Modrá’s Root

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Modrá’s Root
Official Name Modrá’s Root
Common Name Blustain
Classification Root
Common Use Tattooing, Heating
Origins Jorrsundr
Habitat Cold mountainous regions

Modra Root is a gnarled tuber that grows on rocky mountainsides in the cold northern climates of Jorrhildr and Ellador. This root can be utilized as a foodstuff, but is most often used as a method of tattooing. A notable consequence of using Modra Root for tattoos is the warmth that spreads to the surrounding skin.


Modrá’s Root grows primarily on Jorrsundr’s islands of Jurind, Olsund, and Arrestig, but has been known to thrive in Ellador as well. The plant was first found to be of use by the new immigrant Ailor of Jorrsundr. Once they settled upon Arrestig, they stumbled across Modrá’s Root in the mountains. In the years following its discovery, Modra Root was used as a way of warming those who were affected by hypothermia through ingestion of the plant.

The women who prepared Modrá’s Root would often have permanently stained skin over healed scars when handling the sap. One of these women, Modrá, had an idea and mixed the sap into a thick paste and applying it over large burned areas of her skin. Slowly, she began to refine the art, and soon a new form of permanent tattooing was formed. This spread like wildfire in the tribes and soon became a defining feature of Northerne culture. It was at this point that Modrá’s Root took on an official name, Modrá’s Root being the woman who began the tattoo trend. The practice is still extremely prominent today.

Modrá’s Root was spread from Jorrhildr to Ellador through ships and trading, then further expanded its reach to Regalia and beyond. In Regalia, it was used mostly as a culinary garnish and, in rare cases, for the treatment of hypothermia. The nickname “Blustain” caught on to the common people. It was quickly discovered that the root could not survive in climates that were warmer than Jorrsundr or Ellador.


Modrá’s Root isn't the most attractive plant. The root is gnarled and knotted. The largest roots reach up to two and a half feet in length and grow only in Jorrhildr and Ellador. Additionally, long offshoots grow from the core of the root itself. These resemble limbs and show to be limp and flexible once the plant is pulled from the ground. The husk encasing the sap has a grey hue, the outermost layer having a purple tint. The sap inside Modrá’s Root is a blue color similar to ink and has a natural consistency like tree sap.

Uses and Abilities

Modrá’s Root is used as tattoo ink in the Northerne culture. By breaking through the tough exterior of the plant, one can find a thick grey-blue sap. When this is boiled and turned to a thick paste, it can be placed over pre-cut areas of the skin. After the ink-sap is applied, the skin must be allowed several days, sometimes weeks, to heal over.

Over the initial few months of refinement and testing, it was discovered that the parts of the skin where Modra Root was applied actually resisted the cold. This helped increase the spread of the root even more; it was highly sought after for its warming abilities. Even in the Daendroc, many Northerne tattoos radiate a very small amount of heat, leading to further distaste of the southern sun from the men of Jorrhildr and Ellador.


  • Modrá’s Root is commonly used in teas and other hot beverages during the cold winter months in order to give the drinker a lingering feeling of warmth. People who regularly consume this tea are known to have blue stained tongues.
  • Because of the root’s heating capabilities, a rumor has spread among Chien-Ji that people who regularly consume Modrá’s Root can breathe fire.
  • Vampires that have Modrá’s Root tattoos are often found to have intense rashes on the surface of their skin.
  • Dwarves, in addition to Northerners, are known to use Modrá’s Root to make tattoos.

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