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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Ice.png Ice Maze Ice Common A reminder of your adventure through the ice maze. Packed Ice None Winter Festival 2013
Skeleton Skull.png Ichesis Skull Rare An Ichesis deamon skull, extracted from the brine. Skeleton Skull Unbreaking 10 Protection 4 Projectile Protection 4 Voting 2014
Bonemeal.png Icky Regalia Dust Uncommon Someone please clean this place. Bonemeal None Summer Festival Item Trade 2014
Paper.png I Hart You Uncommon Redeem a kiss from BloodBaron at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Potion.png Imperial Label Common Regalian-brewed beer. The Potion None Tavern Item 2014 - Faulty Spawn by Staff
Wooden Shovel.png Improvised Weapon Uncommon A hastily made weapon used by Tigran slaves. Wooden Shovel Sharpness 2 Unbreaking 2 Thorns 1 Ogre PvE Event 2014
Paper.png I Mustache You for a Kiss Uncommon Redeem this ticket for a kiss from Catcat1305 during the Winter Festival 2014 Paper None Winter Festival 2014
Blaze Rod.png Inner Core Uncommon Remnant of a Fire Elemental. Holds invaluable information on the creature. Blaze Rod Flame 1 Rift Quest 2014
Emerald Block.png Intricate Tree Ornament Uncommon An elaborate tree decoration given to you by Snow Claws, with words in Alt-Regalisch translating to, 'The gift of giving outlasts all.' Emerald Block None Winter Festival 2014
Iron Ingot.png IronGalian Brick Rare A hefty brick wrenched from the walls and mortar of IronGale following the Crypt victory over the city of IronGale. Iron Ingot Protection 3 Unbreaking 3 War Victory Trophy
Leash.png Iron Shackles Common/Enchanted Used by guards or vigilantes to detain others. Lead Efficiency 1 Unbreaking 2 Regalian Guard Lore Item Reward