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Official Name Friblomst
Common Name Vel Flower, Skag Bloom
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration
Origins North Skags
Habitat Cold temperature-regions

The Friblomst survives and thrives in cold forests across The North Belt and other northern regions of Aloria. Due to the long war between the Kingdom of Nordskag and Hvitskag Horde, it has become a symbol of Velheim independence, though many others see its ability to survive despite the harsh cold as significant. It frequently serves as a decorative feature in the homes of those affluent in the north, but also at regional weddings.


The Friblomst is well known to the Velheim people. It’s origin was on the island of what is now called Hvitskag, and it was known to the locals for decades before the Cataclysm. Some transplanted it beyond, onto the landmass now called Nordskag, but it didn’t spread much before the Cataclysm heavily damaged the regional coastlines. As a result, the flower only survived on Hvitskag and eventually came to thrive. It wasn’t until much later that the plant gained its modern significance. When the refugees of the Skagger Wars washed up into the region, Hvitskag was soon overcrowded and chaotic. Seeking to take advantage of the chaos, the fledgling Kingdom of Nordskag invaded and sought conquest. In the ensuing warfare, the Hvitskaggers fought back and the Friblomst as a native plant was gravitated toward them as a symbol of their independence. While the Nordskaggers were fought off, continued contact between the two regions eventually saw the flower spread back to Nordskag, where it then flourished, and further spread to other areas of northern Aloria. It has since grown beyond just being a symbol of Hvitskagger resistance, but a symbol of general Velheim resistance. It has also grown in popularity due to its high resilience to the cold, and capacity to survive even the worst and sudden frosts. The flower’s spread means that it is unlikely to be lost or purged anytime soon, even if certain citizens of the Regalian Empire wish it would die a swift death.


Friblomst is a low-lying plant, which grows wide rather than tall. It is primarily made up of deep green leaves and vegetation that blanket the area around it, with a fibrous root system at the various connection points the plant tends to make with the ground. The actual flower blooms most densely in the “spring” period of the region, which can vary due to the northern and harsher climate that it often grows in. During this time, small bulbs emerge and rapidly bloom dense clusters of blue flowers, of a variety of shades. The pistil is pointed and often dark, poking out the top of the flowers while a double and sometimes triple layer of broad, thin petals with waved edges surround it.

Uses and Abilities

Friblomst is most often a decorative plant with a high degree of symbolism. Velheim nobles commonly have the plant grown in their estates or castles grounds as both a symbol of their dedication to the Velheim people but also to their people’s heritage. Additionally, the flowers are sometimes incorporated into Old Faiths wedding ceremonies, either held by the bride or used to decorate the venue. The plant does grow wild much of the time though, and that is how most Velheim prefer it exist, in a state similar to the majority of them.


  • Friblomsts wilt and barely ever survive a season in temperate or humid climates.
  • The most common flower depicted in Velheim art of the past decade is the Friblomst, which most outsiders fail to fully realize has the significance it does when they buy the work.
  • The recent defeat and absorption of the Hvitskag Horde by the Kingdom of Nordskag has triggered a conundrum: destroy the pockets of the flower in the region as a symbol of their might, or leave it be and co-opt the flower more fully?

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