Theomar’s Fungus

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Theomar’s Fungus
Official Name Theomar’s Fungus
Common Name Royal Shroom, Theo’s Fungus
Classification Fungi
Common Use Alleviating symptoms from toxins or poisons
Origins Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Damp locations or dead plants and animals

Named after the larger than life Theomar the Holy of the Regalian Empire, Theomar’s Fungus is a plant commonly used in alleviating the effects of poisons and toxins. Naturally found across the Regalian Archipelago, and other lands through trade, this fungus is a cheap and basic tool used by medics and healers.


Discovered during the earilier days of Ailor history, Theomar’s Fungus was used as a common cure for healers. It was given it’s official name in 8 AC as several members of the, “Unionist Cult”, as a means to promote Unionism. One of them, an Aristocrat by the name of Dierk Vermeer, enthusiastically named multiple plants after Theomar and his Creeds. His reasoning for naming this short, white and red fungus after the Emperor were two-fold. He claimed the white represented his Majesty’s purity, while the red was the blood of the Empire’s enemies, staining the Emperor yet not tainting him. Shortly after this, the plant’s name was solidified when it was used to help save the Emperor’s life after he fell ill to an unknown poisoning attempt. The plant’s fame only grew following the Emperor’s recovery. Since then, it has been used many times to help those who have been poisoned, or have been subject to toxins.


A short mushroom that grows in damp or decaying places, Theomar’s Fungus has a bulged white stem with a small red cap dotted with white patches. It often grows in rough clusters of seven or eight over an small area, yet cannot be cultivated because conditions must be precise for them to grow. Most are picked from the wild or city sewers.

Uses and Abilities

Eaten raw, the fungus can help alleviate symptoms of poisoning and toxin-ingestion. It is normally cooked before consumption, and it’s effects are less effective than if eaten raw. It also doesn’t work well if the offending substance is artificially created, as the fungus works better if the poison or toxin is natural.


  • Some people joke that the fungus grew all over Theomar after he died. Furthermore, some insist that the fungus grows over his corpse today.
  • An old man living in Axford once claimed he had seen little blue people living in a patch of these mushrooms in a nearby forest. He was eventually driven mad trying to prove his absurd story.
  • Some individuals have still tried to cultivate Theomar’s Fungus over the years, yet to no avail. The most recent attempt was in Daenshore in 301 AC. A grave digger dug up older corpses from a local cemetery and tried to make the fungus grow on them. He was eventually hung for desecrating the corpses.

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