Falconet's Bush

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Falconet's Bush
Official Name Falconet’s Bush
Common Name Gioiello della Falconet
Classification Shrub
Common Use Culinary
Origins Montania region of Regalia
Habitat Mountainous regions

The Falconet’s Bush is a low-lying bush from the mountainous Montania region of the Regalian Archipelago that produces the bitter-tasting Falconet’s Jewel that only grows in springtime. The berry itself is sought after mainly as a topper or feature to add prestige to a dish because of its short growing season making it rare. Today the berry is protected by the Montanian people from pests and other dangers so that it can flourish wherever possible given its picky growing conditions.


The Falconet’s Bush has been known to the Montanian people for a long time, going back at least to the formation of the Bergerland Republic in 71 AC that saw several Montanian city-states unite together. The story goes that it was the around this time that when plotting new pathways through the mountains, a group of surveyors came across a group of falconets perched in and around a bush, all of whom immediately sought to attack the Ailor. The surveyors eventually retreat but only after they outwitted the birds and managed to grab several of the berries from the bush. They later ate them and upon realizing they were a new fruit, sought out more and helped found the industry. However, this colorful tale is dismissed as a bit of myth-making on the part of the Dressolini who rose in the region later. Actual evidence points to the pre-Bergerland city-state of Falconnelle finding, cultivating and then spreading knowledge of the plant to the other city-states. Regardless of origin, the plant has remained part of the Montanian identity and their cuisine since then. The upper and middle class mostly enjoys it as it is a temperamental plant with regards to its growth. However, as the berries it produces are seasonal, everyone with culinary leanings that craves the berry awaits spring with great anticipation for when it will grow.


Falconet’s Bush is a wide shrub that stands at a foot tall. It is made up of dark brown bark as well as a thick covering of dark green lobate leaves. During the spring months, the plant first grows small pale purple flowers along these leaves, shortly afterward leading to the arrival of the Falconet’s Jewel. This fruit is small, with a bumped purple-blue surface to is arranged like that of a sphere. Attached to their stem are several very short dentale leaves. The berries appear beneath the surface of the shrub with up to ten per branch.

Uses and Abilities

The berry bush produces Falconet’s Jewels, known for their rarity and bitter taste. While most Dressolini who taste the berry grow to enjoy it, more often or not the berry is added to a dish to give the creation a level of prestige. It is usually made into jams or jellies, saved for use at another time of the year. They are also used to top various pastries, and some even use them as the fruit base for the creation.


  • Falconet’s Jewels cannot be transported from their natural habitat for easier cultivation, though many have tried and failed. The mountain conditions of the Montania region are just perfect for the growing of the berry, and it cannot be easily moved from this location.
  • The most extravagant good possibly ever made using Falconet’s Jewel was the Imperial Wedding Cake for the union of Emperor Justinian II and Madileine de Sangre-Istairoix. The cake featured all of the Empire’s vassals and territories, who were represented by all types of imagery, with Montania appearing with a single piece of the fruit set into it.
  • Tree Monkeys also enjoy Falconet’s Jewels and are now the main pest growers of the bush must contend with.

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