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Official Name Fireweed
Common Name Firegrass, Fallash-Zahran
Classification Grass
Common Use Decorative, Utility
Origins Westwynd
Habitat Arid and dry regions

Fireweed is the name for a fiery plant that originated within Ithania, and was later spread for commercial purposes. While existing in arid climates and capable of bursting into flames, the plant can be refined down to produce an effective antiseptic for use in medical matters. It is also known to sometimes be used as a decorative, as the single, grand Fire Bloom is quite the sight.


Fireweed was first discovered in Ithania when the Allorn Empire spread into the north of Westwynd, though most believe that substance was well known to the Dewamenet Empire first; as the Teledden destroyed them, this is ultimately unknown. While initially, the Elves didn’t understand the plant’s combustible nature, several accidents in newly rising cities proved that it could be a danger. Still, the beauty of its Fire Blooms was enough that it was kept, though very carefully, by many Elves in southern Ithania and other regions of Westwynd, given the arid temperatures of those regions that allowed the plant to thrive. When the Allorn Empire collapsed, it was the Maquixtl who migrated back to former Allorn territory that discovered that the plant wasn’t just a beautiful, yet dangerous sight, but had a use as an antiseptic. Ailor in the eastern states of Weswtynd rapidly learned of this, and its usage as something more than a decorative was exported to other continents. As a result, the plant was spread to southern Eastwynd and Farahdeen for commercial reasons, where it still is today. The plant can now be found in two opposite locations across the world from each other and is used as an antiseptic by many, though its beauty is still sometimes appreciated.


Fireweed grows in clusters in harsh, arid locations across several continents. The plant is low-lying, and rather dense, reaching between four to six inches off the ground. The main feature of the plant is its Fire Bloom, a single large crimson five-pointed, lightly curled petaled flower. Emerging from the center of the flower are a dozen yellow stamen. Expanding about below this is a dense grouping of wide, green leaves with a natural curve to the left or right that rapidly narrow into a point, which often dries out.

Uses and Abilities

The flower’s juices, once distilled, can serve as an effective antiseptic, though the raw plant can also help, but to a far lesser degree than the distilled substance. Fireweed’s most known feature by far though is that in arid temperatures, when it wilts and starts to die, it can burst into flames. The origin of the flames is thought to be the pistil, which releases a spew of seeds into the air. A red cloud is produced, and is filled with seeds that many believe are coated in a fire-resistant chemical layer to protect against the fire. Most of the cloud falls back into the fire to grow new patches of the plant in its place, though some can be carried away by the wind or birds to spread the growth of the plant elsewhere.This effect of exploding into flames can also occur even after the plant has been picked and stored away to care must be kept in summer months in apothecary shops.


  • In some regions, placing Fireweed over the grave of a deceased is seen as disrespect or a final insult, as it implies you wish to see their grave and body destroyed.

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