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Affected Races All, barring Yanar and Slizzar.
Contraction Manathar Ritual
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Arken Vessel
Symptoms N/A

The Manathar are not a Race or traditional Affliction per se, but rather an evolved form of any Race that previously, accepted the Ritual of the Mentor. The first to fulfill the ritual of the Mentor were the Kathar loyalists of the Dread Empire, who after an intervention from an Arken, saw the need to evolve their people, disillusioned with the place of the Kathar in the world. The Manathar would later expand to the other NelfinRaces, as the ritual was compatible with any Nelfin species, and even to half bloods who chose to accept the philosophy of the Manathar, however in recent times it has expanded even past that, allowing Ailor and various other Races to be included.

Becoming a Manathar

Manathar is not a Race that can be played by a new character. Rather, Manathar is an in-roleplay character development that occurs only on a pre-existing character. As of recent times, the Manathar have lost most of their prior connections to the Mentor, and instead exist only by their own guidance, with the Praetor being the only leading figure left. Presently, there is only one known method of conversion with the temple previously used to convert Manathar being no more, being conversion at the direct hands of the Praetor. It is said that unlike in the past, the change is supposedly reversible, no longer being a permanent process to undergo.

  • Upon becoming Manathar, all Abilities appropriate for that type of Manathar are instantly learned and activated where applicable.
  • Despite being an Affliction, Manatharism cannot be cleansed or cured by normal methods, and can only be removed by the Praetor, or other higher powers, such as Arken.
  • Manathar lose all racial abilities upon being converted to a Manathar, which are immediately swapped out by the Manathar Legion Abilities, and Base Abilities.
  • Manathar can only possess one Legion, which is chosen upon being converted.
  • Upon becoming Manathar, anything that was previously Exist, is immediately converted to Void, such as Silvenism, Sorcery, Magic, or any other Exist sourced Abilities.

Manathar Philosophy

The Manathar have a life Philosophy that acts like a Religion but is not exactly a religion. There is freedom for the Manathar to maintain a religion besides their Philosophy which is called the Xenophane, a philosophy that while not required, is highly suggested when taking the path of a Manathar. While in prior times rejecting the Xenophane would immediately incur being outcasted by the Praetor, it now exists more as a guideline the Manathar can follow at will.. A Manathar can exist whilst straying from the Xenophane philosophy, but becoming one in a state of disregard for the philosophy in the first place, would not usually lead to being converted regardless. The Xenophane includes the following tenets:

The Apostle Legion often end up being considered living Demons by the everyday citizenry of Aloria given their horned appearance, a trait commonly believed to denote the demonic powers of the Void.
  • Not to reject the self, or any aspect of the self, whether that be one’s identity as a Manathar, or whatever came before it, albeit with the knowledge one has evolved from their prior form in life. To not allow anyone to degrade or devalue the Manathar, or the philosophy the Manathar follow, even if it is not closely followed by one’s self. To stay true to their identity, to not seek to hide it, and to wear their Abilities and identity with pride.
  • Not to put any other figure above one’s self, whether in the form of worship, or self-doubt. To put one’s effort only towards the improvement of the self, rather than to waste effort putting it in another who would not benefit your growth in the long-term. This does not infer that the Manathar are incapable of respect, nor should enact ignorance to the power of a stronger being, but to not subjugate themselves beneath another thoughtlessly.
  • Not to see good and evil as immovable moral pillars, but rather as flexible concepts that can be moved around. Never to deem any action as inherently good or evil, but rather to examine them from an unbiased position in terms of their outcomes, not the intentions.
  • Not to give away advantages or power for free, and not to allow others to lord over one’s self unless there is an express transactional advantage. The Praetor must be respected as a representative, but not as a ruler.

Manathar Appearance and Legions

Manathar come in a variety of appearances based on their individual legions. Each Legion has its own unique characteristics, however, all possess the traits of horns, a tail, and golden irises with dark grey eye or black whites. Silven Manathar are distinguished by the red limbal ring around their irises, being the only exception to that shared similarity. Upon becoming a Manathar, they innately inherit any prior traits, racial bonuses, or racial caps, however, are capable of accessing a one-time change upon conversion to alter their appearance to whatever they feel suits them most, within the limits of their prior Race. These changes cannot render them unrecognizable and are an irreversible one-time adjustment, including features such as height, sex, hair color, or body shape. Once a Manathar has accessed these changes, they cannot do so again.

The Manathar additionally gain other changes to their appearances through the effects of their chosen Legion, which once chosen, is permanent.


The Apostle Legion skin tone palette.

The Apostle Legion possess the most stereotypically demonic appearance among the Manathar, trademarked by their vibrantly colored skin, ranging from coppers, bronzes, and other warm metallic shades, to crimson red and burnt orange hues. Their horns take on a more ridged appearance, typically more curled and broad in contrast to the Cardinal or Lector, and usually of a tint matching of their skin tone, or colored black at the ends. Their tail can range anywhere from a thinner, more imp-like appearance, or one that’s thicker and stronger in build. The tail can be either fur-tipped or ended with a spaded tip, colored the same as their skin, or transitioning into a black gradient.


The Cardinal Legion skin tone palette.

The Cardinal Legion, bar some stand-out features, appear the most normal out of the Manathar. Their skin tones usually fall within that of Ailor ranges, appearing anywhere from as pale as a Lesarra, to as dark as a Suvial. Their horns have a far more delicate quality to them in contrast to the Apostle, appearing long and sharp, and smooth in texture, bar for the slight texturing of scales over the surface of the horns. Their tail is similarly thin and wispy, having a simple tipped end, with the same scale texturing of the horns. The skin running down their lower arms also follows a darker gradient, their fingertips ending in a dark, inky black, with naturally sharp nails. Within their locks dwell sentient snakes that coil beneath layers of hair, however, incapable of causing much harm, and are merely there for show. They can be painlessly severed and will grow back over time after removal.


The Lector Legion skin tone palette.

The Lector Legion, with a complexion that resembles a night sky, bears one of the more unique appearances of the Manathar Legions. Their skin ranges anywhere from a vibrant violet, to a deep indigo blue. The style of their horns and tail resemble that of the Cardinal more than it does the Apostle, in that they appear more thin and delicate in shape, however, unlike the Cardinal, it is not uncommon for a Lector to have multiple crown-like sets of horns, in contrast to the other Legions, which tend to only have two.

Summary of Abilities

All Abilities are listed in detail on the Ability List Page. Additional rules applied to those Abilities are recorded in the table below. Aesthetics for Abilities may be dictated by the players, as long as the Ability Name is mentioned in the Emote, which is mandatory for Ability use. The following Abilities are what is considered a Racial Ability Set. All Manathar have access to the Base Abilities at all times, and can only access the abilities of their chosen Legion.

Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Legion Body 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Legion Body 1

Arcane Mastery 1 Magic Spell Emote Distance Grants the user Arcane Mastery 1

Eye Mutation 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Eye Mutation 1 Colors

Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Body Tail 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Body Tail 1

Body Scripture 1 Body Alters Self Grants the user Body Scripture 1 Colors


Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Body Claws 1 Body Alters Self Grants the user Body Claws 1

Armor Flux 1 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Armor Flux 1

Magic Sight 1 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Magic Sight 1

Super Self 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 1

Super Self 4 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Super Self 4


Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Omniaware 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Omniaware 1

Mind Wall 1 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 1

Mind Wall 2 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 2

Battle Sense 1 Control Power Emote Distance Grants the user Battle Sense 1

Power Curse 3 Target Curse Emote Distance Grants the user Power Curse 3

Shrewd Insight 1 Control Power Emote Distance Grants the user Shrewd Insight 1


Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Void Storage 1 Void Spell Self Grants the user Void Storage 1

Exorcism 3 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Exorcism 3

Honed Skill 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Honed Skill 1

Inth Gift 3 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Inth Gift 3

Sorcery Skill 2 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Sorcery Skill 2

Memory Sense 2 Target Illusion Emote Distance Grants the user Memory Sense 2


  • Manathar is a compound name. Much like other Nelfin Races, the name ending in “ar” indicates that they are the children of old and the elder Race, while “Manath” means the ones born of Magic, thus the name means “The elder Race born of Magic” in Middle Altalar.
  • Manathar generally despise the usage of physical weapons. This is mostly because their mutations have made them above the use of weapons.
  • Knowledge on the Manathar is not part of any Proficiency, and has to be found entirely IC, because it is a very recent in-roleplay thing that happened to a few characters.
  • The most common nick-name for Manathar are "Demons," while anyone who wishes to affectionally refer to them will call them "Pridelings." The Regalian Emperor personally coined the insult "Confused Maraya."

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