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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Diamond Sword.png Naga Katana Uncommon A long, slightly curved blade rumored to inject poison. Diamond Sword Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 1 Voting 2014
Potion.png Naga's Blood Uncommon Celebrating the end of the Chrysant Wars. This drink is made from a mixture of strawberries and coconut. Potion None Summer Festival 2014
Fish.png [name] the Fish Uncommon You are holding [name] in your hand. [Name] brings fortune! Fish Fortune 3, Blub Blub 2 MassiveTickets
Paper.png [name] lottery ticket Common Put ticket in hopper to enter. Paper None Winter Festival 2013
Bread.png Nava Baked Bread Common A Freshly baked Nava bread Bread None Nava Bakery 2013
Cookie.png Nava Chocolate Chip Cookie Common A skillfully baked chocolate cookie. Cookie None Nava Bakery 2013
Potion.png Nava Fruity Tea Common A fruity flavored tea from the Nava bakery. Potion None Nava Bakery 2013
Cake.png Nava Specialty Tart Common A fabulously designed and decorated Nava Tart. Cake None Nava Bakery 2013
Potion.png Nava Strong Coco Common A strongly flavored Cacao drink from the Nava bakery. Potion None Nava Bakery 2013
Wooden hoe.png Nedorian Cane Replica Uncommon The Nedorian Cane has a great many attributes, magical enchantments, and other bits of unpleasantness. Sadly, this is only a replica. Wooden Hoe Unbreaking 4 Flame 1 Voting 2014
Netherrack.png Netherack Ring Uncommon WARNING: Keep away from fire! Netherrack None Summer Festival 2014
Brick.png New Ceardian Highway Paving Stone Rare This is what is left of the section of the New Ceardian Highway removed after Mithril's defeat of Verdandil. Brick Unbreaking 3 Sharpness 5 War Victory Trophy
Carrot.png No Cigar! Common/Enchanted So you thought this was a cigar? You're wearing that trendy headband aren't you? Carrot Bane of Arthropods 3 MassiveTickets
Paper.png Nuzzle the Nari! Uncommon Redeem a kiss from xXFallenNinjaXx at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014