Ivory Picks

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Ivory Picks
Name Ivory Picks
Origin Show Business
Tier Common Tier I
Type Item

While a good magician swears to never reveal their tricks, a commonly known secret used by many escape artists is the Ivory Pick. While the secret to actually creating one is unknown, there is enough of an abundance of them amongst the population of performers that anyone with the right unsightly connections could obtain one. Typically used to pick open tricky locks and bindings, the Ivory Pick is surprisingly capable of freeing someone from any situation despite its flimsy appearance. It's always advised not to rely too heavily on them however, as horror stories circulate around the performing arts communities of escape artists preparing for their death defying final act, only to find that the key component to their survival has been misfortunately misplaced.


Typically kept in a small case of sorts, the Ivory Pick is a thin pale instrument, able to fit within the keyhole of any lock or door. Prone to snapping under stress, it’s possible for anyone not careful enough to accidentally break the item under the right circumstance. The material of the Pick is thought to be some kind of polished bone, smooth to the touch with a soft glossy coating around it, although what exactly it's been made from has never truly been confirmed outright.

Artifact Mechanics

Ivory Picks are Ordial Magic Artifacts. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • The wielder of an Ivory Pick gains a +2 the final roll of any Persuasion Roll they make, and they gain +3 Dexterity Stat. Ivory Picks are an Intangible Artifact. If an Ivory Pick does not have a Spark within it for 1 week, the Artifact is destroyed

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 2 Free Packs from the following Categories: Roguery Point Buy, Ranger Point Buy, Athletics Point Buy
  • The wielder, when making any out of combat Dice Roll with Dexterity, can re-roll an extra time if they happen to fail. Additionally, the wielder gains +2 Attack Stat (breaks cap up to 11) when using Dexterity as their Attack.
  • The holder of an Ivory Pick can choose to despark the artifact in exchange for opening any lock, door, or gate, even magical ones, and even ones without a defined “keyhole.” Some unique doors may be too powerful for an Ivory Pick, in which case the pick will fail without costing sparks.

Legendary Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 1 Free Pack from the following Category: Roguery Point Buy
  • The Ivory Pick can seal away and lock even intangible parts of someone. When used a KO’d enemy, the wielder can forcibly seal one of the target’s Heritage, Affliction, or Affinity Mechanics, disabling it from the target. All sealed Mechanics are returned when the Ivory Pick’s Spark is removed. Regardless of disguises, the victim will always know who it was that sealed the Mechanic.
  • The Legendary Artifactspark Jewelry grants the user +2 Attack Stat (breaks cap up to 11) and +2 Defense Stat (breaks cap up to 9), and sets the minimum for their Attack and Defense Dice Rolls to 2. When the user is KO’d, they can choose to instantly teleport them, and the Artifact, safely to their home. This can only be done once (and must be reported to Lore Staff). Subsequent uses of this tepeort mechanic must sacrifice the Artifact’s Spark in order to teleport the user and the Artifact. The Artifact is considered de-sparked, and the Artifactspark is granted to whoever KO’d the user.

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