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Guðhjarta (Gudhjarta)
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Name Guðhjarta (Gudhjarta)
Origin Fornoss
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Guðhjarta is an Artifact both with a storied history in legend, as well as in recorded history. Both Artifact of myth and folklore are an actual weapon wielded by Velheim warriors. It is a war-pick with a Bronze hilt decorated with intricate root shapes. The main damage part of the weapon is made of bright white glowing antler pieces, said to be chippings from the horns of Elkonur, the Urlan god of the Fornoss faith. Guðhjarta has been wielded by Velheim warlords throughout the ages, and even seen conflict during the Skagger Wars, until it was eventually lost when the Skaggers made peace with the Regalian Empire and integrated. While Guðhjarta is a glorious Fornoss artifact with many stories, it is equally one that is feared by the Velheim people, as because of its glory, it invokes a lot of greed and murderous thoughts in those who are not of strong Soldi.


There are perhaps several dozen origin stories related to Guðhjarta, however the most common version comes from a tale in which Elkonur was battling a monstrous Spirit from Volaheim who was attempting to break into a Helbolwen to feed on the dead and consume their strength. Elkonur easily defeated this creature, called Dreikar, though Dreikar acted on the trickery of Svol, who was after Elkonur's horns, having made a trap for him and causing Dreikar to chip a few off. Svol made off with the chips of the horns, and had Guðhjarta made, believing it capable of slaying Bard, thus giving his master Rand free reign to act out his will on the Fornoss faithful. Svol then tricked Odal to try and slay Bard, however in turn Odal was bested in combat by the Iron Lord. Thus, Bard took Guðhjarta as a prize, though the weapon soon vanished from his possession.

Guðhjarta's divine history stops here, though there are still many more stories of Svol attempting to retake the object from mortals, only to be foiled in slapstick banana-peel slip manners (Players are welcome to create such stories on their own). Guðhjarta ended up in mortal hands around 30 BC, and switched hands fairly frequently as one Skagger warlord was challenged by a subordinate and killed, allowing them to take the full price in Holmgang (a challenge in which the winner would take everything owned by the loser). Guðhjarta was used in combat numerous times against Regalian armies, so much so that it gained the name of "Ivory Tear" among Regalians due to its habit of producing widows. The weapon, despite its god-like durability and ease of cutting through practically any material, could not stem the tide of manpower, and struggles from within the Skagger Horde, eventually disappearing from the historical narrative a few years after the remnants of the Horde submitted to Regalia.


Guðhjarta is ostensibly a fusion of savage and refined elements. Its base is a war-pick hilt and rod made of Makat Bronze, a material related most to the Vola gods of Fornoss, and supposedly first forged in Ellador. The hilt is entwined with a thick wire of the same material, which is used both to form a handguard, and to secure the more savage, naturalistic elements, the glowing pieces from Elkonur’s antlers in lieu of forged blade pieces. The antler shards are secured along the top, down one side, and one last piece as a savage spike pointing back toward the wielder. While the god has obviously since regrown these parts of his body, the power of these separated pieces remains potent. They glow, and trail small particles of light.

Artifact Mechanics

Guðhjarta is a Fornoss God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Guðhjarta holds a special place to Fornoss faithful, who respect the holder more, due to it physically having been made of the antlers of their God Elkonur on orders of the Vola Gods.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Guðhjarta's wielder physically cannot die or become Undead, they are always held from the threshold of deat. Additionally, lost limbs magically re-appear 24 hours after being lost.
  • Guðhjarta radiants an unpleasant heat to nearby Undead, granting the user +1 Main Defense Stat (Breaks Cap up to 9) if they attack Guðhjarta's wielder. This doubles if the Undead in question is Deathrotting.

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