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Elysian, Mirror of the Dead
Name Elysian, Mirror of the Dead
Origin Isldar, likely Glacial
Tier Legendary Tier III
Type Weapon

Elysian, Mirror of the Dead is a magical mirror Artifact of Ordial origins, though one would never be able to tell, as the mirror appears merely like a slab of Zinc with one side polished to such an extent it forms a reflective surface, lacking any black and green colorations. The Artifact has Isldar origins, once being heralded as a piece of mental solace over the loss of loved ones, but later discovered to be an immensely powerful magical Artifact that amplifies the casting abilities of its owner.


Where Elysian exactly comes from is not known, however it was first mentioned by Isldar migrants as early as 100 AC, as a mirror adorning the central monolith in one of the Shiva Cavern temples. Supposedly, the mirror was the focus point of a pilgrimage site where the faithful could lay their eyes on their loved ones who had gone before, as the mirror would always reflect the dead back at them, never their own reflection. The Mirror however was taken during the Isldar civil war recently, when it was discovered that the mirror held extreme Magical power, and could potentially change the course of the war. It never did however, as one of the Arken took it from its owner, when it eventually disappeared from the public eye.


Elysian is a normal-sized mirror, consisting of a two inch thick solid slab of Zinc, the back of which is rough and textured, and the front of which is sanded down and polished to form a reflective surface. The Elysian always prevents touching other surfaces, it always floats gently around or next to the wielder, but can also be summoned and unsummoned from their wrist, when the mirror shrinks and forms a reflective bracer on their arm. Should the Artifact be used however, it immediately ejects from their arm and levitates around them to dispense its Ordial Magic.

Artifact Mechanics

Elysian is an Ordial Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Elysian holds a special place to Death Cultists, who respect the holder more, due to its relation to the destruction of the Death Gods such as the Malefica, the Machinist, the Glacial, and the Consigner.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Elysian can curse a person for up to 7 days (duration decided by the wielder at the time of cursing), to appear as an Undead (variant depending on their Religion), and swap their Heritage Traits to that of the Undead Type. This curse can only be placed on someone when the wielder knocks out/defeats them in combat.
  • Elysian grants the wielder +1 Main Combat Stat (Breaks Cap up to 11) while they are in Gloomrot, except the regions of the Acid Flats, and the Lion's Repose, where instead they have -1 Main Combat Stat.
  • Elysian's wielder, if attacked by someone who would have +1 Main Combat Stat against Undead/Death Isldar/Geists/Ordial persons, this buff is instead inverted, and it becomes -1 Main Combat Stat.
  • Elysian grants the wielder Magical armor, meaning they always count as in armor, even if they are not physically wearing any armor. For Combat Roleplay, this counts the same as Mundane Armor.

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