Coins of Greed

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Coins of Greed
Name Coins of Greed
Origin Arken of Avarice
Tier Rare Tier I
Type Item

Coins of Greed (Also called Greed Coins) have been present for hundreds of years and have always signified the presence and influence of the Avarice Arken. There are many Coins of Greed present in Aloria; at least one is present in every economic sphere that uses coin-based currency and has magic present in society. Greed Coins can be created by Avarice himself or by powerful Avarice demons. Often conspirators that work with the Arken or worship him possess Greed Coins, but so many exist that it’s not unlikely for somebody to just come across one within a treasure horde, either.


Coins of Greed can vary greatly in appearance based on the region they’re found in. Typically, a Greed Coin will appear nearly identical to any coin-type currency in the area it inhabits and will even change its shape if it stays in a new currency system for long enough. However, what makes a Greed Coin distinct is that they are often covered with motifs befitting the Avarice Arken, and any faces or people on the coin are replaced with the likeness of the Avarice Arken. For example, a Greed Coin in Regalia will appear like a one-piece regal, but the emperor’s profile is replaced with a profile of the Avarice Arken (who presently appears as a triceratops-esque Allar).

Artifact Mechanics

Coins of Greed are Void Magic Artifacts. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Coins of Greed dissolve into thin air when their Artifactspark is removed. They are completely destroyed when their Magic is removed.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Coins of Greed can be used to contact the Avarice Arken with varying results. Make a Ticket with a clear statement of the person's request, and spend the coin, which may be granted.
  • Coins of Greed cause the holder to take on traits of heightened greed especially when money is concerned, as well as obsessive and jealous behavior.

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