State Metropolitan

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State Metropolitan
Leader Lord Commissioner Viggo Sorenvik
Headquarters Greygate Prison
Affiliation City of Regalia
Related Groups Regalian Guard

The State Metropolitan is the modern form of the Regalian Guard, the people tasked with enforcing Regalian Law inside city bounds.

The State Metropolitan was created at the request of the Regalian Emperor, due to the proliferation of Occult powers among the criminal class, and excessive use of force by previous iterations of the Guard. With every lawbreaker now able to sling spells at the snap of a finger, it no longer made sense to equip the Guard with heavy Steel and swords which were no longer effective, a process made obsolete by the simplest Magic attacks.


The ranks of the State Metropolitan are as follows.

  • Commissioner: The Commissioner is the head and commander of the State Metropolitan.
  • Sergeant: Any officer rank with distinction, i.e. Archive Officer, Requisitions Officer, et cetera. Nominated by the Commissioner.
  • Constable: The standard rank for any service member.

There exist some additional internal task forces. Someone assigned to one of these units does not perform the normal duties of a Constable, and is only called for special situations.

  • Metropolitan Arcane Unit: Void/Exist Occult of 3rd Power Index and above (Mages, Arken Pacts, anything above a Sorcerer) can be assigned to this unit. They are called on in Magically sensitive situations where their expertise may be required.
  • Metropolitan Heavy Unit: This unit is assigned heavy armor and live weapons, and is called on for assaults on fortified positions.
  • Further task forces may be created in the future. The Commissioner is not required to populate these task forces if they do not wish to, or if the need is not there.


Every member of the State Metropolitan possesses equipment which grants them basic Abilities. For balance purposes, this equipment cannot be stolen or used by anyone who is not in the Metropolitan. Additionally, even if these Abilities count as Mundane Techniques / Engineering for description’s sake, they cannot be Countered, stopped, or ignored, except by their own internal mechanics. The Constable only gains these Techniques when in Uniform, and cannot use them when not in Uniform.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Constable's Defense Instant Power Self Grants the user Constable's Defense

Constable's Offense Constant Passive Self Grants the user Constable's Offense