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|flora1      = [[Brightmoss]]
|flora1      = [[Brightmoss]]
|flora1desc  = Brightmoss is a plant found deep within the cave systems of [[Ellador]]. The plant is unique in that it is able to grow in complete darkness. It glows with a pale green light, hence the name. The moss is often used by [[Dwarves]] as natural guide lights or consumed by [[Dakkars]] for ritualistic purposes.
|flora1desc  = Brightmoss is a glowing plant native to the deep caves of [[Ellador]]. Without sunlight, the moss acts as a parasite of the various fungi also found within its native caves. Its most popular use is by the ground-dwelling [[Dwarves]], who use Brightmoss as natural signposts to guide travellers through their cave systems. The moss is also known to have antiseptic qualities that can be used to prevent wounds from becoming infected, earning a firm place among certain field surgeons. Today, the moss is an uncommon herb used mostly by healers and [[School of Alchemy|alchemists]] and can be found sparingly in specialized botanical gardens across Aloria.

|flora2      = [[Dirtmoss]]
|flora2      = [[Dirtmoss]]

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Aloria is rich in both fauna and flora. This page specifically is dedicated to all recorded, extinct or still living, plants that grow in the world of Aloria. All plants are split into their relevant categories. Keep in mind that this list is not final and will be added to when necessary. As a player you may claim one of the plants and try to write a Player Lore-Write me, though remind yourself to consult Lore staff about any relevant descriptions!