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Official Name Duijnnemose
Common Name Muscle Moss, Marble Moss
Classification Moss
Common Use Decorative
Origins Anglia, Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Various

Duijnnemose is a special moss that has a unique growth rate that helps create a near perfect semicircle or semioval of plant matter in sequence along the surface it is rooted to. The substance originated in Anglia, but has since spread to various parts of Aloria, and with the birth of Regal Culture, now serves a unique purpose as a tool of Regal gardeners. Through the careful manipulation of the plant, muscled renditions of the male form can be born, conforming to the artist tenants of Regal Culture.


Duijnnemose has been known to the Anglians for generations, and was long a symbol of male power and virility. Those living in the areas of Anglia which have been inhabited for the longest have retained these ideas even after the plant has spread beyond the confines of Anglian riverbeds, swamps, and forests. Increased trade and greater Ailor expansion saw the unique moss shifted south into central regions of the Regalian Archipelago, before further spreading out to other temperate regions of Daen, Corontium, Essalonia, and down into the tropical lands of Hadaria. For much of its history in these foreign regions, Duijnnemose was merely another plant among hundreds, but that eventually changed with the rise of Regal Culture. Commoners, often in the early years of the Culture’s birth in an attempt to mock its efforts, linked the moss to that movement. However, with the birth and even adoption by certain regions of Aloria, the moss abruptly became important as a decorative piece. The plant is still largely found in the wild, but in special gardens of Regal-cultured men and women, the plant is tended to and used to birth muscular moss-art in a natural interpretation of the stonework that often surrounds them.


Duijnnemose possesses a gametophytes structure, which is to say a low-lying leaf structure usually barely an inch tall. However, this structure is unique as it solidifies into a brittle substance closer to the center, and then grows a second layer. Additionally, it forms ovular and circular patterns on the ground or surface it grows on so that ultimately, a perfectly formed member of the species will look like a sphere of plant matter cut clean in half, connected to other similar spheres of varying sizes. The color of the moss varies, mostly being white and occasionally a shade of green, but most rarely being a dark brown. Additionally, the substance grows in a curved chain in most environments, though careful botanists can shape the plant’s growth patterns.

Uses and Abilities

Duijnnemose has no confirmed inherent abilities, though it has long been rumored in Anglian folktales to be a powerful aphrodisiac or viritility substance for men, but only when used properly in alchemy. However, the only real use for the moss in the modern day is as a decorative element of gardens. Its unique growth patterns makes it perfect for rendering crude, but natural, muscled male forms in the grass and other mosses.


  • The most well known sculptor of Duijnnemose is a man known as Monty Martimus, who is employed on the Imperial Palace’s grounds as head gardener.

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