common Use Medicinal, Utility
Origins Southern Ellador
Habitat Cold and damp environments

Ogrebait is a large, leafy shrub native the lowlands of southern Ellador, though it is rumored to have been first discovered by the ancient Drovv of Drowdar. How it got so far from home is currently unknown. The shrub was originally heralded as the greatest hunting tool against the Ogre menace by the Velheim Ailor. When these hunts decreased, the plant found its way to external markets that helped develop its other use: when steeped to allow the plant’s oils to seep out, the resulting liquid produces a sedative effect, making it a common sleeping aid. The plant is still found in southern Ellador, but it is likely that within the few decades the clever cultivators of the Regalian Empire or other parties will spread it some other region that allow for easier trade and harvesting.


Ogrebait is believed to have once been used as a decorative shrub, rather than used for it’s medical properties. Records from the Elven Empire show Drovv cultivating the flowers as decoration for their cities and their homes. The Empire was unable to successfully transplant it back to Daen so it remained a local Drovv plant for many years. The records also mention that the Drovv believed that the plant granted good dreams, though at this point of history there was no explicit statement of any of the powers it was known to later possess. The plant then went out to survive the death of the last Nightdrake and the spell unleashed by the Isldar which consumed many areas in snow and ice. Its resilience to this phenomena only added to it serving as a symbol of the Drovv. Unfortunately, the Fifth Void Invasion undid most of this knowledge when the Void slaughtered the Drovv as the first step of their invasion. The plant was forgotten in the chaos and when the Cataclysm came, it was further devastated, until only a few bushes remained in southern Ellador. Some say already growing there but some others say it was placed there by Drovv survivors who later died.

Regardless of how it found its way to Ellador, Velheim Ailor rediscovered the plant formally in 82 AC. The Ailor soon discovered its main use after observing it’s effects on the Ogres who congregated near it, and dubbed the plant Ogrebait as a result. The shrub soon spread, branching out across Velheim settlements as an effective luring tool to defeat Ogres; however, this use declined once Ogres were no longer marked for such aggressive military action. Instead, it became the interest of travelling scholars who sought to harness its sedative effects for use in human patients rather than beasts. Eventually, the plant landed on shelves as an exotic, if not valuable, relaxant and tool to calm distraught patients, after experimentation found it to be safe once heavily diluted. Ogrebait has thus far resisted cultivation in other areas of Aloria, serving as a principle trade from the Velheim Ailor to these areas, but it is only a matter of time until the plant is spread to other, similar cold areas such as northern Essalonia where it can be harvested more efficiently.


Ogrebait is a relatively tall shrub for the cold climates in which it grows, reaching up to ten feet in height and four feet in width at full maturity. The plant boasts pale green, club-shaped leaves and sparsely-scattered bell flowers of purple to orange hues. It’s flowers can be harvested for decoration, but serve no purpose aside from aesthetics. When disturbed, the leaves gives off a sickeningly sweet scent which Ogres can smell from up to a mile away, but is relatively undetectable to humans.

Uses and Abilities

The plant's most popular use is as a relaxant and sleeping aid in clinics and the homes of wealthier families. When the plant’s leaves are steeped in boiling water and the resulting oils extracted, it can be bottled and ingested to produce a calming, sedative effect on the mind. Individuals report the dulling of sounds and relaxing of muscles, before the mind clouds and a general sleepy state befalls the patient at around ten minutes. This effect can last up to two hours depending on how much was ingested.

When Ogrebait leaves are consumed raw, however--or excess amounts of the extract is administered-- Human individuals experience vivid hallucinations and vastly slowed reaction times comparable to those of sleep paralysis. People often report seeing dark, looming shapes around corners or hearing disembodied voices, yet struggling to react to what they see. The experience never lasts longer than thirty minutes, regardless of how much was ingested, but sleepiness and headaches usually follow for the remaining hours afterwards. The raw plant is not dangerous to non-Humans such as Url or Orcs, and is still utilized by bounty hunters to lure Ogres into traps or away from settlements in Ellador.


  • It should be noted that Ogrebait, while sedating, has no effect on the body’s ability to experience pain or remember experiences. It is not recommended for use during surgery, as the patient’s pain response will always override it’s effects.
  • Some believe the plant is a magical message, similar to materials like Chrysete that are believed to carry information and messages from people in the past. In this case, it is a message from the Drovv. However, such theories are viewed as the ramblings of chemical addicts.

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