Kashan Dimi

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Kashan Dimi
Official Name Kashan Dimi
Common Name Desert Dragon Tree, Dumthu Tree
Classification Tree
Common Use Decorative
Origins Farahdeen
Habitat Arid terrain

The Kashan Dimi is a unique tree from Farahdeen, either as old as the Sariyd Empire, or, if the Songaskia are to be believed, born from the spilled blood of one of their Dragon parents as a result of the Red Hunt which took place centuries ago. Possessing a rich, deep red sap and a curious umbra-like shape to its crown due to a dense network of clustered branches, the Kashan Dimi is greatly appreciated by the Songaskia and disliked in equal strength by the Qadir.


The exact history of the Kashan Dimi is shrouded in mystery, thanks to layers of propaganda from the Songaskia and a loss of knowledge on the part of the Qadir. However, it is fair to say that the Kashan Dimi was, at least in ancient times, somehow tied to the region's Dragon. Some have suggested old Qadir myths painted them as its creator, or other myths told of the Dragon’s fondness for the plant, but by the time of the Great Storm, such stories had been suppressed alongside any positive accounts or even information sources regarding the Dragons. When the conflict between the Sariyd, now called the Qadir, and Dragons was done, it was the Songaskia who took the reins and their tales told in stark detail how it had emerged. Supposedly, Kash-Tooral, a grand Bronze Dragon, was lured into a trap by the Sariyd Empire. There, much blood from the warrior was spilled but he emerged triumphant over his attackers, and as he flew back into the sky, with him rose a great tree, nourished by his blood and growing as strong as he in martial strength. It resisted all efforts to be cut down by the Qadir and their infernal machine saws and was the first Kashan Dimi. When the Great Storm came, its berries bloomed and were flung into the winds, dispensing across all of Farahdeen.

As one can imagine, few outside of the sphere of the Songaskian Masaya believe this tale, but it has been the standard myth to explain the origin of the tree for over 300 years. Regardless of its origin, ties to Dragons or it simply being a natural plant adopted by the Songaskia, the plant’s broad spread across Farahdeen resulted in its role as a critical source of lumber for the early Songaskian Masaya while the Qadir similarly sought it out. They became far more jealous in this chopping process following the discovery of the myth among the Songaskia, and it has now evolved into a ritual where the Qadir count each felled Kashan Dimi as a scale from the great Kash-Tooral removed from the land. Meanwhile, within the Songaskian Masaya, the tree has grown into not just a source of lumber, but also a source of decorative beauty, as well as a source of shade for those in the pearl cities. The tree’s reach remains mostly confined to Farahdeen, though there are some nations in southern Eastwynd who also apparently keep it solely as an ornamental. The Kashan Dimi is likely to remain a divisive part of the Farahdeen political and geographical landscapes for years to come.


The Kashan Dimi has a unique appearance markedly different from other trees across Aloria. It stands small, from between ten to fifteen feet, with its roots keeping underground and it has pale gray, smooth bark on its trunk. This trunk rarely forks but when it does, it is always in two equally-sized branches. However, the tree’s crown branches are the main attraction, with a dense network of knobbed, interlacing branches supporting dense clusters of deep green needle-shaped leaves two to three inches long each. Around springtime, tight clusters of small, green, star-petaled flowers grow and later, produce deep red berries.

Uses and Abilities

The Kashan Dimi has one primary use, but a host of lesser ones from one of its chief byproducts. This primary use is in lumber, with the wood produced by the tree being a hue of orange-brown laced with deep red lines from the plant’s other notable feature, its sap. This sap, often called Kasha’s Toil among the Songaskia, is a thick red substance that can ooze from the tree should its bark be pierced. This substance has a wide range of uses: in toothpaste, lipstick, dyes and healing ointments. These see almost exclusive use within Songaskian society, largely because other groups have their own sources for such products, but also due a Songaskian reluctance to spread these products which areborn from a gift of one of their gods.


  • There are claims that the Prime Dimi, the first Kashan Dimi which grew centuries ago, is still alive somewhere in northern Farahdeen. The Dragon faithful have been searching for its location for decades.
  • Kashan Dimi berries are rarely eaten by Songaskians, as despite largely being vegetarian, they and most other Races cannot stand the fruit’s overpowering sour taste.
  • Kashan Dimi trees often grow so close together that the tree’s crowns can combine together into dense, unified foliage that provides ample shade for those beneath.

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