Theomar’s Fungus

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Theomar’s Fungus
Official Name Theomar’s Fungus
Common Name Royal Shroom, Theo’s Growths
Classification Fungi
Common Use Medical
Origins Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Damp locations or dead plants and animals

Named after the larger-than-life Theomar I of the Regalian Empire, Theomar’s Fungus is a plant commonly used in alleviating the effects of natural poisons and toxins. Naturally found across the Regalian Archipelago, the fungus has spread to other lands through trade for use as a basic resource used by medics and healers. This fungus is difficult to artificially cultivate, leaving wild sources as some of the only reliable places to locate it.


Theomar’s Fungus was discovered early in the days of Ailor habitation of the Regalian Archipelago by numerous disparate groups of settlers, and was thus individually named for people, places, or its coloration dozens of times, often without the knowledge that others had already discovered and named it. Within the Regalian Kingdom, in one of the more notable states, it was called the Spotted Truffle, and its healing abilities were known for many years. However, following the fall of the Kingdom and rise of the Regalian Empire, the Unionist faith stepped into the picture. Nothing more than a cult, followed by many elite and merchants, its impact was soon felt in many ways as Theomar Ivrae rose to prominence. One of the members of the cult was an Anglian noble named Dierk Vermeer, who used his position in the growing bureaucracy to officially name multiple plants after Theomar or his Creed. His reasoning for naming this short, white and red fungus after the Emperor was two-fold. The first was claiming that the cap’s white spots represented his Highness’s purity, while the red was the blood of the Empire’s enemies, seeking to stain the Emperor yet not tainting him. The second reason was because of the plant’s beneficial nature against toxins that might poison the body, like how the Regalian King had been a despot and drain upon the state. Shortly after this, the name given by Vermeer was cemented, used to cure an attempted poisoning that would otherwise have taken the Emperor’s life without intervention. The plant’s fame only grew following the Emperor’s recovery, and by his death, Theomar’s Fungus was being adopted across the Archipelago. Since then, it has been used many times to help those who have been poisoned, or have been subject to toxins, but has been difficult to harvest in an efficient manner, reducing its profitability and everyday use in urban centers.


Theomar’s Fungus is a short fungus, sitting at up to three inches high, with a bulged white stem and a thick red cap dotted with white spots around the rim. It often grows in rough clusters of seven or eight over a small area, yet cannot be easily cultivated because conditions must be precise for them to grow. Most are picked from the wild in rural regions, or in the lower class areas of cities.

Uses and Abilities

When eaten, Theomar’s Fungus can help alleviate symptoms of natural poisoning and toxin ingestion. On its own, the substance has limited effectiveness against artificial toxins or poisons but can be used to make effective alchemical creations. However, due to the difficulty of continuous supply, such alchemy often has a greater rarity than other creations. The mushroom can also simply be eaten and enjoyed as part of a larger meal.


  • Some people joke that the fungus grew all over Theomar after he died, while others insist that the fungus grows over his corpse even today; these people are usually looked down upon for disparaging the purity of the first Emperor’s body.
  • An old man living in Axenfoord once claimed he had seen little blue people living in a patch of these mushrooms in a nearby forest. He was eventually determined to have been smoking Opium.
  • Some individuals have still tried to cultivate Theomar’s Fungus repeatedly over the years, yet to no avail. The most recent attempt was in Daenshore in 301 AC. A grave digger dug up older corpses from a local cemetery and tried to make the fungus grow on them. He was eventually hung for desecrating the corpses.

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