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Ruton, Necklace of the Gravedeep
Name Ruton, Necklace of the Gravedeep
Origin Fornoss
Tier Rare Tier II
Type Jewelry

Ruton, Necklace of the Gravedeep, is a necklace of Dwarven origins created by Dáuw, the Dwarven God of the Fornoss pantheon to combat the Enemies of the Deep. Ruton is a piece of a larger collection of jewelry, such as the Rings of Attan, the Belt of Fanubor, and the Crown of Dammsark, however Ruton is the only piece of this set of five that has ever been seen in the mortal world. Ruton in particular has passed through the hands of many Dwarves, mostly in Ellador, though occasionally also elsewhere. It has seen battle with the Vampires in the north, the Dakkar in Gana Isha, Ailor riots in the south, and monsters that lie deep in the bowels of the City of Regalia, where it would eventually land. Even for Dwarves who do not worship Fornoss, Ruton holds a special relation.


Supposedly, Ruton was forged by Dáuw along with the other items in the set to help a mortal Dwarf who Dáuw held in the highest esteem in the fight against the Dakkar. As time eventually comes for everyone however, Dáuw's friend was slain by the Dakkar, and many of the Artifacts were lost, save for Ruton which was discarded by the Dakkar in one of the errant tunnels. Ruton was eventually picked up by a Dwarven expedition and made its way back to the Deepdelver legions, where it has since passed on to multiple owners. Ruton was supposedly forged in the deepest Dwarven forge still in the hands of the Dwarves, however isolated and hidden from other Dwarves so that only Dáuw could reach it, where he forges his passions for his people, the many artifacts he has bestowed on them.


Ruton appears like a regular Iron chain, quite heavy and large in design, though surprisingly light to the wearer. The chain hangs loosely from their neck to about halfway their torso, from where three Dwarven runic tablets are extended, also made of cast-iron. Ruton looks fairly mundane, however if its wearer would venture underground, Ruton starts glowing with a faint green hue, also revealing ancient Dwarven runes on the tablets, spells of protection and benedictions of Dáuw to encourage strength and fortitude in its wearer. Strangely enough, Ruton is terrified of fire, if held near it, Ruton will start aggressively chiming and vibrating.

Artifact Mechanics

Ruton is a Fornoss God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Ruton holds a special place to Fornoss believers and Dwarves in particular, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to the Fornoss God Dáuw.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Ruton grants the user the ability to Shapeshift between Urlan, Ailor, and Dwarven versions of themselves, changing Heritage Traits, but not counting as a Disguise.
  • Ruton can be used to contact the Fornoss God Dáuw, with varying results. Make a Ticket with a clear statement of the person's request, which may be granted.

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