Northern Taint

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Northern Taint
Affected Races Nelfin
Contraction Consumption of Flora from Drowda, or from Birth
Mortality Rate 0%
Origins Drowda
Treatment N/A

Sihndar, also known as those afflicted with the Northern Taint, are a people defined by duty and resolve. They are an afflicted sect of mostly Altalar warrior-protectors that have roots stretching back to the old Allorn Empire. They are inseperable from the Sihndar culture, which defines their beliefs and duties. While the Isldar separated to seek icy mountainous keeps, the Sihndar set their own standard of martial excellence, dedicating themselves to protecting non-afflicted Nelfin from otherworldly terrors. The Sihndar are in a class of their own when it concerns discipline and martial strength, and are specialized in anti-deimenthist battle tactics. They defend the Forsaken Continent against Void and Exist incursions, and travel throughout the world to put down terrors that are too often raised by other Nelfin. A Sihndar’s travels may take them to the ends of the world in search of demons to put down, allies to be made, and commitments to defend their homeland. Even the Kathar, whom most Sihndar despise on general principle, allow Sihndar to keep a permanent embassy in Kathar lands to deal with any especially dangerous Demons the Kathar accidentally summon. Such agreements are becoming more common throughout the world since the turn of the century, as various dangers begin to arise, threatening lords and commoners alike. Through it all, the Sihndar wander and hunt, working in noble courts as expert demon slayers, or wandering from town to town, dealing with Vampires, Cahal, and otherwise. Sihndar tend to keep in touch with their kin back home, gaining allies and friends, for the express purpose of strengthening the cause of the Sihndar, and their ability to hold back the tide of Void and Exist horrors. The Sihndar are simultaneously respected for their roles as protectors, demon slayers, and worthwhile allies to be made while being constantly kept at arm's length for fear of their true intentions, or openly disrespected by those who can’t tell the difference between a Kathar and Sihndar on sight.

Physical and Mental Characteristics

Compliant Skin tones for Sihndar. All colors on this image are allowed for Sihndar. All colors not on this image, are not.

At first glance, many would view the Sihndar as little more than a dark, near violet skinned Altalar. They share generally similar physical proportions to the Altalar, with the most noticeable difference being the affliction that affects the Sihndar known as the Northern Taint. The Northern Taint physically changed the Cult of Dronnal Altalar who were present on Drowda during the Cataclysm. When the Wretching Tear tore open above the continent, The Northern Taint infected not only the Altalar present, but the lands, fauna and flora likewise. The Northern Taint has since expanded beyond just the Altalar, infecting the other Neflin Races in small numbers, yet never spreading beyond those peoples. Corruption has left their skin tones a range from deep purple to blues; their hair colors a mix of blacks and whites, with a rare occurence of Maroon or Mahogany; their eyes commonly come in a mix of shades from blue, green, and grey, and rarely violet and a dark gold. However, their facial structure, height and body shape remain untouched by their affliction. Aging is a peculiar thing for Sihndar, as they seem to cease aging at around 30 years old. That being said, not all Sihndar look like they are in their prime years at all times. This is because Sihndar, like the Altalar, can actually change their age appearance at will. Even though they do not physically age beyond a certain point, Sihndar can through meditation change how old they look. In Sihndar society, the cultural notion of a Sihndar changing their age-appearance is controversial. Generally speaking, the Sihndar believe that someone’s aged appearance should be dictated by the level of respect they demand from other Sihndar, as opposed to it being an aesthetic choice. Among the Sihndar, choosing to appear the equivalent of a middle-aged Ailor will cause some resistance if the Sihndar in question does not have an appropriate level of respect. Unlike the Altalar, however, the aging of the Sihndar never advances, right up until the age of 300. Every known Sihndar at this point has been recorded to freeze up and become statue-like. Their body never decomposes, and will remain in this frozen state until destroyed through outside forces. Even when they die in the heat of battle, a Sihndar will freeze-up and become a stiff statue-like corpse. It is commonplace to take heroic Sihndar of great renown after death to great halls of heroes, where their bodies are kept and treated as if alive, on display for all to gawk and question over.

Not all Sihndar need to fight to support their common cause. Some Sihndar live as simple Apothecary workers, sending shipments of medical supplies home.


The Sihndar often oscillate between being thought of as attractive and repulsive due to their afflicted nature.

The Northern Taint first inflicted on a wide-scale only once in recorded history; when the Wretched Tear spread forth the Northern Taint upon the Altalar that were present in Drowda at the time. The Infection has since been passed down from those originally infected Altalar by birth, and more recently, has been discovered to infect Nelfin who consume a variety of Flora from Drowda. However, it should be noted that the history of the Northern Taint is tightly wound up in the history of the Sihndar on Drowda, and further information on this topic is available elsewhere.

  • For a more detailed History related to the Northern Taint, you can read further HERE

Becoming a Sihndar

There are two known ways that one can be infected with the Northern Taint, and thus become a Sihndar. Firstly, any Sihndar that bears a child will produce another Sihndar, no matter the race of their partner. Secondly, any Nelfin that is infected with the Northern Taint can become a Sihndar. Any Nelfin can be infected with the Northern Taint by consuming infected Flora from Drowda, but this process must be administered by another Sihndar, and is explained in detail under Sihndar Hunter 3, and below. There persists rumours that the Northern Taint can be harnessed through magical means and used to infect others, but these remain merely rumours.

  • When first consuming a variety of Flora from Drowda, the individual will begin sweating and soon become bedridden, requiring a Sihndar to watch over them during the transformation process. After 24 hours of this bedridden state, the new Sihndar’s body structure will violently change in a few painful seconds, and their skin, hair, and eye color will take on appropriate changes. Once this is done, the change is permanent.
  • Upon becoming Sihndar, all Abilities and Specials from the previous Nelfin Race become null and void, and all Sihndar abilities are immediately activated.
  • Sihndar are incurable.
  • Sihndar cannot be physically mutated from any source.
  • Upon becoming Sihndar, their eyes, hair, and skin take on any of the following combination.
    • Eyes: Green, Blue, Grey. Rarely Violet or Dark Gold
    • Hair: Black, White, Maroon or Mahogany
    • Skin: Deep Purples to Blues

Abilities & Specials


Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Weapon Summon Dimension Power Self

Grants the user Weapon Summon

Sihndar Modifier

Shield Summon Summon Power Self

Grants the user Shield Summon

Weapon Brand Buff Power Self

Grants the user Weapon Brand

Disable Cleanse Instant Power Emote Range

Grants the user Disable Cleanse

Home Advantage Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Home Advantage

Sihndar Modifier

Instant Leap Movement Power Emote Range Grants the user Instant Leap

Afflicted Immune Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Afflicted Immune



  • Ageless: Sihndar are Ageless, meaning they never show aging. When they become adults, Sihndar simply appear as if they are young adults forever, unless they choose not to. Any Sihndar can choose to change their aged appearance, meaning they can choose to appear however old they want to appear (so long as it is 18+). A 33 year old Sihndar might for example choose to appear like a 70 year old Ailor with whitened hair and wrinkles, while a 300 year old Sihndar might choose to appear like a 25 year old Ailor with smooth skin and youthful features.
  • See no Evil: Sihndar gain night vision or perfect sight at night time. As such, they are not affected by the darkness of night, and can still clearly see as if it was day. Mundane Darkness from being inside equally does not affect them, though Ability based Darkness will still affect them all the same.
  • Hear no Evil: Sihndar are immune to any Specials that would establish Mind Control over them, or that would influence their emotions or perception of reality, unless they want them to work.
  • Feel no Evil: Sihndar are immune to any Afflictions, and cannot purchase any packs from the "Magic" Category. They are classified as Primal Occult.
  • Ultimate Hunters: Sihndar cannot be fed on by Vampires or Cahal. They gain the "Affliction Wisdom Pack" from Arcanology Point Buy for free, and are considered extra proficient in Progressions at hunting down NPC Vampires and Cahal.
  • Elder Voice: Sihndar can invade the minds of others with telepathic communication that is a one-way form of vocalization of their thoughts. An Sihndar can project a command or exclaimed statement into the mind of another person within Emote Distance, though the Target cannot talk back. While using the Elder Voice, the Sihndar's eyes glow, and they must look at the Target they are speaking to in their mind. This form of communication is experienced as unpleasant, and causes headaches in the Target, but not so far that it inhibits their other actions. Elder Voice cannot be used in a chase, in Combat Roleplay, or while the Sihndar is physically or Magically bound or constrained in any way.


  • The Northern Taint has been occasionally attempted to be inflicted upon non-Nelfin, but this is reported to result in the patient vomiting profusely with no further changes. However, not many tests of this nature have been conducted by Sihndar from Drowda, as the sacred nature of defending Nelfin people from the Void is seen as a problem they alone ought to solve.
  • Discussing a potential cure to the Northern Taint to a Sihndar is seen as a personal insult, as if their very existence is something to be destroyed and their noble pursuits reversed.

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