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State Metropolitan
Leader The Lord Commissioner
Headquarters Greygate Prison, City of Regalia
Origins Regalian Guard
Colors Purple, Blue, Gold
Magic Usage varies

The State Metropolitan is the modern iteration of the Regalian Guard, the people tasked with enforcing Regalian Law inside city bounds. The State Metropolitan was created at the request of the Regalian Emperor, due to the proliferation of Occult powers among the criminal class, and excessive use of force by previous iterations of the Guard. With every lawbreaker now able to sling spells at the snap of a finger, it no longer made sense to equip the Guard with heavy Steel and swords which were no longer effective, a process made obsolete by the simplest Magic attacks. OOC NOTE: The State Metropolitan is an NPC organization operating in the background of the RP in the City of Regalia. However, they are not actively played except in the case of events, and the various Militias who exist as player organizations are instead the public-facing force involved in patrolling and combatting threats in the city.


The Ranks of the State Metropolitan is as listed below.

  • Lord Commissioner: The Lord Commissioner (or just Commissioner) is the head and commander of the State Metropolitan. They command all other Ranks explicitly and determine policy within the Metropolitan. The Lord Commissioner only answers to the Crown Regent or Emperor. The Lord Commissioner is always permitted to bear arms and use Occult powers. They also receive the Constable Equipment Abilities below.
  • Sergeant: Any Officer directly nominated by the Commissioner, distinct but sometimes combined with internal positions like Archive, Requisitions, etc. Officers may be promoted and demoted at will by the Commissioner, and they only answer to them, while the Commissioner has responsibility for them. The Sergeants are permitted to use Occult powers, but not to bear arms. They also receive the Constable Equipment Abilities below.
  • Constable: The rank and file of the State Metropolitan are the Constables (in Green Uniform). Constables are not permitted to use Occult powers and should largely be Mundane. They are also not permitted to bear arms, but will receive a Constable Baton with which to defend themselves. Constables are intended to patrol the streets when idle. Constables also receive the Constable Equipment Abilities listed below.
  • Arcanist: The Arcanist is equal rank to the Constable, but a member of the so called Arcanist (or Occult) Division. Arcanists are not allowed to bear arms, and do not receive a Constable Baton, but are permitted to use the full range of their Occult Abilities such as Magic while on patrol and duty. Arcanists do not receive access to the Constable Equipment Abilities listed below, relying on their Magic instead.
  • Stormer: The Stormer is equal rank to the Constable and Arcanist, but a member of the so called Stormer Division. Stormers are the only rank and file Metropolitan permitted to bear arms, and use regular weapons on criminals, being called in when regular Constables are too lightly equipped to deal with a heavily equipped enemy. Stormers are not allowed to use Occult Powers, nor do they have access to Constable Equipment Abilities.
  • Medic: The Medic is equal rank to the Constable (and other specialized ranks), but is not primarily involved with any fighting or tense situations, and accompanies the State Metropolitan purely as medical staff. Medics are expected to either be able to use mundane healing, or magical healing, but are strictly barred from using weapons or participating in fights or harm anyone. They receive no equipment, besides Constable's Belt.

Simplified Equipment Overview

Rank Use Weapons? Use Magic? Constable Abilities? Be Afflicted? Be Archon? Be Marken? Use Demons? Use Artifacts?
Lord Commissioner Allowed Allowed Allowed No Allowed No No Allowed
Sergeant No Allowed Allowed No Allowed No No No Weapons, but Yes
Constable No No Allowed No Allowed No No No Weapons, but Yes
Arcanist No Allowed No No Allowed No Only Suvial No Weapons, but Yes
Stormer Allowed No No No Allowed No No Allowed
Medic No Allowed Only Constable's Belt No Allowed No No No Weapons, but Yes

Constable Equipment Abilities

The Lord Commissioner, Sergeants, and Constables gain access to Constable Equipment Abilities. Arcanist and Stormer Divisions of the State Metropolitan do not. These Abilities are derived from Technological devices that come as standard equipment for the rank and file Constables and their Officers. For balance purposes, this equipment cannot be stolen or used by anyone who is not in the Metropolitan. Additionally, even if these Abilities count as Mundane Techniques for description’s sake, they cannot be Countered, stopped, or ignored, except by their own internal mechanics. The Constable only gains these Techniques when in Uniform, and cannot use them when not in Uniform. The Lord Commissioner, Sergeants, and Constables have a standard issue Baton (though the Commissioner may also bear normal arms). While using it, the user is Proficient in using it as a weapon, and it always deals mild blunt Damage. The Baton cannot be destroyed by any Mechanics, and the Metropolitan using a Baton cannot be Disarmed. The user can choose between one of two 'Modes' for their Baton, which dictates their usual fighting style. The Baton always starts in 'Standard Style,' and can be changed once per standard day to 'Extended Style,' after which it will remain in 'Extended Style' until it automatically resets to Standard after the passage of a day.

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