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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Golden Apple.png Gauntlet of Valientte Rare This Valientte Gauntlet was given to the Magnanimus warriors of Valor upon defeating Valientte. Gold Apple Smite 5 Thorns 5 Flame 5 War Victory Trophy
Purple Carpet.png Gethelp's AFK Hood Rare The great hood of Gethelp Purple Carpet Unbreaking 3, Afk 3 Staff PvE Event Ancient Slime Battle
Golden Sword.png Gilded Scimitar Uncommon The edge is still sharp enough to slice through bone. Gold Sword Sharpness 3 Fortune 1 Unknown
Seeds.png Glistening Seeds Uncommon Shiny and glorious seeds to light the night sky. Seeds None Warrenord Quest
LeatherHat.png Glorious Gold Gatsby Uncommon Worth its weight in gold. Leather Hat Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
Potion.png Glugash Brew Common Labelled "Make big boom in mouth" Potion None Tavern Drink 2014
Wooden hoe.png Gnarled Staff Uncommon A twisted, oaken staff as gnarled and crooked as the old man who whittled it. Wooden Hoe Unbreaking 3, Bane of Arthopods 2, Knockback 3 Voting 2014-2015
Arrow.png Golden Arrow Uncommon A fancy gold-tipped arrow. Arrow Fortune 3 Harvest Festival Quest 2014
Golden Nugget.png Golden Earring Uncommon A misplaced, pretty gold earring. Not worth much. Gold Nugget None Warrenord Quest
Potion.png Golden Willow Imperial Common Famous Imperial label beer only served at the Golden Willow Tavern An average Ale Potion None Golden Willow Drink 2015
Potion.png Golden Willow Mer Liquor Common Famous Elven Mer Liquor only served at the Golden Willow Tavern. A mild liquor. Potion None Golden Willow Drink 2015
Potion.png Golden Willow's Flametongue Common A light, but strongly spiced cocktail with a cinnamon hint. Potion No Tavern Event Special 2015
Potion.png Golden Willow Stout Brew Common Famous Dwarven Stout only served at the Golden Willow Tavern. A strong foamy Liquor. Potion None Golden Willow Drink 2015
Potion.png Golden Willow Ur Vodka Common Famous Ur Vodka exclusively served at the Golden Willow Tavern A strong brewn Liquor Potion No Golden Willow Drink 2015
Golden Pickaxe.png Gold Scythe Uncommon Cut your wheat and your foes! Gold Pickaxe Unbreaking 3 Sharpness 3 Looting 2 Voting 2014
Lapis.png Grounded Lapis Dust Uncommon A powerful weapon against mages. Be careful not to let any magical being inhale this dust! Lapis None Harvest Festival 2014
Diamond Shovel.png Guardmans Pike Uncommon Seems a guard has misplaced this traditional weapon. Diamond Shovel Sharpness 3, Power 1, Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
Potion.png Guttergrain Grog Common A strong liquor brewed by swamp-dwelling Orcs. Not for lightweights. Potion None Tavern Drink 2014
Potato.png Gwaeron's Fried Dough Uncommon Suspiciously Unhealthy Dough Potato None Harvest Festival 2014