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Brightedge, Bitter Blessing
Name Brightedge, Bitter Blessing
Origin Ordial Cultism
Tier Rare Tier II
Type Weapon

Brightedge, Bitter Blessing, is a weapon of Ordial Cultist origins created by the faithful of Iorwerth, the builder of traps and mazes to ensnare the unwitting. Legend has it that the edge of the scythe was originally one of the blades of a grandiose pair of scissors used by the craftsman to cut rope with which to bind his siege equipment. The assorted tools of Iorwerth have all been lost, with legend suggesting that the one who assembles all of them may be able to divine a plan long ago laid by the trapped Ailor to free himself, although there are an equal amount of suggestions that he is just a forgetful builder who leaves things behind when he is done on work sites. His hammer, his chisel, and his wood-cutting axe have all circulated throughout the Ordial-worshiping community, but the scissor-edge scythe is a newcomer to the collection that has yet to make a name for itself.


It is held that the oversized scissors of Iorwerth were broken in two by believers to create the twin weapons Brightedge and Blackedge, named very literally for being the top and bottom halves of the differently colored implement. Most of Iorwerth's tools only started to be recovered around 290 AC as mortals took an increasing interest in him, with this one in particular reaching the public eye in 305 AC when Ordial religious independently verified its nature after buying both it and its sibling from a disreputable underground Elven market. Unlike for example Elysian, Brightedge is not an object of reverence or religious significance for Ordial Cultists, but it has connotations of association with Iorwerth, and this alone makes it worth hanging onto for some people.


Brightedge is a wicked-edged scythe with a blade sharpened and angled towards one side, the whole edge gleaming like it is made of tin and starlight, with mottled green Damascus patterns when it is tilted and light spills over it. The former scissor blade is lashed with sturdy ties to a long handle of painted black wood, with Ordial runes of significance whittled out down its length with a knife by its previous holders. One side is left blank, for its current wielder to add their own. It adjusts itself to the height of its size of its wielder, but the size it assumes with taller wielders is closer to its true one.

Artifact Mechanics

Brightedge is an Ordial Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Brightedge holds a special place to Evolism faithful, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to the Evolist God Iorwerth.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Brightedge grants the user a third eye to understanding a safe exit to any labyrinth, maze, or location they are unfamiliar with. Private Message Event Dm's for potential use during Events.
  • Brightedge grants the user the Archon Mechanics to do with Wings (them being black feathered wings), seeing back in time, and living much longer than non-Archon (they stop aging).

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