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Official Name Enferena
Common Nicknames Sackbug, Atmosects
Classification Arthropod
Habitat Various
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Uncommon

The Enferena are strange atmosphere-dwelling insects born on the ground and capable of raising hundreds of feet into the air upon maturing and developing their ability to form a unique gas that fills a similarly unique sack of flesh sitting where their abdomen should be. The creature has been tamed by the Maraya, and a large portion of the formerly wild species now flies about the Home Swarm in their travels across Aloria. The insects, while distant companions are primarily used by the Maraya to drop down their unique “Spirepods” behind the lines of their enemies, granting devastating blows to the foes of the creature’s owner.


The Enferena has been known to Aloria for centuries, but often remained elusive and ignored due to their high elevation domains. Altalar towers were perhaps the sole contact they had with the ground for most months of the year, but that changed following the Cataclysm and the rise of the Maraya. Some believe that the Maraya’s previous form, the Meriac, knew and had tamed the Enferena generations before the first Altalar came into being. Whether this is true or not, when the Queenship and overall Home Swarm rose into the air currents of Aloria, crewed by the El-Maraya of the Elaya Vault, they rapidly came into contact with the Enferena. Over the coming decades, constant contact and eventually, through taming, saw the Enferena become pets of the Maraya, and also weapons of their conquest and scouring activities on the ground. Their own ships functioned much like the Enferena in principle, and so over time, the Race and the insectoid creatures became inseparable. There is now a constant drift of Enferena around the Home Swarm in their movements across Aloria, even when the clouds that shield the Swarm become a storm, and no matter the altitude. Some Enferena drifts still exist in the wild, but they are few now, and largely exist in isolated pockets of Aloria’s air currents.

Physical Appearance

Enferena are strange, almost flat-out alien, beings to Alorian ideas of physical traits. Their bodies can hugely vary in size and weight, from lighter than air and well over twelve feet high, to a mere two feet tall, and having weights of somewhere around twenty to fifty pounds. Their heads are small, with a downward-facing array of serrated mandibles, two small black eyes, and a trio of antennae protruding out of their heads, two being longer and bent at the midpoint facing forward third is shorter and unbent. Their body holds three pairs of limbs, but the front pair are the most complex, being well plated, thicker, curved in a hook-like formation while in the air, and tipped with strong, pincer-like appendages. These have a flat, downward-facing structure to them though, as they also function as heavy feet when the animal is on the ground. The other two pairs of legs are less bulky and have a more traditional, narrow build suitable to insects. The rest of their body, where a thorax might sit, holds the insect’s inflation sack. While on the ground, it is densely packed into the animal’s rear, with a trio of short, thick plates helping to hold the material to its rear. The sack, upon expanding, has a pale purple coloration to it laced with darker, if not outright black, “veins” that run along with its structure, forming a membrane pattern. The sack is opaque and holds a faint purple gas known as Enf Gas. The sack is difficult to puncture with amateur or simple weaponry, as it is reinforced and strong. The color tones of their chitin meanwhile, are dark blue, red, or green.


Enferena are believed to be hermaphroditic, with gender only being assigned during the mating season. The only other form of diversity is the membrane pattern of an individual’s sack, said to be as diverse and unique as the faces of Aloria’s Races.

Life Span and Development

Enferena develops from two to three dozen inch-tall, pale purple soft eggs laid on the ground in shrubbery during the Enferena Landing Period. These eggs are then able to be fertilized by a “male” or at least an Enferena coded to be male during their period on the ground. Lasting a period of only one to two months, the mating Enferena then return to the sky, never seeing their hatchlings emerge. It is rare for even half of an Enferena clutch to be fertilized, allowing for immediate nutrients for those that do hatch. Their growth period is generally slow, at about half a year, but during this time, they will gradually develop their sack from only a tiny, tight dark purple bulb at the rear of their bodies. After enough time though, their bodies will have processed sufficient nutrients and food to fully inflate the Enferena’s sack with Enf Gas, and allow the overall swarm in a particular area to ascend, reaching the high reaches of the sky soon after and coasting for the rest of the year. Enferena generally live about thirty years, but those cared for by Maraya can live double that.

Mental Overview

The Enferena is a strange creature that due to its nature as a near-insectoid, is often considered rather aloof. What the Maraya see in them is often a head-shaking, scornful question among the other Races, but to the Maraya, the creatures have a carefree, delicate appearance, are precise in their actions, and serve as companions to the often lonely Maraya. It also helps that they are so similar in methodology as the Maraya, descending after long periods in the air to scour the ground for resources, and then spring back up into the sky. In the Maraya’s case though, the insect’s unique abilities make it perfect for dispensing the alien “Spirepod” down behind enemy positions in battle. Crafted of crystal, and with a highly angular shape, the Enferena easily carry the craft through the use of their multipurpose front legs. The Enferena also have a strange view of one another; while drifts of Enferena exist, the species appear to have a one to one relationship with each other. So long as a singular Enferena is nearby, another will follow it, just as another will follow that one. Whether these connections are based on “friendship” or hatchling relations is unknown.

Territory and Groupings

Enferena live in groups called drifts who migrate through the skies of Aloria on high-altitude winds that cycle them across the southern regions of Aloria. However, the Home Drift, the name given the group around the Maraya Home Swarm, is often taken far from these southern reaches, yet is kept together thanks to taming by the Maraya. Enferena have no set territory, as they are taken where the wind carries them, but once every year for between one to two years, their Airel Period comes to an end as they descend, venting their sacks, to begin their Landing Period. The Landing Ground is rapidly stripped of both plant and animal matter, save those areas that will sustain the Enferena eggs laid during this period.


  • Whether the Enferena existed millennia ago and were known to the Maraya’s ancestors is likely to remain a mystery, though certain ruins are said to show skyscapes with these creatures prominently featured.
  • Efforts to collect Enf Gas are impossible, as the unique substance is solely produced by a living Enferena, and once their membrane is pierced, the creature appears to enter shock and shortly after, die.
  • The method a Maraya seems to use to call their personal Enferena to them is a whistled song.

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