Achin Root

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Achin Root
Official Name Achin Root
Common Name Fennelle, Ansie-alike
Classification Herb
Common Use Culinary
Origins Etosil
Habitat Various

Achin Root was once local to only Etosil, but has since spread across Aloria, adapting to a variety of temperate and humid climates. The plant is fairly tall, even for a shrub, and finds its only use in the culinary sector as its fruit, leaves, and bulb can all be used in various global cuisines. The plant has a distinct taste that aids in its culinary role and it can be found growing both in the wild and on farms who harvest it for profit, and their own dining tables.


Achin Root has been known to Aloria for a relatively short period of time in comparison to others, much to the surprise of many given its current role in the world. It was originally discovered when Etosil was, the tall plants growing along its coast and easily spotted by the Elves. Generally uninterested in the region, the Elves did take Achin Root with them back to the west, and in the coming years, would gradually expand into other areas due to regional travel. However, its role in food was limited among the Elves, with their Ailor servants and slaves often instead consuming the plant as part of their usually lacking meals. However, when the Allorn Empire came to an end and the subservient Ailor population gained the upper hand, the plant’s use in cooking exploded. Meanwhile in the Regalian Archipelago, a similar explosion in the plant’s use was also taking place as the Regalian Empire expanded itself and other regional polities expanded their borders more fully along the coastlines to take advantage of the defeat of the Elves and the reduction in Velheim raiding vessels. In the coming years, Achin Root spread even further, into both Farahdeen and Eastwynd thanks to trade, where it too developed its own culinary traditions. Today, the plant is seen across Aloria in the wild and in agricultural enterprises, with its major use being in the culinary sector.


Achin Root grows tall from the ground, easily reaching between six and eight feet tall in the air. Underground, it is based around a bright white bulb made from the layered plant material of the four to six stems that grow out of the plant above the surface. These stems are incredibly stiff and also slightly hollow, and are colored a glaucous green. It has leaves which grow midway up the stem, but they are extremely threadlike and appear almost more like a layer of fuzz midway up the plant. At the tip of each stem at the top of the plant sit a cluster of several dozen small, bright yellow flowers. It is also here the plant’s small-off white “fruits” can be found, but they are often masked by the flowers.

Uses and Abilities

Achin Root sees extensive use in the culinary world as its fruits, bulb, and leaves can all be used to make a variety of dishes due to the strong tastes and scents they possess. Its fruits are often dried and used as spice in Suvial and Farahdeen cuisine while the leaves face a similar process though with broader appeal and use in egg and fish dishes. Finally, the blub of the plant is most commonly roasted or cooked in some manner alongside other vegetables.


  • Achin Roots are called as such based on a Commonization of the Aetosian terminology for them, which is Arkethon, named for a plain on Etosil where the plant grows in abundance which was also the site of one of their ancient battlegrounds.
  • Fenelle is the Elven term for the plant, but now also the Ithanian term which has since often sneaked in the culinary world. Within a few decades, many suspect that more will know it by this alternative name than the one botany books note down prominently at the top.

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