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Zanzibart, The Unforgiven
Name Zanzibart, The Unforgiven
Origin House Kade
Tier Rare Tier I
Type Weapon

Zanzibart was produced with a volatile gold alloy, strengthened to avoid the weakness of its inherent properties, but shining brilliant enough to be noticeable, and an as of yet mystery dark blue metal with a full appearance. Zanzibart's inner core also implies a mixture of copper or other bronze-like metal, creating a gradient effect on the sharp edges of the mace head. Zanzibart has an inscription in Anglian on the attachment between the head and the hilt, reading "Forgive me, Zanzibart, the tale sung by Troubadours".


Zanzibart is a mace, though its head is larger than most maces or morningstars tend to be, leaning more towards the latter in the size of its head with spikes. Zanzibart defies most other design styles, being very unusual, and having almost draconic-like appearance qualities to it.

Artifact Mechanics

Zanzibart is a Unionist God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Zanzibart holds a special place to Anglians, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to House Kade and their Anglian stewardship.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Zanzibart grants the user +1 Main Combat Stat (Breaks Cap up to 11) while they are fighting in, or within Emote Distance of a large Wheat field (at least 10x10 blocks).
  • Zanzibart grants +5 to the final /dice roll result when attempting to perform Persuasion Dice Rolls on House Kade Members and Imperial Guards.

Artists MonMarty
Last Editor Birdsfoot violet on 10/23/2023.

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