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Roguery is a Point-Buy mechanic of the Proficiency System. It allows for the purchasing of additional "Skills" that specifically allow for a Character to engage in subterfuge, stealth, and other associated criminal or illicit activity. Skills are split between "Packs" and "Abilities." Each Pack and Ability below costs 3 Proficiency Points each. There is no upper limit to the amount of of Skills a Character can purchase, as long as they have the Proficiency points to afford it. There are also no limitations on applying Roguery to any form of Aberrant or Affliction. When writing these Skills on a Character Application, they should be mentioned under "Character Abilities," and declared the total point cost on the sheet under Proficiency Points spent.



Each Ability below can be purchased for 3 Proficiency Points. Abilities gained through Roguery count as Mundane Techniques, and are unaffected by generic Ability-Counters: they can only be countered by Abilities that specifically mention them by name, and Perception. Any number of these Abilities can be purchased, with no restrictions on combination with the Packs. They can be mixed and matched. For longer descriptions on Abilities, consult the Ability List Page.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Rogue Gift 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Rogue Gift 1

Rogue Gift 3 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Rogue Gift 3

Rogue Gift 4 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Rogue Gift 4

Rogue Gift 5 Trigger Passive Self Grants the user Rogue Gift 5

Honed Skill 3 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Honed Skill 3

Wall Climb 3 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Wall Climb 3

Home Upgrade 1 Region Enchant Player Region Grants the user Home Upgrade 1


Each Pack below can be purchased for 3 Proficiency Points. Any number of these Packs can be purchased, with no restriction on combinations with the Abilities. They can be mixed and matched.

Pack Description
Burglary Pack The Character can lock-pick into Regalian Rental Region Homes, allowing them to take part in the Burglary System.
Government Forgery Pack The Character has the required false stamps and stationary to fraud convincing Government Documents from any official Ministry or Office. This cannot be countered, except by Abilities that specifically mention this Pack, or by Perception.
Guard Forgery Pack The Character has the required false stamps and stationary to fraud convincing Guard Permits, Arrest Warrants, and decrees. This cannot be countered, except by Abilities that specifically mention this Pack, or by Perception.
Art Forgery Pack The Character has the required skill to replicate a piece of Art that they have seen, as long as they have at least 5 points in the relevant Arts proficiency. This cannot be countered, except by Abilities that specifically mention this Pack.
Sleight of Hand Pack The Character can expertly perform sleight of hand games and other quick finger-based actions. This includes pick-pocketing. Your Character can attempt to pickpocket someone with a 60% success rate. /Dice 1 10, if you roll 4 or below, your Character gets caught. What is pick-pocketed is up to the player who is pick-pocketed, but they cannot say "there was nothing in the pocket", there always has to be something. A Character can only be pick pocketed once per day, but the pickpocket can make as many attempts as they like. This cannot be countered, except by Abilities that specifically mention this Pack.

Note: If you suspect a player is being unfair or snarky by saying "There was only dust" or "a twig" in their pocket, and they are clearly trying to god-roleplay their way through losing something from the theft, you should report them to Lore Staff, in which case Lore Staff will choose something for them to be stolen.


Players with the Burglary Pack are able to make a ticket in-game, afterwhich a member of Lore Staff shall take the ticket and moderate the burglary attempt. No roll to lock-pick the door is required (it will be opened automatically) and the staff member present will roll a /roll 6 (regardless of how many characters present have the Burglary Pack, this is always only one roll). Whatever the roll is determines how many Black Market Tokens the character will receive from the loot they acquired in the burglary. This loot may be anything the player desires, from jewelry to silks to straight coins. After the roll has been made, the staff member will close the ticket and leave the scene under the pretence that the player continues to roleplay for at least 10 minutes in the player region before leaving. If it has been found that a player has not been acknowledging these 10 minutes, it will be considered god-roleplaying, and the appropriate punishments shall be handed out. A character may only make use of this pack once every two days, and any player may only have one character interacting with this system.

If a player wishes to perform a burglary on anything that is not a Player Rental Region, please make a ticket in the Roleplay Discord, and we shall discuss the possibility of this. Once per week, a Black Market Fence shall appear somewhere in the city, allowing players to sell their loot for Black Market Tokens, and use them to purchase a variety of goods and contraband from the Fence’s inventory. Note: The Black Market system has not yet been launched. We wish to first observe the Burglary System’s performance before implementing it. This will follow at a later date.

Investigations of Burlgary

Anyone with at least 5 Perception Training is capable of investigating any region that has been burgled, which can be initiated through making a ticket requesting an investigation DM. The process is very similar to Burglary, in that the member of Lore Staff who picks up the ticket will /roll 6. The value of this role will determine how many “Evidence Tokens” the character has obtained during the investigation, which may be flavoured however the player wishes (such as shreds of clothing, clumps of hair, left receipts). A region may only be investigated once after it has been burgled, and cannot be investigated again unless the region is stolen from again. These tokens will be stored in the internal registry and may be spent at the Underworld Informant for certain bits of information. The Underworld Informant will appear before Greygate once every 1-2 weeks, and will offer these trading services and on occasion contracts for investigators to look into. The exact list of items available for purchase from the Informant are as follows:

  • The Individual/Syndicate with the most Black Market Tokens: 80 Evidence Tokens
  • The Individual/Syndicate who has burgled the most homes in the last month: 80 Evidence Tokens
  • The Individual/Syndicate who has stolen from a specific region: 40 Evidence Tokens
  • Players may request more specific information/services from the Investigator, which will be considered internally before an answer is given the week after.


Vandalism is not included in Proficiencies. Destruction of property in Regalia is difficult to moderate due to how players roleplay using areas. That being said, if you want to vandalize something, send a ticket and discuss the circumstances with Staff. Generally speaking, you can never vandalize something without getting identified doing it. The logic here is that if you get the bragging rights of temporarily destroying someone's roleplay location, they get to know who did it, so more conflict roleplay can come from it. Having higher Sneak proficiency does not protect from discovery during Vandalism, not does disguises.

Positive Vandalism (like drawing paintings and putting down lots of flowers) still follows the old personal identifying rules. Negative Vandalism like destroying or depicting things with an intent to cause conflict follows a somewhat new set of rules:

First, Staff will ask what group will take responsibility or claim the action. Group does not need to specifically refer to an actual group, but can also just be what these people represent so "the Worshipers or X" or "Sons of Y". There must always be one group claiming an action, but multiple groups can also claim.

If no Group makes a claim, the old rules will default, meaning all participants will be revealed by name and the information becomes public. The group who claimed the action will be asked to leave some sort of message for their Vandalism behind. Random vandalism without story or conflict starting purposes will still also default to the old "all names get published" rules.

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