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Name Panopticon
Origin Unknown
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

The Panopticon is ostensibly a weapon hilt of disputed origins that seems to attune itself to the wearer's preferences in melee combat and their Dimensional alignment. This artifact has defied any attempts to identify its own alignment, or indeed who might have possibly made it, though depictions of the Panopticon date back to Seraph murals, leading some to speculate that either it is a reproduction of something ancient, or the Panopticon may yet be the oldest Artifact in existence, being over 70,000 years old, and yet in pristine condition. The Panopticon itself is purely a hollow hilt of a weapon, an intricately woven pattern of thin metal-like golden material that is completely indestructible. The Panopticon when not in use, is about a foot long, however when held in hand, extends a weapon the shape of which the wielder is most comfortable, styled based on the primary planar alignment of the wielder.


The Panopticon's nature and origins are heavily disputed among Elven scholars, given the object's intricate woven pattern's presence on some Seraph Murals. Elven scholars have been unable to ascertain whether the object is a reproduction from a later era, or indeed was made by the Seraph, or even older than them. The Seraph design theory runs into several issues, primarily in that the Artifact is able to detect planar alignment, and seemingly generate a weapon out of it, many of the alignments not yet existing in Aloria during the days of the Seraph. The Panopticon has been researched invariably by a large host of Allorn scholars through the ages, and there even scant reports of the object being investigated by Meraic scholars who could not figure out where its infinite power source was drawing from (refusing to entertain the notion of religion, as it was powered even by atheist Meraic scholars). The Panopticon disappeared following the Cataclysm, either looted from an Elven repository, or lost on the battlefield, the chronicles are unclear. It is rumored that the Panopticon is depicted as a key on Seraph murals to a massive doorway, though no scholar has ever verified a doorway that fits this design as a key.

Artifact Mechanics

Panopticon is an Omni Magic Artifact, meaning Void, Exist, Ordial and God Magic at once. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Panopticon when its Artifactspark is removed, freezes to become a dagger, keeping the hilt, just so that Artifact de-powering doesn't turn it into a useless hilt.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Panopticon takes the shape of any melee weapon that the wielder would like, including but limited to swords, axes, maces, hammers, spears, halberds, voulges, pikes etc.
  • Panopticon takes the aesthetics from the planar alignment of the wielder, changing color and material as it does so. Even if the material is ever-moving, it is indestructible.
  • Panopticon is capable of detecting when the wielder is either shapeshifted or disguised, assuming the alignment they want it to present, as opposed to their actual alignment.
  • Panopticon allows the wielder to temporarily re-classify their own Alignment, changing the Alignment of their Abilities in turn. This can be done any number of times, but reverts on loss.

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