Fleet Lord Ammunakhonet

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Fleet Lord Ammunakhonet
Notable Person
Full Name Ammunakhonet
Race Asha
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Claim to Fame Lord of the Kheni-Hetef Fleet

Amongst the numerous Corsair Lords of the Asha sails Ammunakhonet, the ancient and vastly respected mask-donning Lord of the Kheni-Hetef Fleet. Much of his personal history lies in mystery, buried with the Altalar that once oppressed him and his people, however, what is known is that he is a pioneer of technological progress upon the seas. His efforts as Lord of the Kheni-Hetef have inspired many Asha to his side as this floating utopia crosses the seas. A mysterious figure of time immemorial and a surviving example of the turmoil of Asha history, Ammunakhonet is an elusive yet revered figure amongst Asha society.

Origins and Early Life

What few tales that can be told of Ammunakhonet’s past estimate that he was born in a time before the Cataclysm; born into an Altalar slaver’s cell, he was forced to grow up rapidly in the harsh environment. Rarely does Ammunakhonet recount these times of oppression, but the many scars he wears serve as a brutal testimony to the suffering that he and many others of the Asha people faced when enslaved to the Altalar. Ammunakhonet was a particularly spirited individual in his early life and was seemingly blessed with an immense amount of luck during his youth, surviving potentially lethal beatings he received from his masters time and time again which had caused the signature scarring that he bears today. Ammunakhonet would move forward from this dreary fate with the rest of his kinsmen during the Cataclysm, making varied and extensive use of the Asha’s Living Metal alongside others to aid his people during The Great Journey, though took to the seas once his people had retaken the Ashal Islands.


Ammunakhonet started to gain larger amounts of recognition during his later life, seen as a wisened and worldly leader amongst his peers for his experiences under the oppression of Altalar and his progression from such beginnings. Many flocked to his side as a bastion of experience and as a leader; one who would guide many Asha like himself toward a life of freedom upon the oceans. Renowned for his skill at the helm of a fleet, Ammunakhonet saw the flotilla he had expanded into a massive fleet by virtue of his repeated victories over Altalar and Ailor vessels, utilizing a variety of boarding strategies to capture more and more ships. As the fleet grew in size, Ammunakhonet’s reputation grew with it, and this renown he gained would form the framework upon which he built his success.

It was around the year of 47AC that Ammunakhonet’s fleet became known as the Kheni-Hetef Corsair Fleet, and himself placed at the helm as its Lord. As one who was born into a slaver’s service and who used much of the freedom he was now afforded to fight, it was a concern of many to have him elevated to such standing in Asha society, but due to a mixture of his vast experience at the time and his particularly boisterous charm, he was afforded the position and inaugurated as Lord of the Kheni-Hetef. Ammunakhonet would begin to cement himself as an almost eerily eternal figure in Asha society in the coming decades, starting to don his feline mask and enlisting the aid of a private bodyguard cell, disappearing from public view for several years and having his private guard deliver missives to the public to maintain order and progress. It wasn’t until 124AC where he was recorded to have returned to the public eye, carried in the arms of his most dedicated bodyguards to deliver a rousing declaration of his return. What happened during his absence is often debated amongst scholars, with some noting that he appeared to be now experiencing bouts of illness, coupled with his visibly deteriorated form.

The Kheni-Hetef Fleet was known for its operation in the waters near Hadar; the tropical climate and plentiful trade in the region served as an excellent stomping ground for the growing fleet, but also as an excellent ground for their diversification. Numerous aquatic Allar of the region joined their ranks initially for profit but grew to be more permanent of a fixture aboard the Fleet as they were enthused by the technological study that was taking place alongside their militaristic ventures.

Later Life

Ammunakhonet continued his militaristic career for long into the second and third centuries AC, famed for the efficiency of his command and his brutality when it came to Altalar vessels, up until a sudden cease in his military activity around 250 AC. This decision to halt many of the fleet’s aggressions came as a shock to many that had lived as members of the Corsair from birth, and during the first few years after this declaration mutinies became commonplace amongst many of the Rakhet and Senef, who sought to use their newfound freedom to enact continued retribution against their old Altalar masters. Left with fewer men to call upon after such mutinies, the Kheni-Hetef Corsair was now smaller and weaker than its contemporaries, with less regard paid to Ammunakhonet as a result; however, this smaller and more united population gave rise to the immense and rapid technological advancements that were to come.

Ammunakhonet’s research into the capabilities of Living Metal eventually gave rise to the water purification technology necessary to facilitate the construction of farms upon the waters. A reliable source of fresh, clean water permitted the construction of irrigation and what was dubbed the “floating farms” amongst the fleets and allowed for the efficient rearing and transport of livestock over long distances. This success inspired many Asha to migrate to the Kheni-Hetef Fleet, curious and motivated by the thought of a prosperous life on the seas. This migration of Asha saw Ammunakhonet even more deeply respected and adored by those who found their home on the sea under him. To many scholars the accomplishments of Ammunakhonet and the Kheni-Hetef fleet are nothing short of miraculous, creating such a diverse haven on the seas that provided for itself in a self-sufficient and particularly peaceful manner. Another miracle surrounding Ammunakhonet is his longevity despite his apparent frailty, having outlived his first comrades, and their children after them by the time of the Fleet’s change in direction to one of peace, research, and a scholarly existence on the waves.

Currently, Ammunakhonet continues to act as Lord of the Kheni-Hetef Corsair, though he is ailed by the weakness and frailty that comes with his advancing age and is therefore always supported by his bodyguards. Mysteriously, Ammunakhonet’s face is always concealed by a feline mask that appears to change based on the occasion, this has given rise to a particular fashion trend amongst some in the Kheni-Hetef Fleet donning similar masks or half-masks, as a prideful identifier of the Corsair they belong to.


Ammunakhonet is seen by many of his peers as a proud and ageless man with wisdom to offer as far as the horizons, a technological pioneer, and a veteran of times of hardship long past. Outwardly his personality is often difficult to ascertain due to his reliance upon his bodyguards for the delivery of vital information and liaising with other Lords, but those with the fortune to be in his company are met with a calm, yet fiercely determined and secretive gentleman; always sidled with the imposing presence of his bodyguards.

In his youth, Ammunakhonet was sometimes noted to be quite the brazen risk-taker, in almost everything he did he carried himself with vigorous poise and an intensely objective-minded outlook. He was a prime example of the Asha’s adaptability, and his boundless confidence carried with it a charm that rallied many other Asha to his side during his time of warring upon the seas.


It is the efforts of Ammunakhonet and the Kheni-Hetef Fleet that shepherd the way of technological advancement on the seas for many Asha, but also many researchers of other races as well. His endeavors towards a water-treading and self-sustaining metropolis is a technological marvel that inspires many engineers and scholars across Aloria, with Dwarven explorers in particular enthused by the properties of Living Metals. The methods used by the Kheni-Hetef Fleet have provided several revelations on the subject of living on the ocean, and demonstrates an awe-inspiring mastery over the waters that few other races can hope to achieve.

Extended Family

Ammunakhonet’s extended family is few and far between, being one of the few of his family fortunate enough to survive their slavery in his early life, and more driven by his goal of a utopia on the seas than to have any children of his own, Ammunakhonet appears to lack any familial relations; and if such were present, he’d have already long outlived numerous generations of them. It is impossible to identify any relatives by appearance, due to Ammunakhonet’s decrepit looks and the mask he constantly dons.


  • Ammunakhonet’s mask never appears in the same form twice, as noted by those fortunate enough to have multiple meetings with him. Furthermore, Ammunakhonet’s bodyguards are always donning the same mask he is, whether this is for solidarity or some underlying reason is a point of contention and conspiracy for many.
  • Sailors in the region of Hadar often report sightings of a massive city on the waves that seems to appear and disappear at will, with less-than-knowledgeable sailors also reporting mask-donning beastmen aboard these floating ‘Ghost Cities’, this sense of mystery and fear is often enough to drive away would-be assailants from the peaceful Fleet.

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