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There have been many famous commoners throughout the history of the Regalian Empire, despite the comparatively short history of the Regalian state when compared with other nations and Races. They come from all walks of life, all points of origin, but ultimately stand as excellent representations of the multi-cultural blending and diversity to be found in the lands of Corontium. These are just some of the Regalian commoners who have worked to shape the world. OOC NOTE: This list is not meant to be a comprehensive record of every notable commoner. The goal of this list, and the others in the People section, is to provide fun, background lore to be discussed in character applications or mentioned in-game.

Alestaire Middencroft

Born as the only child to two Anglian farmers, Alestaire suffered from frequent bouts of childhood illness for the first decade of his life. The young man’s mind focused on what it could to stimulate him, and chief among these articles were the cures and herbal creations offered to him by the local healer. When he at last left his bed, and began to mature, he focused on the natural world, and what substances could be created from it. His studies into alchemy were not approved of by his father, and he ran away, reaching the City of Axenfoord several days later where he improved his skills considerably though he was forced to engage in underhanded work early into his career. His astounding abilities with alchemical creation saw him gain patronage of a small noble family, and then, House Kade itself, when they married and absorbed the household he worked for. Lavished with money, he focused on first writing Modern Apothecarium, a foundational text in Ailor and broadly Regalian alchemy practices, before he then traveled and took in alchemical knowledge from other regions. By the time he returned and settled in Anglia to live out the remainder of his life, he had gained enough knowledge for another two editions of his masterpiece. He ultimately died content and wealthy, at an old age, with a large family of relations on his father’s side who carry on his legacy.

  • Date of Birth: Est. Autumn, 199 AC
  • Date of Death: August 12th, 271 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A famed Anglian Ailor alchemist and author of notable alchemical texts.

Black Caleb

Black Caleb never told the same story of his origin. In one tale he was the son of slaves who had escaped from Kathar masters in the Dread Empire, another set him as the bastard son of a Ceardian Warlord, and many others were told. When he exploded onto the criminal scene, he did so without restraint yet also with a gentleman’s flair. He robbed any carriages he came across in a broad stretch of travel across the central lands of the Regalian Archipelago, played mischievous jokes on local alderman and townspeople before making off with some trinket or sum, and is even once rumored to have outshot an Ivrae prince on an Imperial hunting ground, before making off with his kills, and the prince’s. As suddenly as he appeared, he also vanished, and was assumed dead for decades before an old man in a small Breizh town wrote a bombastic account of Black Caleb’s adventures, passing away later that same year. It is broadly believed this old man was Caleb, though some believe their ages do not match, and the man was more likely a hidden accomplice to the infamous criminal. Regardless, the many outlandish tales of Black Caleb would go on to excite many a young man’s mind, and plenty more enterprising criminals, for decades to follow, well into the modern period.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 110 AC
  • Date of Death: Est. Winter, 180 AC
  • Claim to Fame: An infamous Ailor criminal with a mischievous and gentlemanly attitude that made him unique.

Niid Expansive Flori’nelaya Preserver

Niid was born in the final century of the Allorn Empire, apparently in a region of Westwynd soon swept over by the uprising of the slave Races. Niid and their family remained uninvolved in those, and later conflicts, as the Daendroque states emerged, but took to growing plants on a large farm estate to sustain themselves. Eventually, however, their positive dealings with Elves put them on the bad side of some of the locals, and their farm was torched, with Niid losing their mother in the disaster, and his family scattering. He fled to the divided lands of Southwynd, where the following century saw his tremendous skill with greenery creating a series of peace gardens, located on the borders of several of the region’s states, where food was created in equal measure for all. The arrival of the Regalian Empire saw Niid shift their focus to Corontium, and reunite with three of their siblings in the City of Regalia. Niid worked hard to maintain the beauty of the city’s parks, while also keeping his own greenhouse of high quality plants thriving. His reputation grew, and soon his stock of plantlife was considered the best material for alchemists and chefs to use in their creations. He tried to accommodate as many as possible, but he always had backorders. Niid mysteriously disappeared one evening, leaving a sibling to carry on the enterprise, and has yet to reappear. While not believed to be dead by his family, it is commonly held he was eliminated in some complex noble plot characteristic of the era, given his dealings with many aristocratic families.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 120 BC
  • Date of Death: Est. 247 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A notable Yanar herbalist who supplied thousands with food and many others with plants for their creations.

Laura Rotziegel

The young girl who would become Laura Rotziegel was born to Wirtem parents in a small seaside town on the western coastline of Corontium. As she was their only child, the patriarchal values of Writem society did little to deter young Laura from helping her father in his trade, at least for a few years. However, when her younger brother was born when she was ten, her focus turned away from home, and toward the sea. What few sailors accepted her presence taught her a good deal, enough that when she heard news of being packed up to live with an aunt, where she would learn skills to suit a married life, she was able to cut her hair and join the crew of a ship as a cabin boy. The ruse succeeded for nearly three years, but she was discovered soon after turning sixteen. Despite being put off the ship, and downgraded to only operating on fishing vessels, Laura honed her craft and was able to acquire a ship of her own, and patronage for exploratory missions across Aloria. Kelmoria, and other southern islands were her first stop, followed by a greater exploration of Eastwynd, before she finally soared far north, and sketched the coastline of Ellador in great detail. By the end of her career, she had traveled the known world, and pushed the boundaries of the map for the Regalian Empire. Her end came suddenly though, the result of a seizure while in her Daen home, at the age of fifty-six.

  • Date of Birth: March 9th, 190 AC
  • Date of Death: August 10th, 246 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A famed Ailor explorer who expanded Regalian knowledge of the wider world.

Carla da Ondas

The Golden Dove, as she was later called, was born to a broken home, with an abandoned single mother who struggled to raise her daughter. Enchanted with the tales told to her during this time, Carla grew up with a strong work ethic, but also a desire to learn Magic. She succeeded in this, though from where is uncertain. With her skills, she might have become a performer, if other events had not drawn her attention. The successor states of the Allorn Empire had been recovering for over a century following the collapse of their great state. Their newly regrowing industries were powered by slavery, and Carla could not stand to see such suffering. After ensuring her mother could be taken care of, the young Mage left for Ithania, where she worked to free hundreds of slaves bought, and destined to be shipped south, instead bringing them to safety in Daendroque lands. This was soon not enough, and Carla left for the Allorn lands themselves. Once there, she worked far more openly, and instigated a major slave revolt outside the Elven city of Mes Ilhannen. She then snuck into the city, and convinced the city-bound slaves to fight for their freedom as well. In a coordinated strike, both groups assaulted the city at the same time, led by Carla, however she was waylaid by an Elven Mage of unclear origin. In this battle, she was slain, at a mere 25 years old. Despite her own death, thousands of the slaves she helped rise up escaped, and it is estimated today that she helped some 20,000 achieve freedom.

  • Date of Birth: January 1st, 121 AC
  • Date of Death: May 6th, 146 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A shockingly powerful young Arkenborn Daendroque Ailor Mage who helped free thousands of slaves.

Noah of Regalia

The Narim named Noah was born sometime prior to the rise of the Regalian Empire, during the age of the Regalian Kingdom. Plated with armor from birth, he quickly chose the way of the warrior, and is said to have been one of those who rushed from the depths to help the Five Family rebels take the City of Regalia, and thus found the Empire. However, Noah then retreated back down into the depths where he would come to serve with distinction in combating the horrors which lurched through the ancient ruins. However, this distinction was only known to the Narim, and those chosen Regalians who liaised with them. This would change when the Viridian Order were pulled from guarding the capital city, and the newly established Regalian Guard needing capable warriors. Noah was one of the first to join, as a representative of his people and expert in all manner of Occult matters. He was a force of nature while at work, stern, ruthless, and incorruptible. But, he also made sure to work with the citizens, and sought to help his fellow guards with their training, being lovingly called the Iron Carapace by the time the second century neared its end. It was then that Noah faced down, and defeated, one of the most apocalyptic mutants yet seen in the undercity, though he lost his life in the process. Noah is remembered to this day as a pillar of Narim society, and while the Regalian Guard is now gone, he remains one of its most well-remembered members.

  • Date of Birth: Est. August, 23 BC
  • Date of Death: September 8th, 299 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A legendary Narim guard of both the surface and the underground.

Zibai Ilichu Zao

Among the first generation of Sihai migrants to the Regalian Empire, Zibai’s world away from the distant homeland was all he ever knew. His parents refused to tell their son the true reason for their departure, and it became a sort of game which lasted all his life. The first of three sons, Zibai suffered an accident when young which marred a portion of his face. Scared of the outside world, he remained indoors and focused on helping his mother with housework and her culinary creations for the family. Zibai’s love of cuisine expanded to all of the dishes of his people, learning other recipes from the local Sihai community, before he finally began venturing back into the wider world to explore the culinary styles of foreign Cultures and Races. At the age of thirty, he opened his business, selling Sihai food to the masses, with several dishes fusing elements of foreign cuisine into their creation. Zibai’s efforts drew noble attention, and he made meals for a number of Ithanian nobles across Corontium, all to great success. By his retirement another thirty years later, handing the business off to a son and a nephew, Zibai Creations was thriving and had helped change the stigma suffered by the Sihai of the Regalian Empire. He ultimately died a few years later, due to ill health, but his company lives on today, still run by his descendants.

  • Date of Birth: Est. Spring, 110 AC
  • Date of Death: July 18th, 177 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A celebrated Sihai chef who made great strides in raising the profile of Sihai cuisine in the Regalian Empire.


Memmiir’s origins remain shrouded in mystery, owing to painful memories they desired to keep private. What is certain is that this Maraya suddenly appeared in 120 AC, dancing their way through Altaleï, accompanied by a single Crystaltech companion. Ephemeral and mesmerizing, Memmiir was also tough as nails, escaping several attempts to enslave them by Allorn nobles during their first tour. Desiring more safety, they retreated to Ithania and became a sensation, helping develop the Ithanian Maraya identity during their decades of life in the nation. Despite coming from humble origins, Memmiir rose far in the ranks available to them. It is also said they danced for the Regalian officials who arrived to confirm Sovereign Ithania’s entrance into the Regalian Empire, and were themselves mesmerized by one of the officers, chasing him back to the nation of his origin. While broadly apocryphal, Memmiir did travel to Corontium soon after Ithania joined the growing power, and became a sensation all over again. They founded an elite dancing school in the Ithanian territory of Corontium after the Gem Boom, and in what they claimed was their third century of life (a blatant lie), finally retired to devote their remaining years to this endeavor. They died of old age in 255 AC, without children, though their presence helped introduce many thousands to the Maraya Race itself.

  • Date of Birth: Est. 20 AC
  • Date of Death: September 28th, 255 AC
  • Claim to Fame: A beloved Ithanian Maraya dancer who delighted thousands, and made the early Regalian Empire aware of their Race.

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