Phanasya Lompa

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Phanasya Lompa
Notable Person
Full Name Phanasya Lompa
Race Slizzar
Date of Birth 100 BC
Date of Death Unknown
Claim to Fame Accomplished Alchemist, Inventor of Adarrajya

Phanasya Lompa was a Slizzar of exemplary skill in alchemy and a fondness for the Allar Race who he grew up surrounded by, and supporting later in his life. At first soft spoken and academic, the Cataclysm awoke a more criminal drive within the Slizzar, though the illicit empire he built gave him the time and resources to explore many facets of Alchemy. His greatest achievement was the creation of Adarrajya, a tincture blending several local Hadar ingredients into a glittering dust capable of bringing delight to the Slizzar senses in a religiously significant way. While he ultimately vanished from public life, and his whereabouts are unknown today, many consider him deceased and his great work of high importance with the gradual return of Dragons to Aloria.

Origins and Early Life

Phanasya Lompa was born to his Slizzar “mother” and an Allar father in 100 BC, along with a twin sister. His early life is shrouded in mystery, as while there are some mentions of his family in the city of Sassrakkand, it is believed they more commonly lived in an Allar settlement that would later become the Chrysant Kingdom of Candat. Due to the partner his Slizzar parent had chosen, and their living area, Phanasya grew up surrounded by Alchemy and the industries of the Allar. When he turned eighteen, his Slizzar nature revealed itself. While his twin sister rejected such a bloodline, becoming a full Allar, this failed to drive a wedge between the siblings, and they in-fact traveled across Hadar for the next two decades, exploring the islands gradually being transformed by the Allar’s engineering projects, and the aid of the Yellow Water Dragons. By the time he was 100 years old, he had many experiences under his belt, yet they could do nothing in the face of what came next.


The Cataclysm killed Phanasya’s sister and father, while also devastating the second home that he had formed for himself beyond the realm of the Slizzar. Furthermore, the Slizzar lost contact with their central deity, and the faith of Nihsereya was thrown into chaos. Reliable records following this event are hard to find due to the chaos the Cataclysm caused, but based on comments made later into his life, and what evidence does exist, it seems Phanasya soon turned to narcotics and opiates to numb his emotional agony. He found his skills in Alchemy a great boon to his new pursuit, and he soon began to help other Slizzar and Allar alleviate their suffering. There are suggestions his initial benevolence was never such, and that his own use of alchemical agents and chemicals was brief, but gave him the idea of starting a drug empire to benefit himself. Regardless of the truth, by 50 AC, he was well on his way to this goal, plantations of alchemy plants harvested and shipped to facilities his underlings operated, while he took the very best of every crop to experiment with, while also paying Allar to seek new ingredients for his private experiments. His products were of the highest quality, and came to circulate throughout the Chrysant Kingdoms.

Later Life

This carried on for decades, the Slizzar alchemist gaining more and more power, before he finally found something that could not be kept as subtle as the rest of his business. Phanasya would later state that 125 AC was the date he first produced a batch of Adarrajya, though it took him the next four years to perfect the material. However, most scholars consider this revisionism on his part, and he perhaps began the experiments that led to the Mirror Tincture at his claimed date, and the more widely accepted date of 129 AC is most accurate for when he first produced it. Regardless of the truth, soon after 129 AC, he began to sell it to his most trusted Slizzar customers, to experiment and see if the effects were truly the same across the Slizzar Race. They were, much to his delight, and he promptly planned and executed a publicity campaign in Sassrakkand revealing the substance. While some initial skepticism did exist, testimony from those who had experienced it soon received him high praise. Perhaps his greatest coup was, for nearly three decades, he and a trio of apprentices retained sole knowledge of how to make the alchemical substance. It ultimately leaked in 160 AC when his sole Allar apprentice, a young woman named Candra, used it to gain a prominent position in The Perpustakaan Besar. Phanasya came across unphased, but soon retreated from public life, many of his drug operations falling out of his hands, or becoming agricultural operations solely for the purpose of providing alchemical ingredients to others. He did appear at parties and gatherings infrequently for the next four decades, only to vanish soon after the new century. Many theories exist as to his fate, but the most commonly held is that he simply retired into anonymity, alongside his close companion of nearly a century, who similarly vanished, the two eventually dying in the Chrysant War.


Phanasya was an interesting, complex character who changed several times throughout his long life. During his youth, it is said he never played The Great Game, simply focusing on one academic goal before moving to another. He was intensely driven to succeed, easily angered when an alchemical experiment produced results beyond expected parameters, and by some accounts, shy, not communicating well with fellow Slizzar. After the Cataclysm though, it is said his drive shifted, instead becoming a private affair where each failure was carefully cataloged, and the process iterated on until near-perfection if not perfection, was achieved. He was also sauve and silver-tongued, easily speaking with all he encountered and well known for breaking a person down upon first meeting them. He often used this as an intimidation tactic, particularly with Allar, assessing their potential as alchemical ingredients before thrusting to what he desired from them. His final stage, seen after the betrayal of Candra, was a silent sort, not shy, but the sort to stand back and calculate an approach or discussion topic, reaching it with biting precision. He also withdrew from teaching others, his other two Slizzar appendices going on to form their own operations in Ithania and Daendroc respectively.

There were some unifying aspects of Phanasya’s life though, which never changed. He was a theatrical sort, enjoying embellishment and the art of the lie for amusement more than mean-spirited or harsh goals. He also made use of his alchemical knowledge for such acts, commonly making grand entrances such as with the breaking of a tiny vial that released great tendrils of foam that billowed out behind him before breaking apart into sweet smelling bubbles. It is also important to note his faith. While many would claim he was merely an observing faithful individual, lacking piety in Nihsereya, those closest contest such an assessment. He was deeply devoted to trying to find a way for his people to recapture some of the splendor that had once been the guidance of their deity, and while his preference for Allar brought him into contact with the Yellow Dragons early on, Allar acquaintances would remember how he referred to them as “it” and other animal terms lacking true respect.


Phanasya left an unavoidable mark on Slizzar society, introducing them to a wildly popular substance which sees prominent, continued use to this day. While not addictive in the same way as other drugs, Slizzar society has seen a noted uptick in Adarrajya use since 305 AC when the first Dragons began to return. Some today consider the religious aspects of the Mirror Tincture on the cusp of breaking down, desperation settling in for some that out of all Races, the Slizzar still lack contact with their beloved creator, so they now repeatedly take the substance, seeking communion. Another notable mark was the focus on Alchemy Phanasya inspired in a number of the Slizzar youth of his age. This focus knit Slizzar to Allar in a new way unseen before, and is considered by many to have planted the seeds that the Essa Empire would later reap. There is finally the impact Phanasya left on the criminal underworld. Following his retreat from control over his criminal empire, it broke apart and has remained as such to this day. Despite this, no one has ever come close to the heights he once attained leading an organization which monopolized the market for drugs and illicit substances across Hadar for over a century.

Extended Family

Phanasya Lompa’s family was rather small for much of his life. His Slizzar parent, Gatha, did not mate again after the loss of their Allar spouse and offspring, ultimately dying in 212 AC. His father’s family, the Lompas, has carried on through his father’s siblings and other relatives, but most are too far removed to have any bearing on Phanasya’s legacy. He himself did not bond or produce offspring with anyone, though scandalous stories in the decades after his mysterious disappearance suggest companions as diverse as the Digmaan of Candat to a Daendroque Ailor smuggler called Calatta. Later in life, his relationship with his longtime friend and fellow Slizzar Bhavin appeared to grow a romantic edge, and it was this person who also vanished with Phanasya over a century ago.


  • Phanasya’s theatrics went to the extent that he helped produce plays for public consumption, and that he sometimes wore an acting mask around his neck.
  • Dark rumors swirl of one night, when particularly drunk, Phanasya bragged to fellow Slizzar about his true greatest work, which could never be known. When pressed, he commented that the secret died with the “yellow flappers” long ago, indirectly suggesting a role in the death of the Yellow Water Dragons. However, the timeline of that event to Phanasya’s known life doesn’t quite match up, and most consider such rumors, if at all true, to be records of a bitter comment meant to antagonize his former apprentice, Candra.
  • Phanasya’s fantastic wealth was largely left behind when he and Bhavin vanished, though rumors insist this public-facing wealth was at best, half, of many private accounts and spread assets the Slizzar alchemist held in secret.

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