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Affected Races Various
Contraction Manathar Ritual
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Arken Vessel

The Manathar are not a Race per se, but rather an evolved form of any Nelfin Race that accepted the Ritual of the Mentor. The first to fulfill the ritual of the Mentor were the Kathar loyalists of the Dread Empire, who after an intervention from an Arken, saw the need to evolve their people, disillusioned with the place of the Kathar in the world. The Manathar would later expand to the other Nelfin Races, as the ritual was compatible with any Nelfin species, and even to half bloods who chose to accept the philosophy of the Manathar. Manathar is not a Race that can be played by a new character. Rather, Manathar is an in-roleplay character development that occurs only on a pre-existing Nelfin or Half-Elven character. Furthermore, the Manathar ritual cannot be forced, it has to willingly be accepted and only by those who accept the life and religion of the Manathar openly and willingly. The Manathar worship the Mentor not quite like a deity, but still as a figure of godhood, while they are led by the Praetor, an individual who performs the Manathar Rituals, and represents the will of the Mentor through the state of Avatharus.

Manathar Philosophy

The Manathar have a life Philosophy which acts like a religion, but is not exactly a religion. There is freedom for the Manathar to maintain a religion besides their Philosophy which is called the Xenophane, but the Xenophane is an absolute requirement for the Manathar, and those that stray from this life philosophy are outcast by the Praetor, and transformed back to their original race. Before the Praetor converts a pre-existing individual into a Manathar, they must have deeply connected with the Manathar Philosophy on a personal level, and accepted all the tenets as true. It is not possible to lie to the Praetor about accepting this set of beliefs, as while deceiving the Praetor is possible, deceiving the Ritual of the Mentor is not possible, as Void-fires consume anyone who does not have the faith in the Xenophane to pass through the mental test. The Xenophane includes the following tenets:

The Apostle Legion often end up being considered living Demons by the everyday citizenry of Aloria given their horned appearance, a trait commonly believed to denote the demonic powers of the Void.
  • Not to raise the Mentor up above any potential god the Manathar believe in, but to obey them explicitly, and not to question or doubt the words of the Mentor as a being wiser than any living creature, even if that wisdom should contradict holy scripture.
  • Not to allow anyone to degrade or devalue the Manathar, not to hide their loyalty to the Xenophane even in the eyes of inquisition, and to stay true to their identity, to seek not to hide it, and to wear their Abilities and identity with pride.
  • Not to see good and evil as immovable moral pillars, but rather as flexible concepts that can be moved around. Never to deem any action as inherently good or evil, but rather to examine them from an unbiased position in terms of their outcomes, not the intentions.
  • Not to give away advantages or power for free, and not to allow others to lord over one’s self unless there is an express transactional advantage. The Praetor must be respected as a representative, but not as a ruler, only the Mentor must be obeyed explicitly without question.

Manathar Appearance and Abilities

The Manathar inherently maintain the appearance of their previous racial appearance. For example, if a Kathar turns into a Manathar, they will retain the bodily proportions and facial structure and hair color of their pre-Manathar form. There are additionally however modifications that a Manathar can apply onto themselves, which depend on which Legion the Manathar chooses to be a part of. The Manathar can change their chosen Legion once a day, and swap all Racial Abilities and Traits along with that change. All Manathar must at all times be within a Legion, as there is no base form of Manathar without the Legions. All Manathar are immune to other Afflictions like Archblood, Vampirism, Shatterism, and anything pre-Manathar that is Exist based converts to Void (for example, Mage/Silven).

The Apostle Legion

The Apostle Legion prefer up and close physical encounters with opponents, as well as a fiery disposition, a wild and energetic life, and flexibility in their endeavors. The Apostle Legion have the following Traits and Abilities:

Name Ability Category Description
Apostle Appearance Racial Passive The Apostle Legion’s skin ranges from a copper/bronze to a crimson red, always within the ranges of red-ish/ochre tones. They have a variety of horns growing from their skull, either pointing backward, forwards, curled, ribbed or smooth, while smaller horns can also grow besides their main horns, or like a row in the middle of their skull down to their neck. These horns can however never be wider than twice the width of the Manathar’s head, or taller than a foot in length. Apostle Legion always have Void eyes, meaning dark gray eye whites and a gold iris (Silven are usually distinguished with a red limbal ring).
Legion Morph Racial Spell The Apostle Legion can use Legion Morph to change their own appearance in a variety of ways. Changes occur instantly and whenever the Manathar likes. When using this ability, one of two things can occur. The Manathar can grow a tail that is prehensile, and that they can choose to make thin and wispy or thick and strong as well as with an additional hook blade at the end, or just a pointy tip, or choose to make it disappear (this tail can never be longer than 1.5 times the length of the Manathar’s legs. Or the Manathar can change the shape and size of the horns, or grow additional horns from their skull in whatever configuration they choose, or make them disappear and shrink their horns.
Legion Power Mythic Shift The Apostle Legion can choose, once a day, to activate their Legion Power, which will transform them into a heightened aggressive Legion form. While transitioning to this form, any and all Magic and Combat Proficiencies are converted to Unarmed Combat Skill, while they can no longer use any Magic or Sorcery Spells (and any active Spells are immediately canceled). Their Physical Stat increases by 10, which can exceed Racial Limits, they gain increased musculature and on average half a foot of height, while their skin starts giving off intense heat and steam, also always turning a bright crimson red. Their legs turn digitigrade with lizard-like feet and sharp claws, while their hands also gain enlarged claws. This form can be upheld for upwards to half an hour, or ended prematurely. While in Legion Power, the Manathar lose all Magical or Sorcery Passives.

The Cardinal Legion

The Cardinal Legion prefer to let others do their bidding, having a calculative and cold disposition, and preferring class and dignity above expressionism. The Cardinal Legion have the following Traits and Abilities:

Name Ability Category Description
Cardinal Appearance Racial Passive The Cardinal Legion’s skin ranges from a light tinted gray to porcelain white, always within the bright white ranges. They appear otherwise quite much like their original Race bar from some of the later mentioned Abilities. Cardinal Legion always have Soulsight eyes, meaning dark gray eye whites and a golden iris. (Silven are usually distinguished with a red limbal ring).
Crown of Medusson Racial Passive The Cardinal Legion are able to turn any strand of hair, or all of their hair on their head into a collection of semi-autonomous snakes, essentially turning their hair into snake bodies attached to their skull. They can choose to have only a few of them hidden under layers of hair, or have them appear at all times, or have all of their hair change into two dozen or so smaller snakes that all coil around each other, or combine for example one ponytail into one large thick anaconda. These snakes are capable of doing anything a real snake could (except for produce snake-venom other than the one created by the Manathar), and are controlled by the Manathar to a degree, but can also act independently from the Manathar. These snakes can bite others, injecting them with an enfeebling venom that reduces any target’s Physical Stat by -10 (successive bites do not stack the effect). These snakes can hold objects in their mouth, hiss at people, but do not add additional senses to the Manathar. They can be cut off (which does cause short burst pain for the Manathar, like hair being pulled from their skull), but Cardinal Legion hair regrows in a matter of days, meaning they usually come back quickly. The snakes must always respect roughly the substance of the hair of the Manathar, or at most 1.5 body mass of the hair, meaning most Cardinal Legion Manathar tend to have long hair.
Black Claws of Katrak Racial Passive The Cardinal Legion are able to extend and sharpen their fingernails (not quite to the claw length of the Apostle Legion, though sharp enough), which carry the Poison of Katrak. When scratched, or pierced with these nails, any wound becomes festered quickly, producing black scratch/puncture marks, which cause small crackles of black to emanate from them over the following 15 minutes. These areas hit cause a short intense and sharp pain, followed by a prolonged dull ache that lasts for the duration of the festering (which is 15 minutes). After this timespan, the festering effect disappears, and the wound returns to normal as if normally scratched by a person with normal nails.

The Lector Legion

The Lector Legion prefer to remain hidden, or use their intellect to overpower others, remaining analytical, stoic, yet a resource of knowledge and wisdom. The Lector Legion have the following Traits and Abilties:

Name Ability Category Description
Lector Appearance Racial Passive The Lector Legion’s skin ranges from an Ultramarine to Indigo blue/purple (thus never being quite the same as Sihndar or Maraya, but in between). They appear otherwise quite much like their original race, bar from some of the later mentioned Abilities. Additionally, the Lector Legion are capable of turning any part or their whole body translucid, causing them to appear see-through, with their body(parts) appearing as if peering through the void of space, with swirls of purple and violet streaking through sparkling specks that represent the stars, their body retaining a blue glow outline. If this is done to mask their head, they become unrecognizable, their eye sockets only appearing as two glowing orbs of white in a default structured face without hair. Upon changing to Lector Legion, the Manathar lose any and all Combat related Proficiencies (while their Physical Stat is also forcibly set to 10), which are instead translated into Sorcery Proficiencies, which they can choose Sorcery Spells from (though they still cannot exceed the limit of Sorcery Spells, even if the Proficiency cost exceeds the maximum cost of the maximum amount of Spells). This set of Spells must also always be the same, and cannot change each time they swap from any other Legion back to Lector. It is mandatory to write the chosen Sorcery Spells on a Character Application.
Arms of the Chosen Racial Passive The Lector Legion Manathar are capable of summoning a second set of arms that appear from under their main set of arms, though this second set of arms appears always in the see-through space-like form that they can choose to appear as. This second set of arms is capable of telekinesis, reaching for any hand-held object within Emote Distance and moving it around, or pulling it towards them. Each hand can also independently wield a weapon in mid-air, though always does so at 10 Proficiency, whatever weapon they end up using. If both arms are free. They can produce a slow-hold on a person, which has the hands constantly grabbing/clawing at them as they try to move, thus reducing their movement speed to a crawling speed. They can still use their main arms to produce Sorcery spells.

The Avarthus

The Avarthus is a knowing state that all Manathar are the host to the Mentor, or the Arken Vessel. While some of the Manathar understand the Mentor to be the Pride Arken, this is not wholly accurate, as the current iteration of the Pride Arken is the amalgamation of the following Arken Souls: Pride, Fury, Body, Discipline, Trickster, Compassion, Brotherhood, Beast, Justice and Cold, though all primarily within the host of the Pride Arken. In times of need, the Avarthus allows the Arken Vessel to use the Manathar as their anchor to reality, thus existing through the existence of the Manathar. The Arken Vessel can take control or speak through the Manathar at any point in time, and they willingly give up their body to the Arken Vessel’s will, though the Arken Vessel usually only speaks through the body possessed at any given time. While the Avarthus (the act of the Arken Vessel possessing a Manathar) is active, should the Manathar in question have any Sorcery or Magic Spells, these Spells are enhanced in their effects, and the caster in question cannot become exhausted from casting many Spells rapidly or over prolonged periods. The effects of Avarthus depend on the person in question however, meaning they aren’t always the same. For some who do not have any Spells available to them, the Avarthus can sometimes cause them to gain some Spells in the process that they could not previously use, or use after the Avarthus ends for them.

Avarthus Adeptus

Avarthus Adeptus is a Magic Spell that can be used by the Praetor of the Manathar that causes any non-Manathar compliant individual to become a temporary anchor point for the Arken Vessel. What this in essence means is that the Praetor can cast a temporary Spell on another person (they do not necessarily have to be willing), that allows the Arken Vessel to take control of their body, as well as subsist itself from their form (in case all other Manathar for example risk being destroyed, which would also remove the Arken Vessel from physical reality). Avarthus Adeptus is the name given to those who become temporary anchors. The Spell’s duration is always defined by the Praetor, but can at most take a full week. If the Avarthus Adeptus wants to extend the effect however, they can choose to do so voluntarily when the Spell’s duration is over, or expel the anchor effect. When under the effect of Avarthus Adeptus, the subject (regardless of race) gains a skin color akin to that of the Apostle Legion, as well as their horns and potentially their tail, though the tail would never have a blade on the tip, or be prehensile, though still movable by the host. These changes (save for the horns) are purely aesthetic, and do not remove the usage of Racial Abilities or other Abilities, but does classify the host as Linked Aberrancy for the duration of Avarthus Adeptus. This Spell can be applied to any Race.


  • Manathar is a compound name. Much like other Nelfin Races, the name ending in “ar” indicates that they are the children of old and the elder Race, while “Manath” means the ones born of Magic, thus the name means “The elder Race born of Magic” in Middle Altalar.
  • In theory it is possible to revert the Ritual of the Mentor through some sort of purification. The Mentor has alluded to it being possible, but never explained how. It has been performed on those undeserving however.
  • Manathar generally despise the usage of physical weapons. This is mostly because their mutations have made them above the use of weapons.
  • Knowledge on the Manathar is not part of any Proficiency, and has to be found entirely IC, because it is a very recent in-roleplay thing that happened to a few characters.

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