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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Cookie.png Half a Cookie Uncommon Half of a delicious cookie. Payment for serving The Great Purpose Cookie None Warrenord Quest
Bow.png Hand of the Corrupt Uncommon An old bow, stolen by individuals seeking its immense power Bow Power 5, Smite 10, Flame 1 Warrenord Quest
Bow.png Hand of the Faithful Uncommon An old bow rumored to be gifted by the ancient and mysterious Drowdar elves. Bow Power 5 Smite 10 Flame 1 Warrenord Quest
Golden Nugget.png Haunted Gold Uncommon You sense a dark power emanating from this object. Gold Nugget Unbreaking 1 'The Rift Quest
LeatherBoots.png Harvest Boots Common/Enchanted A fancy set of boots, to help you get down from the Harvest Festival tower. Iron Boots Feather Falling 2 Harvest Festival 2013
LeatherLeggings.png Harvest Festival Breeches Uncommon A commemorative collectible for the Harvest Festival, 2013. Leather Pants Unbreaking 1 Harvest Festival 2013
LeatherBoots.png Harvest Festival Clogs Uncommon A commemorative collectible for the Harvest Festival, 2013. Leather Boots Unbreaking 1 Harvest Festival 2013
Music Disc Chirp.png Harvest Festival Disc Uncommon One of the music tracks that was played for the dance floor at the Harvest Festival Creep Ball, 2013 C418 - Chirp None Harvest Festival Creep Ball 2013
Map.png Harvest Festival Play Scroll Uncommon A participation scroll listing the names of the actors, given to all who attended the Harvest Festival Play, 2013. Map None Harvest Festival Play 2013
Rose Red.png Harvest Festival Rose Favor Common One of the roses thrown to the favoured jousting champions during the Harvest Festival Jousting Tournament, 2013. Rose Red Dye None Harvest Festival Jousting Tournament 2013
Pumpkin.png Harvest Mask Uncommon A humble mask to celebrate this year's harvest! Pumpkin Unbreaking:10 Fortune2 Voting 2014
Pumpkin Pie.png Harvest Pie Common/Enchanted Four more days... Pumpkin Pie Unbreaking 1 Harvest Festival 2013
Gold Hoe.png Harvest Scythe Common/Enchanted Three more days... Gold Hoe Unbreaking 1 Harvest Festival Quest 2013
Cookie.png Harvest Treat Common A sweet cookie given to you by Ian, who's still probably playing around in soul sand. Cookie None Harvest Festival 2013
Wheat.png Harvest Wheat Common/Enchanted Six more days... Wheat Unbreaking 1 Harvest Festival 2013
LeatherHat.png Hat of Cream and Sugar Uncommon A sweet little hat. Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
Fence Gate.png Headband Uncommon This accessory is great for adding style to your hair. Fencegate Unbreaking 3 Power 5 Voting 2014
Gold Pressure Plate.png Headband of the Trendy Twerker Uncommon You'll see nothn' my niqqa but it's all 'bout the feeeel! Gold Pressure Plate respiration 3 aqua affinity 1 Replica 2 MassiveTickets
Head.png Head of the Warrenord Pirate Captain Uncommon The head of a pirate captain who once roamed the seas near Warrenord Player Head None Warrenord Quest
Slimeball.png Healing Salve Uncommon Even though this creme is smelly, its healing powers are great. Slime ball None Warrenord Quest
Coal.png Heavy Rock Uncommon This would probably hurt if you dropped it on someone... Coal Unbreaking 2 Summer's Night Festival Event
Glass Bottle.png Hip Flask Uncommon Keep your favorite beverages handy. Bottle Flame 1 Harvest Festival 2015
Cake.png Holiday Fruit Cake Common/Enchanted Moist and delicious. Cake Lure 1 Winter Festival 2013
Cake.png Holiday Fruit Cake Uncommon A sickly smell emanates from it. Cake Lure 1 Winter Festival 2015
Cake.png Holiday Fruit Cake Uncommon It isn't cake. Cake Lure 1 Winter Festival 2014
Potion.png Holy Night Draught Uncommon A potion to lighten your step Potion None Winter Festival 2014
Potion.png Holy Water Uncommon Very Toxic to the Unholy Potion Regeneration Craftable Item
Potion.png Honey Mead Uncommon A good ol' Honey Mead to fill your stomach and your spirit. Potion None Voting 2014
Clock.png Honorable Helper [name] [date] Common/Enchanted [Name] did 50 tickets Year [year] week [week]. For this we grant the Honorable Helper Award. So Hysterically Honorable! Clock Unbreaking 3 MassiveTickets
Diamond Pickaxe.png Horsemans Pick Uncommon A weaponized pickaxe used by elite cavalry. Diamond Pickaxe Sharpness 5, Punch 2, Unbreaking 2 Voting 2015
Iron Pressure Plate.png Horse Shoe Uncommon Toss it around a peg or put it on your horse. Iron Pressure Plate Luck 1 Fortune 1 Lore Staff Reward
Milk.png Hot Cocoa Uncommon Served piping hot and made from fresh cocoa beans straight from Daendroc. A sham there's no marshmallows... Milk Bucket None Winter Festival 2014
Diamond Shovel.png Human Spear Uncommon These spears were made by Human slaves seeking freedom. Diamond Shovel Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 3 Sharpness 6 Voting 2014
Glass Bottle.png Human Trinket Uncommon Said to have been used by Emperor Justinian himself. Glass Bottle Unbreaking 1 Fortune 1 Lore Staff Reward
Cooked Chicken.png Hunk of Roast Chicken Uncommon A small sample from various roast chickens cooking at the Summer's Night Festival Cooked Chicken Flame 2, Fortune 1 Summer's Night Festival Event