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Invented by Ailor
Used by Purists and Occult Hunters
Common uses
Rarity Rare

Puretek is a branch of recently produced weapons which have been used effectively in hunting Occult Aberrants. They have produced a whole generation of avid users and enthusiasts, with some even becoming symbols of purity movements. At their basis, Puretek weapons are ranged weapons, carved blocks of unknown stone (colloquially referred to as "Purestone") with golden glowing lines in them, attached to a firing mechanism and handle piece from which Puretek projectiles are shot. These projectiles come from the stone material itself, rather than an actual barrel with a projectile loaded into it. The technology behind Puretek is shrouded in extreme secrecy, developed by the Belliard Guild in the Drachenwald forest, a group of Unionist Purist fanatics who believe Aberrants are a scourge on the world, and should be subjected with extreme prejudice and violence. Despite this, Puretek is increasingly being used in specific creature hunting agencies like the Darkwalds, and other Cahal or Vampire hunting leagues.


Puretek was developed by a group of zealous intellectuals, reverends, and purists around 306 AC, and brought into formal testing in early 307 AC. Because of its extremely recent development, Puretek has not been seen publicly often, though the state is vaguely aware of their nature. In essence, a group referred to as the Purists of Belliard came together with an express goal: to empower those with a desire to fight abberrancies. Curiously enough, while most anti-dimenthist movements fought solely against the Void and Exist, the Purists of Belliard also fought against what scholars classify as Binral Essences, or the planar essences of Aloria itself (extending not only to Primal Afflictions, but also more advanced Clockwork that crosses the line between mundane machinery and heresy. They believed that all concepts of essences were vile and liable to mutation, and as such desired to find some way to fight anything that wasn’t “pure” in their eyes (meaning, not having any type of infestation, mutation, or otherworldly or unnatural ability, besides Faith Manifest). The Purists of Belliard are as such regarded with much suspicion, given that they distrust even the State's tolerated Aberrants, and any other person who claims to fight fire with fire by using Essences to combat the misuse of Magic. The Purists contacted the Imperial Palace, which divulged parts of the schematics for the Qadir weapons provided to them (which is ironic given that the Belliards also find certain Clockwork devices heretical), after which they also approached a number of Dwarven guilds and Darkwald Knights. The exact process of the first prototype built remains a mystery, but rumors circulate that it had something to do with a Unionist Relic from the Temple of Tirgovisten in the capital of Tirgunn. With a couple of successful and consistent results, the schematics were spread among the guilds associated with the Purists of Belliard, who started producing more. It is speculated that a few hundred Puretek weapons exist in circulation, with the vast majority held by aberrant hunters like the Darkwalds, but with private individuals also gaining access in some cases. Some nobles have even chosen to brandish a Puretek sidearm, as owning or wearing one could be seen as a status symbol of conservatism, even if they are unused and used simply as a decorative piece. Sometimes, imitation Puretek weapons are also worn by more commoner or poorer ultra conservatives, who might not be able to afford an actual Puretek weapon.


Puretek weapons are produced by the Guilds of Belliard, which are a rather expensive and difficult to reach group of forges united together under conservative ideals. These stores usually bar anyone except good, upstanding and faithful Ailor into their shops, but will happily produce Puretek weapons if the price and arguments (customers) are right, though obviously not for any aberrants. It is not impossible to find a Puretek weapon in the wild or kill the original user, however it is unlikely. Puretek weapons are also contraband on the Crown Isle, unless the wearer has a Permit from the State Metropolitan.


Some Demi Puretek feature a naval scope for long distance firing, as well as small decorative features to personalize the weapon.

Puretek comes in two forms, Quarter Puretek and Demi Puretek, both ranged weapon equivalents. Quarter and Demi Puretek are constructed in a very similar manner. They both feature an engraved block, made of a white, mysterious stone with golden glowing lines in it (either rounded or square in shape). Quarter Puretek barrels are somewhere between 14 and 17 inches and fire a projectile defined as a Quartershot, which is roughly a third of an inch in diameter. A Demi Puretek on the other hand has a barrel measuring at least 26 inches in length, which fires a projectile defined as a Demishot, which is roughly a fifth of an inch in diameter, but is four times as long as the quartershot, thus being twice as heavy, and is generally designed to be used at longer ranges. Some Demi Puretek have naval scopes attached to the top to allow for more precise aiming, but these are usually limited to so called Crackshot Puretek Shooters, which use Puretek to take down opponents in waiting from long distances. Puretek handles or grips can either be made of engraved wood, Silver, or some other metal, with some even having golden engravings on them. The handles or grips tend to be inconsequential to the actual weapon, and are shaped custom to the preferences of the wielder. The most curious part of Puretek weapons are firing pieces, usually fitted on the back of the barrel near the trigger on the grip. The exact design, or indeed how this piece can recognize that the wielder is not “pure”, remains a great mystery. The firing piece from the outside appears like a solid block of elegant metal, with a variety of smaller mechanical components sticking out, as well as some Sanktist scriptures engraved on the side, representing the blessings. Every Puretek weapon usually has a Switchtek attachment, which functions sort of like a Bayonet that can be unfolded to turn the Puretek weapon into a cutting and thrusting melee weapon, which does however inhibit its firing mechanism.


Puretek weapons do not use traditional ammunition and as such do not need to be loaded. The ammunition is called Quicksilver, though bears no relation to Mercury and is in fact not even solid. When a projectile is shot from the front of the weapon, it produces a gentle kick-back, before automatically reloading. The projectile appears like a small glowing white ball that rapidly shoots to its target, with much greater velocity than arrows from a bow even. Once hit, it produces a puff of white smoke, including a shove-amount of push, though never enough to knock back a person or throw them onto the floor. Quicksilver has inhibitive properties to the usage of Abilities (besides Racial and Mundane Abilities) and as such is often used to cripple an Aberrant's abilities to fight back when they are being hunted, or in an emergency to save someone from being casted upon. The exact effects of Puretek are detailed on the Firearms Point Buy Page.


  • Puretek weapons can be dyed on the outside to give them unique personalized appearances, but it is generally not recommended, since purists despise those individuals trying to stand out with these weapons.
  • Puretek is not allowed to be used in any kind of way to try and test whether someone is pure or not. While you could definitely do this based on the way the lore is written, doing so is considered powergaming and liable for staff moderation.
  • Contrary to popular belief (and against the Belliard Guild's desires), Puretek can be fired by various Occult individuals, with some having unlocked the means to corrupt the weapons to the Void or Exist.
  • Puretek can be damaged, though the barrel itself cannot be broken by ordinary means.


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