Witch’s Fingers

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Witch’s Fingers
Official Name Witch's Fingers
Common Name Greenhands
Classification Shrub
Common Use N/A
Origins Ceardia
Habitat Temperate forests

Witch’s Fingers is a strange plant first native to Ceardia, which has since spread with the Ailor population. It has no uses, but plenty of mythology and folklore surrounding it, primarily being the actual remains of witches and an indication of where one is buried. They are known for their various unique physical features that allow for these beliefs, as well as berries which are considered inedible to everything but the animals of nature.


Witch’s Fingers is a plant that has long gone unnoticed by the history books. However, it has long played a somewhat morbid role in local mythology, from Ceardian beliefs dating back to before the Cataclysm to modern beliefs of the Anglians and other cultural groups who have formed in more recent centuries. In short, these beliefs state that the plant marks the site of a witch’s burial, because of the slightly curved and upturned nature of the plant’s leaves mimicking a clawed hand. Adding to this is how most members of the species only grow five leaves, and that over time, the presence of the plant has given the impression in some popular imaginations that witches have green skin. As mentioned earlier, the plant was key to Ceardian beliefs as Ceardia itself is likely where the plant originated. It then migrated north, reaching Corontium where it has largely remained to this day though the plant has also spread in Essalonia in the wake of the migration of Ceardians to that region of the world. The plant is fairly common, though its mythological connotations remain.


Witch’s Fingers grow up to one foot in height with a central, nimble stalk nestled between five to six thick, smooth, long, slightly curved, subcylindrical leaves. Each is up to one inch in diameter at the base, and are also green colored, but with bands of dark green known as “joints” in the whole analogy of the plant to a hand. The central stalk however, is very different from the leaves and is known as the wand. It too has a green stalk, but of a much paler color, which is also where the plant’s small pale pink blossoms grow, accompanied by small “Witch Berries”, small slightly curved dark purple fruits inedible to Aloria’s Races due to a distinctly bitter taste; however, animals love eating them.

Uses and Abilities

Witch’s Fingers have no abilities or uses to speak of, merely serving as food for the animals of nature and playing a role in various Ailor urban legends and mythology.


  • Witch Wands often wither in the winter while the green leaves remain strong.
  • A common Ceardian myth about Witch’s Fingers involves the witch Badb, who terrorized the realm of man for years before an ancient stone slab with magical properties was dropped on her. While it crushed her, her fingers edged at the seam of the stone, and gradually grew from the earth, though she has never been able to remove the stone from on top of her.

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