Davide Demarch-Sapelle

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Davide Demarch-Sapelle
Notable Person
Full Name Davide Demarch-Sapelle
Race Ailor
Date of Birth 12th of March, 257AC
Date of Death N/A
Claim to Fame Famous Ithanian composer

There are likely very few residents of Fendarfelle who do not know the name Davide Demarch-Sapelle. Born to a family of minor importance, tales of his musical prowess have spread from Ellador to Oldt Era and everywhere in between. While some composers are very solitary, Davide is quite the opposite, frequently working with other musicians across the Trois-Etoile Colonial Charter and hosting bi-monthly concerts that are yet another reason for tourists to travel to Inoubliable-sur-Lacouseux.

Origins and Early Life

Davide was born in 257 AC to the Demarche family, a minor aristocratic family who made their fortune from their vineyard just outside Inoubliable-sur-Lacouseux. The first generation of the family moved to Fendarfelle from their home in Bressuivre only a few years after the initial settling of Fendarfelle in 200 AC, with any remaining family members moving shortly after the economic downturn of the Regalian Pessimism. Not much is known about Davide’s childhood since neither he nor his family members seem to discuss it openly that often. What is known is that Davide had a standard upbringing for a family of his wealth, with a private tutor teaching him all the things his family felt he would need in his future. He also worked in the vineyard, a task that the family members participated in at the time due to the expensive costs of hiring servants and an apparent reluctance to use Asha laborers.


It was in his youth that Davide Demarche-Sapelle discovered his love for music and his family realized he had a knack for it. They brought in another tutor, this time to teach Davide how to play and write music. But as he rapidly increased his skill, the Demarche family had to search for tutors farther and farther away. Eventually, the family decided to pay to have Davide attend the prestigious Les Laques des Jeux School of Musical Arts in Castellajoux. Davide Demarche-Sapelle turned out to be an excellent student, largely focusing on his studies and mostly ignoring party life. He did attempt to involve himself in the water athletics common in the area, but he was not a strong swimmer and frequently missed practices to work on his latest composition. He graduated from the school at the top of his class and returned back to the Trois-Etoile Colonial Charter to continue his work. As he became more popular, he caught the eye of another local minor aristocrat, Evangeline Sapelle. They quickly fell in love and due to their similar social status, they easily convinced their families to go along with the marriage. Davide became Evangeline’s first husband, the Homme de Coeur and in an uncharacteristic move, they combined their last names rather than Davide adopting Evangeline’s. The Demarche-Sapelle family today consists of all three husbands and two children, neither of which are Davide’s.

Later Life

As Davide Demarche-Sapelle grew more and more popular, other musicians in the area began to show up at his new house inside Inoubliable-sur-Lacouseux and request help. Davide gladly aided other musicians, to the point that his reputation brought more musicians forward, asking for support. Eventually, the only way Davide would have the time to write new music was if he co-authored it with another musician and often agreed to do so. In 302 AC, all the musicians in the area combined their funds and bought land inside the city, upon which they had a concert hall built. Named the Trois-Etoile Concert Hall, the musicians began performing together every two months. The Bone Horror Crisis ensued only a few years later and Davide decided to donate any revenue from the concerts to the defense effort. This, combined with an increase in performance of patriotic and Unionist-themed songs, caused his popularity and the popularity of the Concert Hall to explode.


Despite his large reputation, Davide Demarche-Sapelle is a fairly humble, shy, and quiet person. Many fans have remarked upon meeting him that he seemed embarrassed and almost uncomfortable with their praise. He is often seen with his wife and her other husbands, who talk more than he does, despite him being the only one of the group most people will recognize. That being said, his manners are excellent, which can be expected of someone born into a modestly wealthy family and he is often described as pleasant to be around.


On top of being the most well-known and likely the best musician and composer in all of Fendarfelle, Davide Demarche-Sapelle has also propelled the careers of many other local musicians and inspired even more. He is also looked upon favorably by the colonial government, who he benefits by being a modest driver of tourism to the region.

Below is a list of some of Davide Demarche-Sapelle’s best-known songs:

  • Defenders on the Wall: Davide’s most famous piece; this song was written during the Bone Horror Crisis and sings the praises of those who fought against the Bone Horrors, and of the important role every member of society plays in continuing the fight.
  • Remember Them: Another piece written during the Bone Horror Crisis, this somber tune speaks of the many deaths in Fendarfelle caused by the Bone Horrors and asks the Everwatcher to guide the Ithanian people in the years to come.
  • God Emperor Almar Suite: This piece contains a series of three movements reflecting the story of God Emperor Almar. The three distinct parts are Vanity, Justice, and Leisure.
  • The Bold Adventurers: A piece meant to tell the story of a group of adventurers traveling through the unexplored parts of Fendarfelle. Notable moments include a fight against what Davide has revealed to be a Giant Spider, encountering jungle birds, and hearing a volcano rumble in the distance.
  • Chainbreaker: Perhaps Davide’s only song that caused slight controversy when it was first performed. On the surface, it appears to be an Ode to God Emperor Vess, and most who listen to it see nothing wrong with it. However, some allege that it is secretly an anti-Asha slavery song, which some see as an affront to Ithanian Culture and Ithanian economic practices. The contentious lyrics are “And may you break the chains of those who still wear them/near or far, they cry out for freedom.” The special guest in the audience that night was the woman in Fendarfelle with the most Asha slaves, who stormed out of the Concert Hall after the song. Given this is the only song with a potentially contentious message, many wonder if the meaning was even intentional.

Extended Family

Both Davide Demarche-Sapelle and his wife Evangeline come from large families, but whereas Evangeline’s family usually embraces any attention that comes their way, the Demarche family shy away from interacting with tourists or outsiders. The family members are often seen attending Davide’s concerts, where they always have access to VIP seating.


  • There has been talk of opening a music school in Inoubliable-sur-Lacouseux itself, given the number of available musicians in the area. However, with Fendarfelle still recovering from the worst of the Bone Horror Crisis, most would-be investors are still trying to keep their own wealth and futures secure.
  • Due to the role Davide Demarche-Sapelle plays in increasing tourism, the Concert Hall has been exempt from paying any taxes since 307AC, although Davide himself still does.
  • In the year 303AC, a rumor began to spread that posited that Davide Demarche-Sapelle had made a deal with a magical being in order to get the level of talent he has. There was never any evidence behind the rumor and it stopped being discussed during the Bone Horror Crisis.

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