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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Paper.png Cabbage Cooties Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Ryciera at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Cake.png Cake from Gregory Edwards Uncommon Gregory Edwards baked you a cake for helping him! How sweet! Cake Lure 3 Appreciation 5 Winter Festival 2015
Bread.png Calemberger Uncommon A sandwich to celebrate Ulric as Chancellor. Bread Lure 3 Watson's Cafe 2014
Golden Apple.png Candied Apple Uncommon A tart green apple, dripping with melted caramel and covered in burnt nuts. Golden Apple Sweet 1 Sour 2 Harvest Festival 2015
Pumpkin Pie.png Candied Honeycake Uncommon A rich, nutty mini-cake baked with honeyed-butter and topped with frosting and berries. Pumpkin Pie Lure 3 Fortune 1 Tavern Item, Winter 2013
Potato.png Candied Yanar Peaches Uncommon Sweet yellow peaches, plucked and candied from the leaves of a Pomifer Yanar Potato Lure 1 Harvest Festival 2014
Iron Hoe.png Candycane Cane Uncommon A colorful, festive cane painted to resemble a candycane. Iron Hoe Sharpness 2, Knockback 2 Winter Festival 2014
Golden Carrot.png Carrot of Triumph Rare Awarded to the victorious Beforus forces following an easy victory against Lifefoot. Golden Carrot Projectile Protection 2 Bane of Arthropod 2 War Victory Trophy
Jack O Lantern.png Carved Pumpkin Uncommon A pumpkin with a grinning skull carved into the side Jack o Lantern Flame 1 Harvest Festival 2014
Jack O Lantern.png Carved Pumpkin Uncommon A pumpkin with an old crone carved into the side. Jack o Lantern Flame 1 Harvest Festival 2014
Cooked Fish.png Catch of the Day Uncommon Normally sold off to merchants, this fish was reserved just for you. Common Cooked Fish Warrenord Quest
Iron Helmet.png Ceremonial Helmet of OneBreath Rare A helmet forged by the high knights of OneBreath given to the Academy as tribute for the war. Iron Helmet Smite 2 Fortune 2 War Victory Trophy
Diamond Sword.png Ceremonial Sword Uncommon This blade is decorated with beautiful filigree and studded with gems on the guard and pommel. Diamond Sword Sharpness 1 Fortune 4 Power 5 Prestige 3 Unknown
Paper.png Cheat Sheet Common Someone didn't study properly. Paper None MassiveMobs
Golden Helmet.png Checker Kings Helm Uncommon The world well board is now your oyster Golden Helmet Power 3, Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3 Checkers Event 2014
Diamond Sword.png Cheese Slicer Uncommon This excellent cheese slicer once belonged to the imaginary mouse overlord. Diamond Sword Efficiency 4 Fortune 2 Warrenord Quest
Potion.png Chi'en-ji Sake Uncommon A favorite among the Chi'en-ji. Made from fermented rice, served either hot or cold. Potion None Unknown
Emerald.png Chi'i Trinket Uncommon Very valuable in Chi’i burying rituals. Emerald Infinity 1 Lure 1 Lore Staff Reward
Fire Charge.png Child's Ball Uncommon A mysterious toy that seems as if it's been underwater a long time... Fire Charge Fire Charge Harvest Festival 2014
Potion.png Chilled Northerne Herbal Uncommon A refreshing tisane with a splash of honey liqueur. Potion None Unknown
Bread.png Chocolate Log Uncommon A slice of delicious cream filled chocolaty cake goodness. Bread Lure 3 Winter Festival 2015
Cookie.png Chocolate Wafer Uncommon A thin biscuit smothered in chocolate, sweet and crispy. Cookie None Harvest Festival 2014
Book.png Chrysant War Diary Rare A diary from a sailor present at the battle of Feng Huang. Book Protection 4 Unbreaking 1 Power 2 History 2 Voting 2015-2016
Coal.png Chrysant Wars Cannonball Uncommon A cannonball, miraculously preserved from the Chrysant Wars, too antiquated to be useful. Coal Knockback 3 Fire Aspect 2 Unbreaking 3 Voting 2015-2016
Bread.png Churro Uncommon A festive and delicious fried dough pastry. Soooo good. Bread Lure 3 Delicious 3 Sweet 4 Pinata Event
Sugar.png Cleansing Powder Uncommon A strange smelling by some to cleanse the user of bad luck. Sugar Power 2 Superstition 2 Unknown
Potion.png Cloud Wine Uncommon Dance upon the clouds tonight! Potion None Voting 2014
Potion.png Clown Liquer Common An old concution that smells of sorrow and child labor. Potion None Fong Family Event 2013
Paper.png Coding Cutie Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Cayorion at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Fireworks.png Color Blast Common How did so many colors get packed in here? Fireworks None Voting 2015-2016
Paper.png Commissioner of Love Uncommon Redeem a kiss from catcat1305 at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Compass.png Compass of Consistency Uncommon How convenient! Compass Feaether falling 4 Projectile Protection 3 Thorns 1 Smite 2 Unbreaking 1 Power 1 Voting 2015-2016
Wooden Pickaxe.png Comrade Cobblestonovich Uncommon A throwback to the rock era. Wooden Pickaxe Efficiency 10 Unbreaking 2 Voting 2014
Diamond Axe.png Conjured Hammer Uncommon The axe glides through the air in your hands. Diamond Axe Sharpness 4 Void PvE Event 2014
Diamond Sword.png Conjured Sword Uncommon The sword glides through the air in your hands. Diamond Sword Sharpness 4, Fire Aspect 1 Conjuring Event 2014
Cake.png Console Cake Rare Wow! Such flavor! Amazing! Compiled for alt account glory. Cake Magic 7 Server Restart 2016
Cooked Fish.png Cooked Fish Common Catch of the day. Cooked Fish None Summer Festival 2013
Oak Sapling.png Cookie Tree Sapling Uncommon A sapling that will so totally (not) grow cookies! Oak Sapling Efficiency 3, Power 2, Infinite 1, Looting 3, Lure 4 Voting 2015-2016
Jack O Lantern.png Costume Contest Contestant 2015 Uncommon [Name here] made the daring choice to participate in the 2015 Harvest Festival Costume Contest! ConDRACULAtions! Jack-o-lantern None Harvest Festival 2015
Paper.png Coupon for the Tavern Uncommon Coupon for one free Imperial Ale at the Tavern. Paper Efficiency 1 Summer Festival 2014
Brick.png Cracked Brick Uncommon A piece of Warrenord's streets, thrown at you by an unusual man. Brick Power 1 Punch 2 Warrenord Quests
LeatherChest.png Cream and Sugar Cloak Uncommon A part of the Cream and Sugar clothing collection Leather Chestplate Unbreaking 3 Voting 2015-2016
LeatherBoots.png Cream and Sugar Clogs Uncommon A part of the Cream and Sugar clothing collection. Leather Boots Unbreaking 3 Voting 2015-2016
LeatherHat.png Cream and Sugar Hat Uncommon A sweet little hat. Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Voting 2015-2016
Potion.png Crelin Gin Uncommon This murky liquor is brewed in the hollow of a stone and sweetened with mildly poisonous berries. Potion None Voting 2015-2016
Stone Sword.png Crelin Parkath Uncommon A crude stone knife with Crelin teeth fastened to each side. Stone Sword Thorns 1 Sharpness 1 Shoddy 3 Voting 2015-2016
Paper.png Criminal Kisses Uncommon Murderous kisses await you from TheBioverse during the 2015 Winter Festival Paper None Winter Festival 2015
LeatherBoots.png Crimson Inquisition Boots Lore Compliant Government Issue Leather Boots None Crimson Inquisitors
LeatherChest.png Crimson Inquisition Chestplate Lore Compliant Government Issue Leather Chestplate None Crimson Inquisitors
LeatherHat.png Crimson Inquisition Helmet Lore Compliant Government Issue Leather Helmet None Crimson Inquisitors
Book.png Crimson Inquisition Logbook Rare A stained and tattered booklet left over from the now defunct Crimson Order. Many names have been scrathed out or erased Book Protection 1 Smite 3 Efficiency 4 Power 2 Organization 1 Crimson Inquisitors
LeatherLeggings.png Crimson Inquisition Pants Lore Compliant Government Issue Crimson Inquisitors None Crimson Inquisitors
Golden Helmet.png Crown of the King Rare The golden crown of [Name] champion of King of the Hill Crown/golden helmet Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Victory 10 KOTH
Dispenser.png Crude Ur Mask Uncommon The shoddiest Snow Claws mask at the Winter Festival Dispenser Power 1 Winter Festival 2014
Golden Apple.png Crunchy Caramel Apple Uncommon A tasty caramel apple, smeared with fingerprints from its vendor. Golden Apple None Harvest Festival 2014
Emerald.png Crystalized Slime Uncommon A small crystal made of slime. It feels warm to the touch. Emerald Unbreaking 1 Lure 3 Unknown
Iron Chest.png Cuirass of the Deep Rare Found rarely in the ocean depths, the origin of this cuirass is not known. Iron Chestplate Unbreaking 4 FireProtection4 ProjectileProtection4 BlastProtection4 Voting 2014
Mushroom Stew.png Cullen Skink Uncommon A thick, creamy soup from Ellador Mushroom Stew Fortune 1 Harvest Festival 2014
Book.png Cultists Writings Uncommon Best kept hidden. Don't read aloud. Book Lure 2 Harvest Festival 2015
Wither Skull.png Cursed Deathmask Uncommon This ancient mask was worn by a corpse on burial. Some believe them to hold the scould of the person that wore them in death. Wither Skull Protection 3 Respiration 3 Power 10 Lure 3 Cursed 4 Unknown
Potion.png Curse of the Departed Uncommon All are to be damned who touch this drink to their lips. Potion None Voting 2014
LeatherHat.png Cute Hat Uncommon A tiny little cute hat with a bit pink bow. Leather Helmet Lure 2 Protection 1 Summer Festival 2014
IronSword.png Cutlass of the Cove Rare A mighty blade used in the raids upon Dirchan To commemmorate the FaldrusCove victory over Dirchan Iron Sword Sharp 5 Fortune 5 Thorns 5 War Victory Trophy