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Official Name Roughvine
Common Name Namanturu, Muhakarma, Yeba-dari-idi
Classification Vine
Common Use Utility
Origins Farahdeen
Habitat Humid and arid coastal regions

Roughvine is a substance that has been known to those residents of Farahdeen for untold centuries. Existing along the coastline, it grows above the waves and clings to the walls of the many coastal cities that dot the region, being a particular problem for Pearl Cities whose pure white beauty is marred by these fast-growing vines every few months. The plants have little purpose, though a medical role as a muscle relaxant is highly prized by those who seek it out. While recent conflicts in the area have greatly damaged the populations of the plants in Farahdeen, it is likely that this will not last long, and the Roughvines will recover quickly.


Roughvine was long a feature of Farahdeen before the Sariyd Empire rose to dominate the arid landmass. It always kept to the coastline and became seen by many as almost an extension of the seaweed that grew in the waters that ringed the continent. As a result, it was often tied more with ocean and water gods rather than anything connected to the earth. As the Qadir grew more sophisticated and gradually coalesced into their uniting government, they built their great Pearl Cities along the coastline. While they often had to clean away Roughvine in the process, they soon realized one small irritation of the location of their settlements: the Roughvine always came back. The Qadir dealt with this issue as best they could, and became experts at stripping the hardy plant from their pristine white walls. It was also during this time that the vine’s medicinal use was discovered due to experimentation by poorer Qadir citizens. When the Great Storm eventually came across Farahdeen and raged against all life, Roughvine survived quite well. Not only was its exterior leathery, well-formed to protect itself from such a harsh element, but it clung to the coastline and survived the destruction of the interior and clearing out of the Pearl Cities. In fact, in a few cases, by the time the Songaskians reached the Cities, the plant had grown thick upon the walls.

It took decades for the Songaskians to become skilled in the removal of the plant. Following the Cataclysm, the plant became dense on the rocky coastlines of the continent. It wasn't until in more recent years during the First and Second Songaskian War that Roughvine suddenly saw a change for the worse in its history. As Regalian fleets began besieging the coastal Pearl Cities of the Songaskian Masaya, mortar and cannon fire burned the Roughvine growing on the walls, causing regional damage that sent large amounts of debris into the water. Though all was not lost, Roughvine did become far more rare and has since been more difficult to come by in the medical world. Still, it has thrived in the relatively non-coastal-ravaged northern reaches of Farahdeen, and soon, its population is likely to recover.


At a distance, Roughvine appears like any other mundane vine native to Aloria though up close it has more variation. It grows from a “pod” which is often located under the water in a dark, shadowed location, with a vast network of tiny translucent roots attaching it to the rocks and more around it. From its “bud” sprung half a dozen Roughvine stems, which travel up nearby surfaces to sunlight and continue to expand. The actual vines are thick, ranging from one to three inches in width, with a rough, dark green surface, and overlapping “phases” of growth that shows the plant’s pathway. The vine also deploys narrow, semi-translucent anchors into the surface it is snaking up which then darken into a deep green upon securing its presence. The inside of the plant is dense, highly fibrous, and pale green.

Uses and Abilities

Roughvine’s only notable use is for its role as a relaxant, helping to soothe an aching body and its muscles. This usage is only achieved through the application of a salve made with the interior pale green matter of a Roughvine. It is also a prominent fix for those suffering from arthritis or other similar ailments, though, beyond Farah’deen, this is often only available to the wealthy elderly.


  • Roughvines in the two remaining Qadir=held Pearl Cities are barely an issue, the pods that spawn them removed by small Clockwork machines capable of diving underwater.
  • Roughvine pod propagation is not well understood, but it is believed to spawn from fish that nibble at the plant underwater, carrying the substance with them before they evacuate themselves, providing the spores with a nutrient-rich spawning ground to emerge in.
  • The spread of Roughvine to the cities of southern Eastwynd are a recent phenomenon.

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