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Roguery Point Buy is part of the Proficiency System. Its Packs allow a Character to get better at Rogue or Criminal activities. While in theory it is all Mundane Techniques, players can add Magical aesthetics if they like. For example, phasing through doors instead of lockpicking them, or pickpocketing with a Magical third arm.

Pickpocket Skill Pack

The Pickpocket Skill Pack allows the user to pickpocket other Characters with guaranteed success and without being noticed. (though, should be used within reason, if a user spams Pickpocket, report it). It is not possible to Pickpocket Artifacts or exceedingly large items like weapons, but anything hand-held is fair game. If the user wasn’t looking for a specific item owned by the Target, then the Target must provide alternate items equivalent to or greater value than 20 Regals (or just 20 Regals).

Disguise Skill Pack

The Disguise Skill Pack allows the user to disguise themselves. It can obscure their sex, race, appearance, face, voice and anything that would lead to identification, but only by wearing a mask/cloak/robes. It does not function as shapeshifting. It is impossible to identify a person who is actively using a Disguise from the Disguise Skill Pack. However, if the user is Knocked Out or Restrained, a disguise can be removed and their identity revealed. Note that all these changes do not actually occur on the body and are purely cosmetic. Disguises should always involve some form of face mask/helmet, but can be multiple variations of different disguise. This cannot disguise visual tells from Afflictions, or disguise the fact that the user is a member of some Affliction if it is obvious. This cannot be applied to Abilities or Mechanics like Engineering Golems. This Special cannot be combined with, or used at the same time as, any other Disguise Ability or Special.

Sleight of Hand Pack

The Sleight of Hand Pack allows the user to deploy Sleight of Hand during card games, games of chance, and other non-pickpocketing activities such as parlor magic tricks and the like. Sleight of Hand allows the user to convincingly produce magical aesthetics without actually being a Mage. Its primary use however, is to cheat during games. Sleight of Hand allows the user to retrieve that perfect card, or trick their game opponents into watching the wrong cup when switching them. Sleight of Hand always guarantees that they succeed in cheating/scamming/fooling others, and they are also guaranteed to get away with it. There is however one exception: Anyone who also has the Sleight of Hand Pack can detect if someone uses Sleight of Hand to cheat.

Parkour Pack

The Parkour Pack allows the user to deploy Parkour or urban free-running in Regalia that other Characters normally would not be able to do. The Character becomes as “Fast as an Asha” (thus being able to outrun any other Race, except Asha, or those who have this Mechanic also). Asha speed confers no benefits in combat, it is only for escaping/running fast to a point. Additionally, the Character is able to walk on the roofs of Regalian houses (which are normally too steep to allow a person to walk on them without this Pack). The user may move around Regalia with Jump 2 and reach any part they could feasibly reach without the use of Enderpearls and without using leaf blocks to stand on. All other players without similar mechanics cannot use Jump 2 in roleplay. This pack confers no benefits while the user is wearing heavy armor.

Embargo Pack

This Pack purely has functions in Progressions, but may have far reaching consequences for other Players. Often, Progressions other players engage in, involve visiting an area multiple times to achieve something. The Embargo Pack allows the user to appeal to Pandillas, a form of Daen clandestine gangs, to embargo the area of another player's Progressions and make this area entirely inaccessible to anyone (even the person who initiated the Embargo). This Embargo will then remain until it is voluntarily lifted, or the user who placed it is arrested or imprisoned. Should for some reason the user who issued the embargo not log on enough to allow counter-play or never be outside of safe zones or unfindable, the DM of Progressions may choose to lift the embargo to prevent disruption of continuation of RP. This Pack should be used to throttle other players out of concessions, blackmail, or cause a sharp spike in conflict in Regalia, not just to troll other players. Finally, this Pack also allows the user to be smuggled past non-Pandilla based Embargoes, for example a Regalian fleet embargoing a coastline of a nation. This does not circumvent other forms of state closure, like the Allorn Empire's borders being closed.

Cortes Fame Pack

The Cortes Fame Pack gives the user legitimacy among the Cortes and Obrero families of the Daen people and the Daen Governorates, putting them on the map of these influential families. With this Pack, while on Progressions, the user is always shadowed by Balizas de Fuego members, a form of Daen militia that support their Patrón. These Militia will jump out to defend their Patrón if they are about to run into trouble, thus guaranteeing the Patrón's escape in bad situations. Finally, if the user has invested at least 6 Points in Roguery Point Buy, they may submit a Ticket request for a Daen Hacienda to be built outside the city on the road to the Curing Chamber or the Gardens of Everchange, that will double as their Clandestine Base, and is always at a fixed size, and interior decorated on request by World Staff in consultation.