Meetok Fish

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Meetok Fish
Official Name Meetok Fish
Common Nicknames Mssrassollon Pssios
Classification Fish
Habitat Sendrass
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

The Meetok Fish is a freshwater fish from Sendrass, and is one of the most populous animals on the jungled landmasses. With origins dating back centuries, the animal has remained unchanged over the years, as it has near-perfectly adapted to the swamps and vegetation-filled rivers of the region. It is most known for its brilliant emerald, ruby and sapphire colorations as well as having an incredibly brief life cycle. Today, people and animals across Sendrass enjoy this fish as a food source, greatly enjoying the simple but tasty creature while the wealthy must pay out of the nose for the same experience.


The Meetok Fish has existed as long as the Allar have lived on Sendras. Allar records are plentiful on this subject, often noting the animal in their celebration feast as a common delicacy. The vast amounts of the fish meant it was a stable food source throughout the entirety of the Sendrassian Civil War, with neither side needing to worry about running out of it. When the loyalists fled from Sendras, the fish became just one of the many treasures lost to the next generation of Allar, with elders spreading tales of the brightly colored fish throughout the different Allar kingdoms in Hadaria which are still sometimes told today. Over two centuries later following the Chrysant War, these Allar stories reached Ailor ears. An Ailor biologist, inspired by these myths of such brightly colored fish, briefly traveled to Sendras’ coast where he captured several specimens and studied them. He then named the “new” species after himself and the name has stuck ever since. Today, the Void Worshiping Allar and carnivorous wildlife of Sendrass continue to eat this fish as part of their everyday diet while Allar and other Races from Hadaria and other regions must pay a heavy financial price to fish it from Sendras or Solangeria.

Physical Appearance

The Meetok Fish is a deceptively simple fish in appearance, though it possesses a few hidden secrets. They are up to a foot long with a narrow, long, elliptic-shaped body and a weight of seven pounds on average. At the head there exist two pure green-colored dot eyes faced to the sides. Their mouth is small, used only for pecking away and eating the plant matter of which their diet is composed of. Closer to the underside of the animal are four sets of gills. Directly behind the last pair of gills is a set of membraned fins which help the fish with finer body movements than their large tail cannot accomplish. At the other end of their elliptical bodies is a full finned tail which begins as a dorsal fin midway down their back before continuing into the tail shape. Along the side of the body between this tail and the gills is a series of faint zigzag patterns which begin at the dorsal fin and end at the tip of the body. The most prominent trait of the Meetok Fish is undoubtedly their brilliant emerald, ruby or sapphire colored scales. Additionally, their fins are the same shade of green as their eyes, creating a striking dichotomy.


The Meetok Fish have three different colors to their scales, being brilliant shades of green, blue and red respectively. They have equal gender diversity, and there is no external indicator of the different sexes except for when a female is pregnant the lower-rear end of her body thickens.

Life Span and Development

The Meetok has an incredibly quickly lifespan and development cycle. They are born in small, near-spherical eggs often made ten or twelve at a time, all of which are barely a centimeter wide. They quickly break out of their larval stage once hatched, growing to adult size in less than two weeks and can reproduce after another two weeks. Meetok Fish naturally can live for three years but rarely make it past one year let alone six months before they are eaten.

Mental Overview

Meetok Fish are rather mindless in their day to day lives. They cluster in schools of green, red and blue, swimming through the many swamps and rivers of Sendras and Solangeria without much care in the world. They are born, eat, grow, reproduce, and eventually die, often in some violent fashion. Some have observed a low-level confusion tactic that most often works with animal predators and inexperienced hunters. They tend to swarm these two parties in sudden and huge numbers, rushing around them in rapid movements to create a low-level disorientating effect as light flickers off of their brightly colored scales. They also have the unique ability to bend their body almost entirely back on itself when startled which allows them to dart away with greater ease.

Territory and Groupings

The Meetok Fish constantly moves up, down, and throughout the rivers and swamps of Sendrass in schools of forty to 100. As such, they are not territorial and lack hostility to any intruder beyond simple survival mechanisms.


  • The only thing that the meat-eating Allar of Sendriassian and Hadarian descent might agree on is that Meetok Fish tastes excellent.
  • The full name of the man who named the Meetok Fish was Coferndopillias Meetok, and he was too embarrassed by his first name to ever mention it in public.
  • Some Allar speak of fish nearly five times the size of typical Meetok Fish but bear all the same traits as them. These colossal creatures are also said to exist in a legendary lake translated in Zasta to “The Living Waters of Paradise.”

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