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Official Name Brightmoss
Common Name Lightmoss, Glow Moss
Classification Moss
Common Use Utility
Origins Ellador
Habitat Dark, cold, subterranean environments

Brightmoss is a dense-growth type of moss that was once confined to Ellador alone, its glowing light leading the way for many Dwarves through hazardous and natural areas of their deep underground mines. Following the arrival of the Dakkar, Brightmoss was severely damaged in its sole natural habitat, but then spread in the diaspora of the Dwarven people across Aloria. The substance, whose light is still valued, has since rebounded and now grows in several areas across the world and recovers back in Ellador.


Brightmoss has long been part of the subterranean ecology of Ellador, where it originated. While direct references to it among the ancient records of the Dwarves are limited, it was known to them since the earliest founding of their oldest Holds. While the Dwarves used fire-based sources of light, some areas with dangerous gases demanded the use of the so-called Mosstorches to avoid igniting such material. These torches made use of living Brightmoss held within or sitting along a special handheld device to allow miners to chart their way through the darkness. In some deep locations, Brightmoss was even allowed to grow wild and light the way in and out of mines near venting chemicals. Their spread continued unimpeded for decades and even markedly increased with the emergence of the Isldar. The moss thrived in the underground cold they brought and became a feature of Isldar society as well, carefully shaped into artistic arrangements or used to make special paints. But when the Dakkar emerged, Brightmoss reduced substantially. The extreme heat these creatures brought with them not only scorched and destroyed Brightmoss wherever it grew, but the general destruction they caused also annihilated whole growth colonies. As the Dwarves fled, they took Brightmoss with them, and at present, the substance has spread to various other northern regions. Brightmoss still thrives on Ellador as well and has gradually recovered from its losses at the hands of the Dakkar.


Brightmoss is a densely growing plant with thick mats of vegetation. It has pale green roots which serve to anchor the substance to different surfaces but is largely made up of large stems and leaves that help to form its dense appearance. These leaves are closely overlapping, broad, concave, and cupped, with a length of barely a-quarter-an-inch each, and when under sunlight or in natural lighting, had a simple green-blue hue to them. However, in the darkness, every leaf glows a strong aqua-green that can be seen clearly in the absence of light.

Uses and Abilities

Brightmoss was said to have many uses under the Dwarves of old, but gradually they found better materials to replace the roles Brightmoss had once taken. However, its role as an illuminator remained, and it still functions in this role to this day in some circles. However, that glow from the plant can also be extracted. Discovered by Ithanian alchemists, Brightmoss extract used to make food or drinks glow has become a quirky part of the cuisine of several notable chefs, though it has yet to gain mainstream significance.


  • Brightmoss has a bitter, near-minty taste, but is largely rejected as a source of food for any but the few herbivorous creatures which feed on the plant, as it offers very little nutritional value.

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