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Brightedge, Parting Gift
Name Brightedge, Parting Gift
Origin Iorwerth
Type Weapon

Brightedge, Parting Gift, is a weapon of Ordial Cultist origins created by the faithful of Iorwerth, the builder of traps and mazes to ensnare the unwitting, but always against the will of the God, trapped by the dark god of Death, the Malefica. Legend has it that the edge of the scythe was originally one of the blades of a grandiose pair of scissors used by the craftsman to cut rope with which to bind his siege equipment. With his liberation from the Malefica it has taken on a new meaning as something left behind in kindness to the one who freed him.


It is held that the oversized scissors of the once-god Iorwerth were broken in two by believers to create the twin weapons Brightedge and Blackedge, named very literally for being the top and bottom halves of the differently colored implement. Most of Iorwerth's tools only started to be recovered around 290 AC as mortals took an increasing interest in him, with this one in particular reaching the public eye in 305 AC when Evolist religious independently verified its nature after buying both it and its sibling from a disreputable underground Elven market. Brightedge changed hands frequently until around 311 AC, when it came into possession of Emil Velkov, who championed a quest to free Iorwerth from his binds to the Malefica by stealing his husband’s soul from it. This quest was not publicly known or well understood until 312, when a chain-reaction occurred too quickly for any of the Evolist Gods (or their worshippers) or the Malefica to act against, stealing the soul from it and freeing Iorwerth. Iorwerth vested some of his remaining power to cleanse Brightedge into the form it now takes.


Brightedge is a wicked-edged scythe with a blade sharpened and angled towards one side, the whole edge gleaming like it is made of tin and starlight, with mottled, pale Damascus patterns appearing when it is tilted and light spills over it. The former scissor blade is lashed with sturdy ties to a long handle of solid gray Leystone, with burning, pale lilac Draconic runes etched vertically down the length. At the top of the handle, a leather-strap is tied tightly, and attached to it is a smithed silver Breizh good luck charm. It adjusts itself to the height of its size of its wielder, but the size it assumes with taller wielders is closer to its true one.

Artifact Tenure

Brightedge is a Tenured Artifact to the Archon Emil, who freed Gaia from his chains. It cannot be stolen from him, but anyone who KO's him can take the Artifactspark from it, even if they don't normally have a mechanic that would allow them to do this.

Artifact Mechanics

Brightedge is a God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Brightedge is a parting gift destined to protect its holder. When fighting an Evolist or Malefica Worshipper, Brightedge grants its holder a +2 to Defense Stat (breaks cap up to 9). Additionally, when in Staff DMed events, Brightedge may grant its holder a vision to avoid doom. (Contact Staff DM for use)

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 2 Free Packs from the following Categories: Magic Point Buy, Cleric Point Buy, Bruiser Point Buy
  • Brightedge’s new purpose is to protect rather than destroy. It gives the wielder +2 to their minimum Attack Roll while within any Dragon Temple, Dragon Ruin, labyrinth, or building built by Iorwerth. Additionally, Brightedge can direct the user towards the remaining Dungeons and Death-Traps Iorwerth made in service to the Malefica, granting them unique quests to dismantle and destroy them, and potentially empowering Brightedge or discovering more Artifacts of Iorwerth. Quests can be run by the player artifact holder in RP Instances (Create a Ticket for limitations/rules/guidelines, but at a baseline artifact holder hosted events cannot offer tangible artifact rewards/empower Brightedge), or by Lore Staff, but Lore Staff may decline frequent requests if they are busy, and Lore Staff events will be considerably more dangerous (but with greater potential for tangible rewards, if successful).
  • Brightedge exists in memory of a love unending. If fighting in the same scene as a romantic partner, the wielder of Brightedge gains a +2 to their minimum Defense roll (Does not stack if multiple partners are in a scene).

Legendary Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 1 Free Pack from the following Category: Magic Point Buy
  • Brightedge holds a will to never be held down again. The wielder of Brightedge is immune to the Trapped Status Effect, and if they would be Displaced, the wielder can choose the direction to be displaced in (instead of whoever displaced them).
  • The Legendary Artifactspark Weapon grants the user +3 Attack Stat (breaks cap up to 11) and +1 Defense Stat (breaks cap up to 9), and sets the minimum for their Attack Dice Rolls to 5. When the user is KO’d, they can choose to instantly teleport them, and the Artifact, safely to their home. This can only be done once (and must be reported to Lore Staff). Subsequent uses of this teleport mechanic must sacrifice the Artifact’s Spark in order to teleport the user and the Artifact. The Artifact is considered de-sparked, and the Artifactspark is granted to whoever KO’d the user.

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