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Lore Items

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Obtained From
Lapis.png Lapis Charm Yes A tiny charm rumored to protect against demons Name Tag Protection 1 Harvest Festival 2014 Quest
Compass.png Laura Redblock's Compass Yes This compass once belongedto the famous explorer, Laura Redblock. Compass Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
LeatherBoots.png Lazuli Reinforced Boots Yes Boots waxed with Lapis Lazuli. Leather Boots Leather Boots PvE Event
LeatherLeggings.png Lazuli Reinforced Greaves Yes Greaves waxed with Lapis Lazuli. Leather Leggings None PvE Event
LeatherChest.png Lazuli Reinforced Hauberk Yes Chestpiece waxed with Lapis Lazuli. Leather Chestplate None PvE Event
LeatherHat.png Lazuli Reinforced Helmet Yes A helmet waxed with Lapis Lazuli. Leather Helmet None PvE Event
Book.png Leather-Bound Tohn-Sona Rare A gilded copy of the Mekket's most sacred writings. Book Power 5, Efficiency 5, Fortune 2 Voting 2015-2016
LeatherBoots.png Leather Ogre Armor Yes Flimsy ogre armor made from the skins of various animals. Leather Boots Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Ogre PvE Event.
LeatherChest.png Leather Parachute Yes You're not sure how this works... not sure you want to stop and ask Leather Chestplate Unbreaking 2, Feather Falling 2 Winter Festival 2014
Paper.png Lil Bear Hugger Yes Redeem this ticket for a kiss from LilDipper_ during the 2014 Winter Festival! Paper None Winter Festival 2014
Stick.png Liquorice Common Tasty and nutririous, liquorice can remedy lung problems. Stick None Matsuno's Medicine 2013
Paper.png Lovegood, Love Good Yes Redeem a kiss from ObscureKoala at any time during the Winter Festival! Paper None Winter Festival 2013
LeatherHat.png Lovely Lavender Bonnet Yes A must for summer wear. Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
LeatherHat.png Lovely Sun Hat Yes A big floppy hat that offers shade. Leather Helmet Protection 3 Summer Festival 2014
Paper.png Lovers and Pulleys Yes Redeem a kiss from Leversandpulleys at the Summer Festival! Paper None Summer Festival 2014
Rose Bush.png Lover's Bouquet Yes Roses are the flower of love - what better way to express such than through these gorgeous flowers? Rose Bush Lure 1 Fortune 1 Lore Staff Reward
Sunflower.png Lucky Flower Yes Given to him by his wife, this is the Warrenord noble's luckiest flower. Sunflower Fortune 4 Warrenord Quest
Rotten Flesh.png Lucky Rabbit Foot Yes Rumors call these little rabbit foots a good luck charm, but they’re kind of gross. Rotten Flesh Luck of the Sea 2 Feather Falling 1 Summer Festival 2014
LeatherHat.png Luxurious Lemon Topper Yes It smells so clean. Leather Helmet Unbreaking 3 Voting 2014
Lilac.png Luxury Catnip Yes Fine catnip for the finest felines Lilac None Voting 2014
Clownfish.png Luxury Clownfish Rare A most prized possession of a tunafish always ready to make you tremble in fear! Clownfish Power 5, Unbreaking 3, Infinity 1, Lightning 5 Staff PvE Event Ancient Slime Battle