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*Written by [[User|User]].
*Written by [[User|User]].
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*Processed by [[Staff User|Staff User]] and [[Staff User|Staff User]].
[[category:Beasts]] [[Category:Existing Beasts]]
[[category:Beasts]] [[category:Existing Beasts]]

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Official Name Official name (no period)
Common Nicknames Common Nicknames.
Classification Fish, mammal, reptile, etc.
Habitat Where do they prosper?
Domesticated Yes or No.
Current Status Common, Rare, Extinct, Mythical, etc.

Introductory paragraph.

First Recorded Encounter

(Include a brief, but detailed account of the first encounter with this species, and its discovery. Keep it approximately 250-500 words.)

Current Status

(Indicate if the creature is still common, extinct, found often in trade as domesticated, valuable for its fur or scales, etc.)


(Include what is most important. This contains what the species actually is, what it looks like, and generally an overview of the animal itself.)

Notable Physical Traits

(For example: coloring per region, hibernation, or natural immunity to poisons.)

Origin and Diversity

(Include the area of origination, and how diverse the population is with gender. Include climates and biomes it can be located in.)

Life Span and Development

(What is the normal life span of this creature? How does it develop/what changes as it grows up? Does it start as an egg? Does it pupate?)

Mental Overview

(Indicate whether the fauna is overtly wild or able to be tamed. If it is wild, indicate whether it is hostile or not, or what species it may be hostile towards.)

Territory and Groupings

(Indicate if the species operates in packs, over a certain territory, or if it travels often. Do they operate alone, are they territorial?)


(If there are any useful things about animal supplies, or items to be obtained from this animal, then this is the spot to put it!)

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