Eleaesc Tree

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Eleaesc Tree
Official Name Eleaesc Tree
Common Name Grey Olive Tree, Piscio Tree
Classification Tree
Common Use Culinary, Utility
Origins Southwynd
Habitat Regions with cloudy skies

The Eleaesc Tree is a variety of olive tree developed to withstand the smog and other environmental pressures of Ashaven from samples gained in nearby Etosil by the regional Eronidas. Ashaven olives and their resulting aged, bottled olive oil have since become part of both regional cuisine, and well known across Aloria as coveted ingredients for one's culinary creations. The tree still thrives today for this reason, and while now found beyond Ashaven, still remains closely connected to its origins in the minds of all.


When the Eronidas drifted into the land later known as Ashaven, they initially suffered as many of their animals died, and the skies rained ash down on them. Their great ships became their sole point of refuge, but as these crumbled, new structures rose, and the Eronidas ultimately came to thrive. These ancient ships were replicated in miniature many years later and the Eronidas carefully explored the region of Southwynd. They came across the Ailor and other now Extinct Races, as well as new islands and regions not yet known to them. One of these was Etosil, which at this time was only inhabited by native Ailor tribes. These people did not come into contact with the Eronidas, however, as the Eronidas landed, mapped, and explored what they could before returning home. Only a few decades later, the Cataclysm rolled in, and the world changed with the seas becoming chaotic. The Eronidas stayed in their safe harbor of Ashaven for many years, and grew the new plants they had discovered in Etosil and from trade prior to this global disaster. Among these was a species of olive tree taken from Etosil, and the Eronidas were able to successfully foster it to thrive in the ashen lands of Ashaven. From its branches they took the Ash Olive, of a green-gray hue, and pressed it into oil which, when aged, became a sought after rarity in the culinary world. This product, and these trees, were a source of commercial strength for Ashaven, and one they added to the Regalian Empire after their conquest. The tree is still grown today, spreading to other parts of Southwynd, while its aged bodies of olive oil, if not the raw olives themselves, are greatly enjoyed by the wealthy and those fortunate enough to sample fine cuisine.


Elesaec Trees are fairly diminutive, rarely reaching above thirty feet, and with a thick, slightly twisting trunk measuring up to two feet in diameter. This strong base also helps the plant dig deep, and derive significant nutrients from the earth. Up their trunk, which has thin, amber-brown bark, the tree’s narrow branches contain clusters of oblong, dark-green leaves about three inches long. Its flowers are a stark-white, small and soft, growing within these clusters, while the olives they give are a gray-green coloration, clustered, and about one inch long when fully ripe.

Uses and Abilities

The Eleaesc Tree is best known for its production of Eleaesc Olives, and Eleaesc Oil, products well enjoyed both within Ashaven and other areas of Aloria. Both are known for a delicious, lasting aftertaste, with the aged oil in particular also providing a naturally smoky aroma to foods cooked in it. Eleaesc Tree wood, meanwhile, is a rarer material but one that finds occasional use in Southwynd-produced furnishings, and smaller decorative objects. Some cases of Eleaesc Oil even come in boxes made of Eleaesc wood, a practice common in the final crop provided by a tree that proceeds to die or cease its productivity.


  • Eleaesc leaf wreaths are occasionally bestowed on Ashaven-originating winners of Ithanian sports games.
  • Aetosians often have a dislike for Eleaesc Olives as they consider them to be too bitter.
  • Regional conflicts in Southwynd’s past commonly saw Eleaesc Trees as targets, either to be burned, or pillaged away by Ashaven’s regional rivals.

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