Modra Root

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Modra Root
Official Name Modra Root
Common Name Blåroot
Classification Herb
Common Use Utility
Origins Ellador
Habitat Cold temperatures

A root that might have gone unnoticed by any other Culture, the ancient Velheim took Modra Root and implemented it in one of their most well-known forms of cultural expression: tattoos. Modra Root continues to be primarily used in the creation of Velheim tattoo inks, its blue hue watered down, mixed with other pigments, or maintained to decorate a person’s body with their life story or for aesthetic pleasure. The plant is also used in alchemical concoctions that can warm the skin and body, though this secondary use is less publicly known.


The discovery of the Modra Root likely originated in Ellador centuries ago, but the truth of this is shrouded by the mists of time. The reason for this uncertainty is the Proto-Velheim Ailor, who reached Ellador between 350 and 300 BC; their vast network of travel has led some to suggest the plant originated in nearby regions, like Cain or Essalonia. But continuing with the most accepted narrative, it is believed that they found Modra Root on Ellador soon after their arrival and came to use it in the creation of their signature tattoo artistry. At the time, however, this art was to show routes and navigation information, not one’s history, as one’s body could not be destroyed by water like paper might. Due to the Velheim trade network, Modra Root rapidly spread across the now Velheim world, and by 100 BC, was found in regions as far south as Carrhen. While it did not grow in such places easily, it was instead shipped, and in the final decades of Velheim power, the Modra Root was perhaps the most widely used plant. But then, the Cataclysm came. In The North Belt, combined with the blast of Magic from the birth of the Isldar, the Velheim in each region took their stock of Modra Root to instead plant and harvest it themselves, and trade in the substance died. Ever since that time, Modra Root has been grown in a dozen different regions across Aloria, some continents like Jorrhildr barely supporting the material, while others like Carrhen only see small amounts of the substance in the cold areas it favors. The use of Modra Root has also wildly fluctuated over the years. Various dips and increases in the Velheim population saw the substance quickly “watered down” following the Cataclysm to mean that there is always enough to go around. This has resulted in many Velheim tattoos being a distinct pale blue shade. Modra Root is likely to maintain its major importance and use in the Northland Cultures of Aloria.


Modra Root is a deep-growing plant with a limited appearance on the surface. It can have a length of as deep as two feet, though commonly reach only around one. Their surface appearance is a dense bunching of thin, grass-like leaves with a blue line running along the middle down to the head of the root. The plant’s growth is generally wild, with the roots tapering to a point, but having all sorts of dimensions with small hairs sitting at the edges of their form. The exterior of the Root is a dull purple-brown shade, while the inside is a thick, fibrous, and deep blue substance.

Uses and Abilities

Modra Root has one main use: as a base for tattoo inks. Often watered down with white substances to form a paler color, though sometimes kept intact with its dark blue hue, the substance is worn by many thousands of Velheim across Aloria. These tattoos tell the story of the past year, as they are often added to annually, ending with, ideally, much of a person’s body should be covered and able to tell their life story just from the imagery. Modra Root has another, lesser-known quality: it can be used to resist heat. While less rarely used in this capacity, as the Velheim are already fairly hardy or prepared for the cold, alchemists have found that Modra Root can be turned into a blue-tinted cream that, when rubbed on the skin, produces a warming effect. People suffering from hypothermia can most benefit from the substance, as can those with general illness chills, or those not suited to the cold temperatures of The North Belt continents.


  • Modra Root takes its name from a mysterious Velhem hero of their early years. Modra’s origins were lost to the destruction of the Cataclysm, but they are widely believed to have been a hero devoted to the [[Union of Earth==. Despite many of their stories being lost, a number were invented by the modern Velheim in the past few decades.
  • Efforts to eat Modra Root only serve to stain one’s teeth a deep blue and the root itself is largely unappetizing.

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