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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Blue Orchid.png Magebane Uncommon A delicate blue flower from Etosil enriched with lapis lazuli. Blue Orchid Protection 2 Summer Festival 2014
Fern.png Magebane Mint Uncommon This small, rounded mint smells of peppermint and fine oak leaves. You smell fresh as a daisy! Fern None Harvest Festival Quest 2014
Compass.png Magnanimus Compass of Power Rare This compass guided the valiant counter attack that broke the back of the invading V3TRoN army. Compass Infinity 5 Unbreaking 5 Power 5 War Victory Trophy
Golden Carrot.png Magnificent Moderator [Name] [Date] Common/Enchanted [Name] did 100 tickets Year [Year] Week [week]. For this we grant the Magnificent Moderator Award. So Marvelously Magnificent! Golden Carrot Unbreaking 3 MassiveTickets
Diamond Sword.png Maiar Rapier Uncommon A long thin blade, made for the most respected Maiars. Diamond Sword Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 1 Knockback 1 Voting 2014
Shears.png Makram's Dagger Uncommon With a bone handle covered in ornate and archaic designs. Shears Thorns 1 Harvest Festival Quest 2014
Potion.png Marvolo Rum Common The strongest rum in the universe! Potion None Fong Event 2013
Golden Nugget.png Medal of Defense Rare This medal was given to the defenders of Byzenya after defending against IsleofDuneshire Gold Nugget None War Victory Trophy
Paper.png Meda Vini Vinci! Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Bsavs at any time during the Harvest Festival! Paper None Harvest Festival 2013
Diamond Sword.png Melon Slicer Uncommon Crafted to harvest melons and pumpkins. Diamond Sword Efficiency 4 Fortune 2 Voting 2014
Potion.png Mer Liqueur Common A drink full of fruity fizz, smelling like low-tide oceans on Daendroc shores. Potion None Tavern Drink 2013
Paper.png Midnight Cakes Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Pizzaroles at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Snow Block.png Miniature Snowman Uncommon A small snowman styled after the snowman you helped rebuild at the Winter Festival. Snow Block Fire Protection 1 Winter Festival 2014
Golden Pickaxe.png Mithril Cane of Power Rare This Mithril Cane was given to $wag masters Raptum on defeating Mithril Gold Pickaxe Unbreaking 1 War Victory Trophy
Potion.png Mixed Drink Common Makes you feel funny inside. Potion None Tavern Drink 2013
Potion.png MonMarty's Walking Elixir Common Don't delete this! Potion None MonMarty 2013
Paper.png More like... Nerdhart! Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Shuikenai at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
LeatherBoots.png Mountaineering Boots Uncommon A sure-footed choice for meandering through the mountains or bagging burly summits. Leather Boots Unbreaking 3 Feather Falling 3 Winter Festival 2013
Potion.png Mouthmelt Malt Common Rich and buttery to taste, with a throat-tingling aftertaste of caramel. Potion None Tavern Drink 2013
Mushroom Stew.png Mushroom Stew Common A bowl of mushroom stew given to you by Harvester Callum. Mushroom Stew None Harvest Festival 2013
Paper.png Muy Caliente! Uncommon Redeem a kiss from Babamanga at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014