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Name Narselendis
Origin Regalia
Tier Rare Tier I
Type Weapon/Object

Not strictly a weapon, but not strictly a non-combat object either, Narselendis is the golden calcified cobra fang of Narsil (about the size of a grown man's forearm), the Marken-Archon-pet-guard of Arch Chancellor Morgan Kade. Narsil was executed immediately after Morgan was overthrown and could no longer protect him. The courtiers at the Palace were in fear and disgust of Narsil, as he was a Marken that never spoke but permanently appeared in a wide-framed cobra form, scales painted gold. After Narsil's death, his fangs were preserved, along with several of his bones that were put on display in the Imperial Palace. When the Guided Unionists declared him a God-Guide, the bones were stored in the palace archive to avoid offending them for having his bones on public display as some curiosity. In the curating of his bones however, it was discovered that one of his fangs had been broken off the display, and taken, perhaps years prior. How Narsil's fang turned into a weapon or object of artifact power is unclear, though scholars speculate it lends credence to the Guided Unionist theories that divinity is also present in other entities outside of Dogmatic Unionist views. Narselendis fell into the hands of obscure nobles, where it would quickly acquire micro-fame for its primary useful property: revealing poison or harmful substances in liquids. Narselendis would skip ownership multiple times before disappearing somewhere in Regalia when the last baron who owned it was killed in a way that Narselendis could not protect him from: an arrow to the neck. The name Narselendis is a compound term that combines the name Narsil, and Elendis meaning "exile" in Old-Anglian.

Artifact Mechanics

Narselendis is a Unionist God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Narselendis, when inserted into a liquid or substance with poison or harmful content, will turn black to indicate danger.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Narselendis grants the user the ability to use Marken Transformations without being a Marken, and the ability to speak normal language while being Marken.
  • Narselendis grants the user +1 Main Combat (Breaks Cap up to 11) Stat while fighting someone announced to be a "Blasphemer" by the Lancyon Chapter of the Viridian Order until they repent or are declared restored.


  • Remember, just because Player Characters OOCly understand what an Artifact can do, the Regalian State and Law Enforcement treats the Marken Transformation exactly the same, as if the Character was infected with Markenism.

Artists MonMarty
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