Voluun Flower

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Voluun Flower
Official Name Voluun Flower
Common Name Paste Flower
Classification Flower
Common Use Utility
Origins Unknown
Habitat Temperate regions

The Voluun Flower is a relatively common flower that has been known for centuries, though its usage was only recently uncovered by the Races of the world. A naturally sticky flower, with small hairs trapping insects and more along its surface, the Flower’s processed form can create a putty-like substance when combined with paints. The Cult of Order makes use of this substance in the worship of one of their deities, Do’llah, though junior potters and children also utilize it to help teach them skills in pottery.


The original continent that held the Voluun Flower is lost to time as, by the era of the Altalar, the plant was already populous across Daen and other continents. Its strange appearance largely saw it ignored by the Altalar, even in their early days, but once the Consolidation was in full force, several painters sought to create dyes and colors from the odd flower; the resulting paste revealed the plant’s thickening nature, and it was largely abandoned as an artistic tool. However, the growing cults of faith dedicated to different gods than the standard pantheon of the Faith of Estel soon noticed its uses. In particular, the Cult of Order gradually came to adopt the substance, with the followers of Do’llah, in particular, making use of it in their rituals. As the Allorn Empire decayed though, other Races and areas came into contact with the flower. The Ailor, following the Cataclysm, soon learned of its thickening potential, resulting in it becoming a common ingredient in colorful (albeit simple) clay creations which gradually grew more sophisticated. Today, the Voluun Flower is still a wild plant, going relatively undisturbed in the wider world, save by what cultists of Do’llah exist alongside pottery makers or those seeking to teach the young on the creation of art.


Voluun Flowers sit anywhere between one and a half to two feet on a bushel of stems, from which grow pale green, circular, jagged-edged leaves about two inches in diameter. These leaves are also hairy, covered in thin, small, white, or transparent hairs that extend all over the plant, which possess a slightly sticky quality. Each stem’s top has a cluster of the plant’s flowers, which are made up of strangely shaped petals, each two to three inches long, colored yellow and speckled with red dots. The shape of the petals is that of a U, with a closed “cylinder” of petals sitting above two to three outward extending petals, upon which sits the sticky yellow pistil.

Uses and Abilities

The Voluun Flower, when processed, creates a slightly yellow, highly transparent, gel-like substance with red flecks scattered within. When combined with paint, the substance rapidly clots the coloration, creating a putty-like substance easily manipulated in one’s hands, and easily smeared along a surface. The substance can also be fired in a kiln and used to make simple pottery. However, even the most sophisticated techniques with this substance are not up to those of other materials, and it is often used as a teaching tool to young artists, or children when used in pottery-making.


  • The strange shape of the Voluun Flower has led to some colorful folktales about what caused its shape and strange coloration. A common tale is that the flower is sick with pox, and is so lonely in its illness that it hugs all who touch it (explaining its stickiness).
  • The Cult of Order’s use of the plant has led to some hysteria in the modern age of Aloria, with suspicion thrown on innocent clean-focused art tutors by those knowledgeable in how worshipers of Do’llah operate.

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