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Ándlar, Gatekey of Tadhg
Name Ándlar, Gatekey of Tadhg
Origin Fornoss
Type Weapon

Ándlar, Gatekeeper of Tadhg, is a greatsword or claymore made of Zenith Silver, an extremely rare metal thought long lost to the world, with ancient Velheim meaning and religious uses for the Fornoss faith. Ándlar is one of a handful of incredibly powerful weapons capable of opening the ancient, long-dormant gateways to Volaheim, the land of plenty and pestilence, of demons and desires, and many other such contradictory statements. The blade is also associated with bringing an end to the Undead. It remains one of the most important artifacts among Fornoss worshipers, and even though its actual legacy and reputation has waned in Corontium, the weapon remains famous outside of this region.


Ándlar’s creation is mostly a mystery, but is commonly believed to have been forged by the Fornoss gods. The material used to make it, Zenith Silver, is associated with the divine works of Dáuw, forged in the fires of Mount Storgud within raging magma, and blessed by the swiftness and skill of several of the gods, so that no wielder would falter. However, others believe Tadhg themselves directly conjured it from a shipwreck featuring the material, and some even say it was one of the darker Fornoss gods who forged it, only for the others to purify and repair it. Its history after this point is also obscure, with myths claiming it to have sat in the possession of many great warriors in the realm of Volaheim before it somehow made its way into the mortal world, and was lost. Some believe the blade is far more recent than once believed, and was forged as a replacement, or new iteration on a much older blade now forever lost. However, one fact has remained crystal clear: Ándlar is one of Tadhg's Keys, great weapons which can be used to open their associated Vaarda Gate, and the greatsword in question is able to open the Gate on Nordskag in the Northbelt. Despite this, the sword was lost for decades in the wake of the Skagger Wars, only recently being recovered from a Helbolwen in Irvainvik (one of the few cities in Drixagh) and brought to the City of Regalia by the Velheim who discovered it.


Ándlar appears fairly simple, but its details are intricate. The weapon itself appears like a greatsword, with a twisted handle that forms into a tree-like shape with engraved grooves, and four branches on the end to represent the four Worlds: the living, Eiliheim, Volaheim, and Imellomgård. The blade itself is made of Zenith Silver, a metal that appears Silver at first glance, but has a light blue glow at all times. Additionally, the weapon seems to give off faint sparkles and floating lights, which give off an effect like a gentle snow-fall from the blade itself as it is wielded or moved around. Ándlar gives off a glow even when sheathed or covered in cloth, and its presence is made known to especially the Undead who can feel its existence.

Artifact Tenure

Ándlar is a Tenured Artifact to the Aelrrigan Knight Cadwyn Mhártain ((dolittleguy)), who wields it for the honor of his gods. It cannot be stolen from him, but anyone who KO's him can take the Artifactspark from it, even if they don't normally have a mechanic that would allow them to do this.

Artifact Mechanics

Ándlar is a Fornoss God Magic Artifact. There are rules associated with Artifact Ownership, see the Artifact Page. Artifacts also provide Mechanics.

Permanent Mechanics

  • Andlar’s wielder is empowered to bring peace to (non-Fornoss) Undead. If a Deathveil or Relicsworn Undead would deal -2HP Damage to the wielder of Andlar, reduce that by -1HP.

Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 2 Free Packs from the following Categories: Cleric Point Buy, Shaman Point Buy, Training Point Buy
  • When the wielder spends Divinium to contact any Fornoss God, they are granted an extra Divinium refund. This refunded Divinium can only be spent to contact Tadhg or Helskorn, however, and refunded Divinium cannot be doubly refunded by this Mechanic.
  • The wielder becomes immune to the adverse effects of any cold weather conditions, such as severe rain or snow. Additionally, once, at the start of a Combat Scene, the wielder may spend an Action to grant themselves one Block Token.

Legendary Artifactspark Mechanics

  • Choose 1 Free Pack from the following Category: Cleric Point Buy
  • Andlar can temporarily shroud the soul of another. When used on a willing Fornoss worshiper, Andlar can turn the target into a Godsrot Undead from the Undead Page, gaining the Undead Mechanics, and are considered Disguised for the duration (and should use a different Name/different enough Skin). They can change back anytime out of combat with Andlar. This can also be done on the user, but obviously does not work to Disguise them, because they will still have Andlar. This can be used on any number of people at any time, and if Andlar’s Artifactspark is removed, it will automatically end 24 Hours after the Spark is removed.
  • The Legendary Artifactspark Weapon grants the user +3 Attack Stat (breaks cap up to 11) and +1 Defense Stat (breaks cap up to 9), and sets the minimum for their Attack Dice Rolls to 5. When the user is KO’d, they can choose to instantly teleport them, and the Artifact, safely to their home. This can only be done once (and must be reported to Lore Staff). Subsequent uses of this teleport mechanic must sacrifice the Artifact’s Spark in order to teleport the user and the Artifact. The Artifact is considered de-sparked, and the Artifactspark is granted to whoever KO’d the user.

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